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    Hey all! This is the place to tell others what Pokemon are in your Normal-type Friend Safari. Only post about Friend Safari Pokemon here. You can post your Friend Code too, but any posts saying "added" will be deleted. Do not exchange Friend Codes here. Please exchange Friend Codes using the Personal Message System. You can ask what type of Friend Safari you have here.

    How to use this thread:

    1. Post your Friend Code and mention what Pokemon you have in your Friend Safari.
    2. If you're looking for a specific Pokemon, make a post saying what you're looking for.
    3. Send a personal message (PM) to someone who's posted in this thread with your Friend Code, if you've unlocked Friend Safaris.
    4. Exchange Friend Codes and continue the conversation on the PM system.
    Notes: Readded rule 2, it's fine~
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    i have Aipom-kecleon-chansey

    FC:4356-0321-5647 name: joanne

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    (not taking anymore friend codes, sorry I've run out of room to add people) I have Chansey if you are looking for lucky eggs or need it for natural cure, i also have aipom if you want a 5 time hitting skill link or Technician Ambipom, and audino. PM me your FC so I can properly add you back. 3926-5477-4397 is my FC its also in my sigIGN is Dennis

    if you have any extra Pokemon that are 5IV bred, share with me lol. YOU GUYS HAVE TO LEAVE WHAT 2 OR 3 POKEMON YOU HAVE IN YOUR SAFARI! plz

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    3ds FC: 3926-5477-4397

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    Notes: Trades should be conducted via PM. Please read the rules here -

    Pokemon X friend code: 4940 - 6736 - 5583 

    Safari ::: Ghost Type ::: GolurkPhantumpShuppet

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    Edit:Sorry people, FS is full! 

    Ill let you guys know when i have made room.

    Thanks =)


    Look in Sig =)

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    Pokemon X: 3411 1362 8113
    Friend Safari: Normal: Dunsparce, Chansey, Audino
    Please add me if you like, just PM me so I can add you back =)

    Shinies so far: Dedenne, Swirlix, Vivillon (River), Gyarados, Murkrow, Foongus, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Haxorus, Eevee (Event - Iron Tail)



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    Normal (Chansey, Aipom, Minccino)

    FC: 3969-4246-3123

    Add me then PM me so that when I add you you show up right away :)

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    Notes: Trades should be conducted via PM. Please read the rules here -
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    Normal - Audino, Tediursa, Eevee

    5429 7891 0752

    PM me and Ill add back, thanks!

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    Notes: If you have Psychic Pokemon, then please use the Psychic thread. If you don't know what Pokemon you have, you can ask here:

    My friend code is 1950-8270-5713

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    Hello everyone I have now cleared quite a bit of space on my friends list. My safari has kecleon, dunsparce and DITTO. Please dont message me unless you know all 3 Pokemon in your safari. If you dont know what pokemon you have, use the forum post in the friend safari sub forum to find out. Also, I will be going through the forums looking for safaris i want, so it would be wise for you to post your safari in the appropriate section. Make sure you add me before messaging me. If you have a safari that is listed here, I will add you back so add me first. Friend code: 0361-7306-1383

    Current Wants: No safari in particular. PM me with your offers (shinies, 5-6 IV Pokes, if you battle me I will keep you on my friend list for a while, etc.)
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    My Safari has Tediursa, Smeargles and Exsploud, Let me know what's in yours when you add me. :D

    My FC 0087-2488-8150 feel free to add me
    for friend safaris and let me know yours! 

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    my safari has lilipup, loudred and not really sure about the last

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    Info in sig. If I don't reply, please don't take it personally. It means I have no spaces free at the moment (I usually try to make room every weekend) or I'm busy. 

    priority given to those willing to trade the things I'm looking for.


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    3DS XL FC: 4227-0821-3617  Safari: Normal - Aipom, Kecleon, Ditto. IGN: Jaymar

    For cloning services, PM me. (Will only clone competitive legendaries/shines and perfect 6 IV pokemon.)

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    Notes: If you don't know what your type is, post in the 'What's my safari type' thread.
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    My safari has Loudred, Aipom, Ditto pm if you want to exchange :]


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    Look @ my Sig



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    FC : 4828 5072 0114  Safari: Normal Type:Aipom, Minccino, Ditto

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    i got chansey lilipup and loudred.

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    Notes: This thread is for if YOU have a normal type safari.


    246. Larvitar by HappyCrumbleAdd me and PM me! FC:3325-2622-7568  246. Larvitar by HappyCrumble

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    EDIT:  Wow - I didn't think anyone would be interested in my Safari, but I have more requests than I have Friend slots now!  Please give me a few days and I will clean some spots open and will start adding again!  Good hunting!

    I have Eevee, Lilpup and Minccino.

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    My trainer card

    Friend Code:  0189-9280-6157  (Lillipup, Mincinno, Eevee)
    Skype:  TygerDaveJr

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    Information in my signature

    3DS (Pkmn X) Friend Code: 0602-6266-9526

    Friend Safari: Normal with Teddiursa, Kecleon and Chansey

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