Shiny Alakazam (shiny for shiny only !)

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    Hey everyone! I have this shiny alakazam up for trade. He has alakazite, and synchronize. Most of the information that you need is posted in the picture above.  He's also able to have his nickname change.

    I'd really prefer it if it were shiny for shiny trade only, and nicknamable, no non-shiny pokemon please. looking for shiny goomy (any of the family though to be honest), mawlile, murkrow, pachirisu, sneazel, charmander, weavile, furfrou and any of the kalos starters, all shiny of course. 

    PM me or post here below if you're interested!

    also sorry if this post has some problems, it's my first time posting here i'm afraid, bear with me.



    I also have another 2 shinies up for trade, i apologize i should have added them in. 

    here they are:

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    bumpin this

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    Quote from adadchi »

    bumpin this

    Shiny Exploud for it?


    Also what is allakhazam's ivs?


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    any shiny in thread 1 in sig for either raichu or alakazam

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    no thanks, and theyre in the screenshot, unless u want me to go to the guy in kiloude

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