Shiny FEMALE Meowstic

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    I have a Shiny Female Meowstic to trade :)

    Her name is Eugenie (can't change it, I'm afraid) and she's level 36 :) She isn't competitively trained, so I don't know her IVs or anything, but if you're just looking to bump up your Pokedex or if you want her because she's just adorable, then she's perfect for you! :D

    What I want in exchange:

    - Shiny FEMALE eevee (below lvl 25, nicknameable - any natures or abilities, I don't care about them)

    - Shiny FEMALE honedge (below lvl 25, nicknameable - any natures or abilities)

    Both of these would be AUTO. But please offer anything else and I'll see what I can do :)

    So yeah, comment here and then I'll PM you if an offer is made that I like :) Thanks, and Merry Christmas to everyone :D

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    i have a level 50 shiny male relicanth you probably wont want it but if you do then ok if you dont just reply to this and i will make another offer (Really Want It!)

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