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Ξ==Ξ Team (Under Construction) V2! Ξ==Ξ Jakey Jake ft. DJ Huskey Dawg & THE Sinister! We have 15 spots, lel.

Poll: When is the best time to do a club Sleeplocke?

When is the best time to do a club Sleeplocke? - Single Choice

  • Thanksgiving 15%
  • Christmas 30%
  • any weekend 35%
  • other (specify) 20%

This poll has ended as of 10/31/2013 12:00:00 AM

Poll: Which is your favorite psuedo-legendady?

Which is your favorite psuedo-legendady? - Single Choice

  • Dragonite 21.2%
  • Tyranitar 12.1%
  • Salamance 12.1%
  • Metagross 15.2%
  • Garchomp 12.1%
  • Hydreigon 21.2%
  • Goodra 6.1%

Poll: Which Pokemon needs a Mega Evolution Next?

Which Pokemon needs a Mega Evolution Next? - Single Choice

  • Hoenn Starters! Mudkipz the destroyr!!! 13.3%
  • Dunsparce! Just imagin tho'... 20%
  • The Legendary Dogs! 26.7%
  • Pidgeot (a.k.a "Bird Jesus") 20%
  • Mega-Evolutions aren't my thing. Quit OPing Pokemon that are already good. 13.3%
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    Welcome to Team Aqua! Where our motto is:

    ΞΞΞ "Sea, Expand; Destroy, Land" ΞΞΞ

    Our main mascot is none other than the almighty Kyogre!

    Credit to Blaziking257! 


    ~Other Mascots~



    ~Sleeplocke Info Here~

    Art Event Underway! Drawing/Spriting/Writing/Anything accepted!


    Rules! (Read these):

    1. All Forum Rules Apply!

    2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, That is important to me! (Pokenerd130 was here)

    3. No Spamming, Flaming, Etc.

    4. No advertising anything.

    5. To join, you MUST have an avatar picture to be considered

    6. Be active in the club! Multiple conversations are good! If you are inactive, we WILL kick you. 

    7. Oh, and Have FUN! 


    To join, fill out this form:



    Pokemon to represent you:


    Anything Else:

     Lol forget that. Just say you wanna join.

    Old Versions:



    Read on to see more stuff from the club!


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    Tentacruel Tentacruel Tentacruel


    Blaziken Blaziking257 Blaziken


    Pikachu Pokenerd Pikachu


    Piplup MotherOfPenguinDragons Piplup

    Wailord Zeldemonican Wailord


    Minun BZWGolem Minun















     Archie (Leader):

    Tentacruel - Jack of all Trades

    Pengi22 - Loved by everyone

    Admins (Co-Leaders):

    Blaziking257 - Master of Role Playing

    Pokenerd - Master of Spriting

    Zeldemonican - The one with initiative!

    Wailmer Trainers (Moderators):





    How To Use The Userbars:

    Right click the userbar located on the 1st post on the thread and copy the URL.


    Where it says "Welcome, *username*", let the drop box open and click "My Account".


    Scroll down to where you edit your signature.


    Click the tree at the toolbar and paste the URL where it tells you. Click "insert", then save your signature! 


    This should work.


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    Showdown Tourney #1



    Best 2 of 3, Random battles. Good luck!



     ~ROUND 1~

    Slypenguin v Pokenerd


    Irkrazz v Blaziking 



    Liam v EpicPhoenix



    Professional v Blazing_C



    Slypenguin v Irkrazz


    Liam v Professional



    Slypenguin v Proffesional









    Team Aqua Trivia #1

    ~Won by Star11Pika~



    1.  What are the REAL names of 3 people in the club?
    2. What was the #1 ranked pokemon in Flame_Blader1's poll?
    3. What is two to the sixth power? (remember that number)
    4. What is the favorite pokemon of 3 club members who DON'T have that pokemon in their name?
    5. Who was the first person to join Team Aqua?
    6. Two people here speak Chinese (I think it's Chinese...) Who are the?
    7. What club did Team Aqua come from?
    8. How many times has the club started to die?
    9. Who are 3 of our main battlers and how many wars have they won?
    10. Who is the oldest (age) in the club? 
    11. When is your birthday?
    12. What other events should we do?
    13. Who is your almighty leader!
    14. What is Sly's favorite number?
    15. What was Pengi's first account?
    16. What was Pokenerd130's first avatar?
    17. What has BZWGolem done for many users on the forum? (Other than being mod)
    18. Who is Mr. Sexy?
    19. What is Sly's favorite shiny?
    20. What is Pengi's favorite shiny? 

     ALL the arts! #1










    Clan/Club Wars:

    Team Aqua v Dark Moonlight Clan

    WIN! (3-0)

    Slypenguin v PokemonUser2013
    Professional2341 v GoldenSanshrew
    Irkrazz v thepokemongirl (N/A)
    Liam193 v Sackninja (N/A)
    Pokenerd130 v Fire090103


    Team Aqua v Spirit Lake Clan

    WIN! (Forfeit)

    Irkrazz v Aicerai

    ~No other battles~




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    Club Member Challenges:

    All of the challenges of the club members will go here when they apply for it.


    Rock Monotype

    Unevolved Wedlocke


    White Wedlocke

    Platinum Wedlocke


    Firered Nidoran/Nidorino/Nidoking Solo


    Soulsilver Nuzlocke


    Club Member Shops:

    All of the shops that members of our club own will go here when they apply for it.

    (LOCKED)Blaziking's Avatar Shop! (LOCKED)

    Pokenerd's Spriting Shop!

    Star11Pika's "Little Bear" Draw Shop!

    LL's Art Shop!


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    If you think a quote should go here, PM Sly or Poke (since Pengi and Blaze are lazy) and I'll probably put it here.


    Quote from Slypenguin »

    Quote from BLAZIKING257 »

    Quote from ShinyHunterZedark »

    yeh and now that im here all your worries are over. because im so awesome


    You didn't capitalize your sentences! Shame, young man!

    You sure know how to capitalize your sentences, don't you. :P

    OMA, That was such a bad and unintended pun....I'll be crying in the corner now....


    Quote from ShinyHunterZedark »

    sorry if im posting this late but i wasnt on

    dude right i thought no girls would find me attractive but then i went out with the girl i fancied. I fell in love with her and she was my first kiss and all that romantic ****. 

    Although now we're broken up and she's a *****

    Well, that escalated quickly.


    Quote from irkenguy1 »

    Eat legos with your foot....

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    OK everyone can post


    Because I'm awesome :D

    @Edit: I ninja'd sly because I'm even AWESOMER

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    Since Pro is of course, offline... Now I'll have to say it instead of him!
    You nubs can all post! Don't forget to do the new application to join, as I will need that from each of you!
    Also - note the shop and challenge applications.

    *opens the gate*
    Go crazy!

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    Hopefully this is first!

    Username: Pokenerd130

    Nicknames: Poke, PN

    Pokemon to represent you: Pikachu

    Hobbies: Video Games, Drawing, Interenet, Acting, Cooking and Baking

    Anything Else: V2! YEAH!

    I don't care if you don't but I considered mine as first because I don't count "You can now post" posts! xD

    Ah, the beauties of copy and paste.

    Last edited by Pokenerd: 7/18/2013 12:20:14 PM

    National Dex completed- 16/06/2014
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    Liam was here hehheheheh! DANGIT Ok I will edit this with app.

    Username: liam193

    Nicknames: Liam

    Pokemon to represent you: Crobat

    Hobbies: Gaming, reading, gaming some more, playing with friends, gaming.

    Anything Else: I was one of the first members but the least inactive so I can't get an epic wailmer.

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    OK sly. I want you, when you're not lazy enough, to put my two challenges. 

    Normal Mono

    And Unevolved Platinum Wedlocke

    Link in my sig.

    And do I have to fill the app?

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    **** pro xDDD

    That means I'm 1st though, not you PN ;D

    And yes, you have to do the application.


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    I thought you had to PM the application with your challenges ;D

    I also don't count rules and stuff. I don't think anyone does.

    National Dex completed- 16/06/2014
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    I want a wailmer. If I knew being active means a wailmer then I'll be active. Wailmers are epic. I mean there just so fat like a snorlax. Then there's wailord which is a beast. I like wailmers if you haven't noticed.

    Last edited by liam193: 7/18/2013 12:25:47 PM

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    And here it is! And yes, I AM AWESOME.

    Username: Professional2341

    Nicknames: Pro

    Pokemon to represent you: Eh, that's kinda hard but I'll go with Yveltal.

    Hobbies: Chess, Pokemon, Reading, Anime.

    Anything Else: Not really. 

    Thank You xD

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    Quote from Pokenerd130 »

    I thought you had to PM the application with your challenges ;D

    I also don't count rules and stuff. I don't think anyone does.

    I was right after pro :P therefore I winnnn. but I don't count b/c I'm a leader :c

    @pro - PM them to me.

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    Username: blazing_cyndaquil

    Nicknames: cyndaquil

    Pokemon to represent you: Magikarp Cyndaquil

    Hobbies: Board Games, reading, music

    Anything Else: Nope!

    ~Ex. Sig~


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    Well we all know I'm going to rant about wailmers for my next few posts so:

    Wailmers are epic and shouldn't be counted as moderators but gods.

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    Dat moment when you ninja like a BOSS.

    @Laim: I think wailmers are awesome just not that awesome.

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    Yes I have gone overboard Crobats are gods when wailmers are like hmm angels.

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