Pokemon Black 2, Wedlocke Edition! (Cancelled!)

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    Pokemon Black 2, Wedlocke Edition! -Eon's First Adventure!

    Hullo, everyone. I'm Eon And I'm new to Marriland. This is actually my first challenge! I hope everyone who reads this forum enjoys this, and let us begin!

    When a Pokemon faints, it must be released forever (or boxed permanently). It is considered to be dead.

    You can catch or obtain only the first eligible obtainable Pokemon you encounter in any route or area, with exceptions being made based on the Pokemon's gender. Fail to catch it and you get nothing for the area.
    • Genderless Pokemon cannot be caught. Ever.
    • If you have 1, 3, or 5 Pokemon in your party, you ignore any Pokemon encounters whose gender you have an uneven number of, e.g. if you have just one male Pokemon and two female Pokemon, you cannot catch any more female Pokemon until the count is even again. If you have an even number of each gender, this does not apply.
    • "Dupes Clause" is recommended, to add to the uniqueness of each Pokemon. This means you do not count any encounter against any Pokemon whose species you have already caught, which is usually determined by the Poke Ball symbol by their HP bar.
    • When a Pokemon dies, you have the ability to go catch a Pokemon (that's not the same!) from the area that the deceased Pokemon was captured from. Also, if the first Pokemon you encounter is the same Pokemon that died, you cannot catch it and you lose your chance. This is to insure that you can always catch a Pokemon, just DON'T manipulate this rule. Ex: If my Patrat died, and its from Route 19, I can go back to Route 19 and encounter a Purrloin. If I encounter a Patrat, well unless you want a copier, you kill/flee, and you cannot catch ANY Pokemon from Route 19 EVER.
    This is to increase the bond between you and your Pokemon. They're not just randoms; they're your friends. Treat them accordingly.

    • Only one male and one female can form a pair, and once they do, it lasts until one dies or is released.
    • Each Pokemon on your team can battle only alongside its partner, if it has one. Switching Pokemon out in battle is allowed, but ONLY for the Pokemon's partner.
    • If a Pokemon dies in battle, its partner must avenge the fallen Pokemon or die along with them; switching to any other Pokemon is forbidden, regardless of circumstance. (In the case of Double or Triple Battles, you may have to make exceptions. Do what feels right.)
    • If a Pokemon's partner dies, it can gain a new one that doesn't already have a partner (either from a PC box or a wild Pokemon).

    • You must release Pokemon or have them die in battle if you want to withdraw anything in your PC.
    • You can freely release your Pokemon (up to you if it counts as a "death" or not), but you will probably feel like a jerk for doing it.
    • If you absolutely require HM moves to get through the game, you may temporarily break this rule and deposit a pair of Pokemon in the PC for one or two HM Pokemon; however, they cannot fight or do anything other than use HM moves outside of battle, and should be removed as soon as one of your main Pokemon can use the required HM move.


    Here's a video (Made by Marriland land, himself!)

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    As every Pokemon game starts, we get the regional professor. In Black 2, we get Professor Juniper!

     Professor Juniper! What a pretty sight she is, don't you agree? Oh hello, Professor! Your Cincinno is just amazing, isn't it? Gorgeous! Professor, what did you want to tell me? Yes, I know our world is widely inhabited by mysterious creatures called Digimon. What? Oh! Sorry, I was just dreaming. Pokemon? Oh, yes! That's the name, Pokemon! Pokemon really do sound amazing, just like you say Professor! We do? Amazing! I love out world so much. Pokemon battles, eh? Sounds dangerous, yet appealing! Deepens our bonds? So Pokemon have emotions like us, Sayians--Er humans!   Me llamo es Eon. Why are you looking at my confused? Oh, sorry, I was talking in Spanish! My name is Eon, Professor. Professor....I'm obviously a boy. Yes, Professor, I am a boy! Why are asking for my name again? Its Eon, Professor. E-O-N. Thank you, your name Aurea is also nice!~ My friend? Oh, Hugh! His name is Hugh, and yes, el es mayor que yo. Whats with that look? Oh! Sorry, he is older than me.
     Yes, Professor? Really?! My own Pokemon! Different personalities, and points of view, okay got it. I shall grow as a person, Professor!



    Mom: Oh, hi! Why, Aurea Juniper! It's been far too long! What can I do for you? Wow! A Pokedex... For my child, Eon? Why, that's great! I think a journey would be a wonderful experience!

    What now? She's already here? Oh, for Pete's sake. You never change. Once you decided on something, you just start going. Ok! Bianca, right? A big, green hat. Got it. Ok! No worries! Bye!  -Walks in home-

    Mom: Eon! I'm home!

    Eon: Hiiiiii, mum! I'm coming right now! -Walks to mum- Yes, mum? What did you want to tell him?

    Mom: Do you know Professor Juniper? She's a famous Pokemon researcher. Actually, she's an old friend of mine, and she called me today for the first time in ages! This is out of the blue, but, Eon!

    Eon: Mom?! A Pokemon?! Really? (I just talked with Juniper online, actually....) Yes, yes I do, Mom!

    Mom: Ok! Step one completed! Well then, do you know what a Pokedex is?

    Eon: No...Sorry I don't. (Juniper mentioned the Pokedex, I think.....)

    Mom: I see... It's an amazing device that automatically records the Pokemon you encounter! Yet another question! You want a Pokedex, right?

    Eon: Of course I do! It sounds like a splendid thing to have!

    Mom: Ok! Step two completed! Eon! Your course of action has been set! A girl named Bianca has come here to meet you! She's Professor Juniper's assistant. I was told to simply look for a big, green hat! That's right! You're going to go look for Bianca. And then you'll get a Pokedex and a Pokemon to be your partner! Ok! Your Xtransceiver's in your Bag, right?

    Eon: Yes, mum!

    Mom: Do you know how to open your Bag?

    Eon: No, no I don't.....(Just kidding!) Kidding, mother!

    Mom: Ok! Off with you now! Go look for Bianca, OK!

    Eon: Bye, Mummy!

    And Eon left his mother and his house. His adventure, once a dream, has been set! Very soon, he meet his best friend (and rival) Hugh!

    Hugh was a little older then Eon. He has a baby sister (who was with him) and his own Pokemon. I forgot what it was, tho....

    Hugh: Hi, Eon!

    Eon: Hullo, Hugh! Hi, Hugh's sister!

    Hugh: Hey! You get a Pokemon yet? There aren't any Pokemon Trainers are here, and I'm getting bored.


    Eon: Actually Hugh, I'm getting my starter Pokemon right now! From a nice lady named Bianca.

    Hugh: Huh...what? A person named Bianca is giving you a Pokemon? Really?!

    Hugh's Sister: Eon... If you get a Pokemon, take really, really good care of it, ok?

    Eon: Of course I will! Don't worry, I'll be fine.

    Hugh: Yeah... Ok! Let's go get your Pokemon! There's something I have to do! And to do that, I need someone I can trust besides my partner Pokemon. A person I can trust. That's right! I'm talking about you! You seem like you've got good instincts! You head on home, sis.

    Hugh's Sister: Ok big brother! Bye-bye, Eon!     She walks on home, down the street.

    Hugh: All riiight! Let's go find that person named Bianca! Let's go!

    And so we walked around Aspertia City, a small city located in the corner of the Unova region. We passed the Pokemon Center and looked around. Finally, we came to the foot of the  Aspertia City Outlook. This must be it!

    Until next time, bye! Also, the screenshots I posted are from Marriland's walkthrough forum. I hope its ok, I'm not stealing them!




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    Aspertia City Lookout - Eon VS Hugh! The Starter Pokemon?!

    Eon and Hugh were walking up the stairs. About 20 paces, they'll be at the top. They'll be able to see a northern mountain, and a beautiful lake. Route 19 was coming to view. They came to the last staircase, this is it! Hopefully Bianca is up here.

    Hugh: Oh, I get it! The outlook is Aspertia's most famous spot! I'll bet Bianca is up there looking that the Scenery! C'mon! Go get your Pokemon already!

    Eon: Ok, I will! Eon started walking up the stairs. And he saw the most beautiful scenery ever! It was like looking at a fairytale land. When he came up to the fence, he noticed a women. She seemed odd. She had a orange jacket, and blonde hair. And her hat.....It was green! She noticed Eon staring.

    ???: It's sooo pretty! Hey there! Don't you agree? Oh! My name is Bianca

    Eon: Oh hullo, Bianca.

    Bianca: I'm the assistant of the Pokemon Professor--Professor Juniper.By the way, I'm looking for someone. Do you know a person named Eon?

    Eon: Yes. Yes, I do...

    Bianca: Oh, wait! You're Eon! Wooow! You're ex-act-ly like what I heard!   

    She pulled down her hat, as she was obviously embarrassed.

    Bianca: Nice to meet you! I have a really important request to ask you! Will you help us complete the Pokedex?

    Eon: Of course I will! That's the reason why I came here, of course.

    Bianca: Oh, wow, thanks! Your support will help Professor Juniper's research move forward! Anyway, filling up the Pokedex is totally fun! I'll let you decide on which Pokemon you want, kay?

    Ok, I'm going to decide what my Pokemon is going to be via my ID. The nicknames of my pokemon will be based of Astronomical objects, like moons, planets, galaxies, that kind of stuff. Ok lets see what My Id is! The last number decides my Pokemon.

    1 - 3 = Snivy

    4 - 6 = Tepig

    7 - 9 = Oshawott

    0 = Any Pokemon I want

    Put your spoiler here. Eon - Male - ID No  37789. 

    I get to choose Oshawott!

    Bianca: Ok, then! Ta-daaa! In here is the Pokemon that will be your partner!


           Lv. 5 Oshawott 

           Nickname - Despina

           Moves - Tackle, Tail Whip

           Abilites - Torrent    

            Nature - Brave

    Despina is high curious, and wants to try her best! A great pokemon for a starting trainer!




    Bianca: Oh, wow! You and your Oshawott are a perfect match! By the way, would you like to give a nickname to the Pokemon you chose?

    Eon: yes! I shall nickname Oshawott-y, Despina! (A moon of Neptune.)

    Bianca: Despina! Is that the nickname you want?

    Eon: Of course!

    Bianca: Despina! That is such a great name! Now you've got your Pokemon, so I'll give you this, too--a Pokedex!

    Eon received the Pokedex!

    Bianca: You want to know what it does? The Pokedex is a high-tech device that automatically records the Pokemon you encounter! So Professor Juniper wants you to carry this Pokedex, visit a lot of places, and meet all the Pokemon in the Unova Region! Still, that Professor Juniper! The normal thing to do is to get an Ok before sending someone clear out here, right?

    Eon: Yeah I guess. Hey, Hugh! Look at my new Pokemon!

    Eon walks over back to Hugh, and  Hughs comes

    Hugh: Heeey! How long are you planning on keeping me waiting, anyway? Hey! Whats that? So that's your partner, huh? That's great! My sister already said so, but take really, really good care of your Pokemon! Got it? What's that you're holding there?

    Bianca comes over to Eon and Hugh, "It's a Pokedex!"

    Hugh: Please give me a Pokedex, too! I want to get stronger! If I have a Pokedex, I can learn more about Pokemon... That'll make me tougher, right?

    "Um...who are you again?" ask the confused Bianca.

    "I'm Hugh! I'm going to travel the Unova region with my Pokemon partner in order to search for something very important!"

    "Well, ok! I don't really get it, but going on a journey is always good! Anyway, I just happen to have another Pokedex on me!" Said Bianca with a flare of fire in her eyes, "It looks like Pokemon distribution has really changed compared to two years ago, so the more, the merrier!" Bianca gave Hugh a purple hued Pokedex.

    "Ooh, I thought of something cool! You both have Pokemon, right? Why don't you have a Pokemon battle?"

    Eon: "That's a great idea, Bianca! How about it, Hugh?"

    Hugh: "Let's see how good a trainer you are! I use my Snivy I raised from an egg!"

    The tension was fierce. Two bombs were ticking, and it was amazing! Eon couldn't believe his eyes, he was having a real Pokemon Battle!

    "Go, Snivy. Do your best!"   A green snakelike being came out. "Sni......"

    "Go, Despina! Your curious, but don't be reckless!" The otter-like creature appeared. It seemed tired. "Oshi!"

    "Snivy, use Tackle!" It toke a bite out of Despina's health.

    "Despina, use Tackle as well!" Despina charged at Snivy, and Snivy got hit by a train-like force

    "Good job, Despina!" I thought of going smart so I used--- "Snivy, use tackle!"
     "Despina, use Tail Whip!"
     "Ahaha! What was that, Eon? try better than that!" Taunted Hugh

    "Snivy, use leer!" Hugh said, obvious rethinking his tactics. "Despina, use Tackle full blast!" Snivy fell to the floor. Snivy, dazed and confused didn't see Despina coming again- WHAM!

    Snivy fainted!

    Hugh "I couldn't win...."

    Eon "Yes! Yes, I won my first Pokemon battle! You go, Despina!" Despina, obviously pleased with herself, went to a bench.

    Hugh " I lost... This is different than battling with wild Pokemon! Well, whatever. I'm just happy to know you're a trainer I can count on! Cool. I'm heading off first! Get stronger!"

    Bianca "The Pokemon on both sides did their best! But this little one is still weak, so battle with it and make it stronger! All righty, let's go make your Pokemon better at the Pokemon Center! It's like the best place ever for Pokemon who battle and get hurt!

    Bianca and Eon both head down the stairs. Leaving the Unova Outlook, they headed to the Pokemon Center!





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    Wow! a female starter! with the brave nature, the Attack may exceed Sp.Attack (which shouldn't really be a problem) Hopefully she gets a good partner! ;)

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    ~~Spring~~  Aspertia City / Route 19

    "Bianca's lesson of Ball Catching!"

    Bianca and Eon were walking to the Pokemon Center. Despina, Eon's starter Pokemon, looked weak. She had just battled Hugh's Snivy, and won! She had a smile on her, clearly showing how happy she is. Soon, they came to the Pokemon Center.  Bianca: "The Pokemon Center is the same no matter where you are! Let's go inside!

    Eon followed Bianca, who went straight to a desk with a lady with a red dress, and pink hair. She was kinda cute.

    Bianca: "Ok! I'll show you around the Pokemon Center! The Pokemon Center heals Pokemon for free! You should bring your Pokemon here anytime they are weak."

    "I'll heal your Pokemon," Said the red haired lady named Nurse Joy. "Hand me your Poke Ball for a sec!"

    I gave her Despina's Poke Ball, and Nurse Joy put it on a table. A red light flared, then a green, then a blue. Nurse Joy gave me back Despina's Poke Ball.

    "Next," Said Bianca. "I'll explain the PC!" We walked to a square box-thing. "This square thing is a Pc! Any Trainer is free to use it! You can deposit Pokemon in it. Also, you can withdraw Pokemon from it! The next thing is over there!" Bianca pointed to a counter with two clerks. "This is the Poke Mart! Here you can buy and sell many different items! The Poke Balls you use to catch Pokemon can also be bought at the Poke Mart! Here, Eon, I'll give you some Poke Balls!" x10

    Eon put the Poke Balls given by Bianca in his bag. "Thanks Bianca!"

    "Next up! I'll show you how to use those Poke Balls! Follow me!" Bianca left me at the Poke Mart, and I bought 5 Potions. I left the Pokemon Center. When I came out Bianca was waiting, and my Mom and Hugh's Sister came down.

    Mom: "Oh! Nice to meet you! You must be Bianca, right? And Eon--

    "MOM! I got a Oshawott!" Eon interjected.

    "--picked a Oshawott. Lookin' good! Oh! I almost forgot! Here Take These! They're the Running Shoes!

    "Mom gave Eon a pair of running shoes. Eon fitted them on, and smiled. "Thanks mom!"

    "A perfect fit! Now, you and Oshawott can run anywhere you want!"

    "Um...." Hugh's sister came to me. "This is from me!" She gave Me two Town Maps, and I put them away.

    "Why are there two Town Maps?" Asked Bianca.

    "I want you to give the other one to my big brother!" Replied Hugh's Sister.

    "That's a good idea!" Said mom. "Even if it is a single road to the ocean, having a Town Map is always nice. I mean, if you use a Town Map, you'll know all about what the  Unova region is like!"

    "Aww, you guys" Bianca started "Just watching this makes me happy! C'mon, we're headed for Route 19! I'll teach you how to catch a Pokemon!" Bianca walked away.

    "Bon voyage!" said Mom. "Take Oshawott and go see many different Pokemon and people with your own eyes"

    "Bye, mum! I love you!" And I started to the Gate Check, north of the Pokemon Center. "Goodbye, everyone!" As I entered the Gate Check, the lady, Mrs. Gate, came to me and said... "Hey! Eon!"
       "Yes?" I answered.  "You can't go without....Oh?" I walked over to her. "You're with Oshawott! Ok, this is a going-away gift! Don't be shy. Take it!" Mrs.Gate gave me a Potion.  "Awww, thanks, Mrs.Gate!" I said to her.     "When Pokemon get hurt, take it easy and go to a Pokemon Center."
     And I left the Gate Check.

    ~Route 19~

    As soon as I got out of the Gate Check, I meet Bianca who was waiting for me. I ran up to her with excitement. "Heyo, Bianca!"      "Heeey! This way! This kinda reminds me of that day on Route 1. Ok, here's how it works. The Pokedex's pages fill up automatically when you meet a Pokemon! And when you catch a POkemon, more detailed information on it is added to the Pokedex! Here, I'll show you how to catch a Pokemon! Starting...NOW!" Bianca walked over to the tall grass, and immediately a cat-like pokemon, Purrloin  appeared.

    "Go, Lillipup!" Said Bianca, and a dog-like Pokemon appeared. "Lillipup! Use Tackle!" and Lillipup, charged at Purrloin, almost knocking it out.          The Purrloin used a shrieking move, Growl? "Peeeeeeerrrrr!!!" Lillipup got freaked out a little. "Ok! It's health is down, now all you have to do is throw a Poke Ball!" Bianca throw her own Poke Ball, and Purrloin disappeared. In its place, a white and red ball shook. And "Ding!" We knew Purrloin was caught.      "AM-AZ-ZING!!" I yelled. Bianca made it look so easy. "What a relief!" Bianca had sweat on her forehead. "I caught a Pokemon! Oh! Um...Right. I'll go over the important stuff. First, go find a healthy Pokemon to catch! You need to remember this next bit! It's best to lower the Pokemon's HP before you try to catch it. Use your Pokemon's moves to lower the HP of the Pokemon you want to catch. Making it fall asleep or paralyzing it will make it even easier to catch! You're going to go deliver the Town Map to your friend, right? Continue straight this way to get to Floccesy Town! Bye now! Meet lots of Pokemon and catch a lot of them, OK? And Bianca went back to Aspertia City.

    Now, I can finally get my first Pokemon! Lets see what it'll be, ok?

    Team Update -

    Oshawott Lv. 6                           +                           Patrat Lv. 2

    N.Name - Despina                                              N.Name - Mercury

    Female - Brave                                                      Male - Naughty

    Moves; Tackle; Tail Whip                                   Moves; Tackle




    Until Next!

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    Firstly, I met Alder at the ending of Route 19. He was like, "--My goals is to tell people about how wonderful it is to walk toward the future together with Pokemon." and, "You're not exactly a seasoned Trainer yet, Eon"  and, "I'll train you!" I followed Alder into Floccesy Town. We went into the northern part of Floccesy Town, and Alder asked me why I got two Town Maps. He realized that one of them is for Hugh, and says he saw him training on Route 20, he tells me to follow a road to Route 20 and I go.

    ~~Route 20~~

    Firstly, I battled Youngster  Terrell with his Lv.4 Patrat. I sent out Oshawott and I use Water Gun. Didn't defeat it, but after one gun it did. I got 64 poke dollars. Next, I battled Lass Isabel with her Lv. 4 Purrloin. I sent out Oshawott again, and I used Tackle. Purrloin was faster and used growl, and Tackle didn't do it... I used water gun again and it destroyed Purrloin. Oshawott leveled up to Lv.8 and I defeated Lass Isabel.  I came up to the grass and wondered what Pokemon I'll get next. Will it be female or male? Let's look! Dupes Clause came into affect, as I found a Patrat. Next encounter.....is another Patrat. My next encounter....is a Lv.2 Pidove, its male aswell.

    New member! Pidove -

                 N.Name - Puck Lv. 2

                  Gender - Male

                   Nature - Adamant  - Likes to run

                 Ability - Super Luck 

                Move - Gust


    Team Update -  Despina  Lv. 8                                          Mercury Lv. 6

                Gender - Female                                                                      Gender - Male

             Nature - Brave                                                                          Nature - Naughty

                Ability - Torrent                                                                         Ability - Run Away

               Moves; Tackle; Tail Whip; Water Gun                                   Moves; Tackle; Leer; Bite



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    Team Update;

    Despina Lv. 9                          Mercury Lv.7                     Puck Lv. 7

    Brave                                                  Naughty                                       Adamant

    Torrent                                                   Run Away                               Super Luck

    Tackle; Tail Whip; Water Gun             Tackle; Leer; Bite                     Gust; Grow

    Lets head to Floccesy Ranch!

    ~~Floccesy Ranch~~

    I head to the grass first of all, and lets see whats the first Pokemon I get! First encounter.....Azurill, male. Since have two males, I have to ignore this Azurill. Second encounter......Another Azurill! This one is a female, which is great. Lets see her stats!

    Azurill (Calypso) 



    Thick Fat

    Splash; Bubble; Tail Whip; Water Sport

    After capturing Calypso, I went to a fence opening and I met Hugh. He sent out his Snivy, and I choose Despina. Snivy used Tackle, and I use Tackle. Then he used Leer, and then I used Tail Whip.He used Leer again, and I went straight for the Tackle.Finally, we both used Tackle, but Snivy fainted. Despina gained a level! I gave him one of the Town Maps. Then two breeders came and asked use if we've seen their Herdier. The wife gave both of us a Potion. Hugh goes off to look for the Herdier, and I healed my Pokemon. I went into the field and got a Poke Ball. I battled Lass Molly, who has two Pokemon. She sent out Purrloin first, and I sent out Mercury. The battle was easily won, though Purrloin tend to use Growl. Next up, Molly sent out Sewaddle. I stayed with Mercury. I used Leer first, lowering Sewaddle's defence. Sewaddle used Tackle, that did barely any damage. I used Tackle next, toke a quarter of his health. Next I used Bite, hoping for a Flinch, no such luck. I used Bite again. Nearing certain death, I used a Potion on Mercury. I used Tackle agian, and Sewaddle fainted. Mercury gained a level, to level 8! He learned Bide.

    I went north, to find Hugh following me. He went to look in a little forest-like area behind the ranch. I came to Janitor Orville, and he had two pokemon. Firstly, he sent out Lillipup, again I sent out Mercury. I did a gamble and used Bide, just to see what its capable of. Lillipup used Odor S, then Leer,  then Tackle. My experiment failed, I used leer  again. NO. Mercury fainted! I couldn't do this, I sent out Despina too finish the job. Orville, the murderer, sent out Mareep. I used water gun, and Mareep used Growl. Mareep fainted, but Mercury was lost.....

    Despina Lv.10                                      Puck Lv. 7                                    Calypso Lv. 5  

    Brave                                                   Adamant                                        Hasty

    Female                                                 Male                                           Female

    Tackle; Tail Whip; Water Gun              Gust; Growl                             Splash; Bubble; Tail Whip; Water Sport

    Until next time! I'm training Puck and Calypso.



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    Oh dude ur in trouble pidove and azurill will be g*y cuz when azurill evolves it will be male even check the pokedex here.

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    Quote from Pokechampion »

    Oh dude ur in trouble pidove and azurill will be g*y cuz when azurill evolves it will be male even check the pokedex here.

    We'll see, I believe its a very high chance and it doesn't always happen. 75% or 50% of the time I  believe...

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    Team Update 

    Despina Lv. 13                                    Puck Lv. 12                                Calypso Lv.12

    Brave                                                            Adamant                                             Hasty

    Torrent                                                         Super Luck                                         Thick Fat

    Tackle;Water Gun;                                       Gust; Return;                                    Charm; Return;

    Tail Whip;Focus Energy                               Leer; Quick Attack                             Tail Whip; Water Gun

    I defeated Cheren, and obtained the Basic Badge! Right now I'm heading to Virbank City. I haven't lost any of my members, which I'm very glad. Right now I'm on Route 20 and I just defeated the Hiker with a Riolu.


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    Team Update

    Despina Lv. 19                                          Puck Lv. 19

    Brave                                                       Adamant

    Torrent                                                 Super Luck

    Return; Tail Whip;                                 Air Cutter; Return

    Razor Shell; Focus Energy                     Leer; Quick Attack     



    Uranus Lv. 19                                              Europa Lv. 19                                                            

     Female - Hardy                                          Male - Brave

    Levitate                                                           Hustle

    Sludge; Clear Smog;                                 Facade; Uproar;

    Smokescreen; Assurance                         Fire Fang; Headbutt



    Trinculo Lv. 18                                           Cressida Lv.19

    Male - Jolly                                                Brave - Female

    Sturdy                                                        Infiltrator

    Rock Blast; Headbutt                               Leech Seed; Stun Spore

    Sand-Attack; Mud-Slap                            Mega Drain; Cotton Spore                                                                                                                                                                                                     

     Sadly, Calypso died. I also caught a Female Grimer in the Castelia Sewers....                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


    Right now I'm training for the 3rd gym, Burgh. Most of my team has changed, aswell.....


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    Darumaka will solo the gym don't worry and dwebble is the only pokemon to be avoided but Dewott will take care of it.

    2 bad acoplyse died and if u wanted an eevee u could have used the repel trick.

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    Quote from Pokechampion »

    Darumaka will solo the gym don't worry and dwebble is the only pokemon to be avoided but Dewott will take care of it.

    2 bad acoplyse died and if u wanted an eevee u could have used the repel trick.

    Yes, I know. I've beaten the gym twice now (My game froze :P) and the second time I used different Pokemon, like (Koffing) Uranus and Trinculo.(Roggenrola)

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    I've beaten Burgh, and already going to Nimbasa city. There were two tragedies, one including Despina....

    Cressida Lv. 21                                     Saturn Lv.22

    Brave                                                             Lax - Male

    Inflitrator                                                     Wonder Skin

    Leech Seed; Stun Spore;                          Air Cutter; Tailwind;

    Mega Drain; Cotton Spore                        Whirlwind; Psybeam


    Europa Lv. 22                                  Uranus Lv. 21

    Brave                                                        Hardy

    Hustle                                                      Levitate

    Facade; Fire Punch;                                Sludge; Clear Smog;

    Strength; Headbutt                                 Venoshock; Assurance


    Puck Lv. 21                               Umbriel Lv. 18

    Adamant                                                Serious - Female

    Super Luck                                                Mummy

    Air Cutter; Return;                                  Disable; Haze;

    Leer; Quick Attack                                Night Shade; Hex



    Despina died due to a Riolu's Counter......

    Trinculo died to a critical hit by a Yamask's Hex.......

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    This is so sad news 2 deaths and including a starter there srry.

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    Update: I've beaten Elesa, and lost but gained some members! Hopefully, Clay won't destroy the team. :)                                                         

    Saturn (Sigilyph) Lv. 28                                                    Ophelia (Gothita) Lv. 28

    Lax - Wonder Skin - Male                                                  Adamant - Frisk - Female

    Air Cutter; Tailwind; Reflect; Psybeam                            Flatter; Psybeam; Psyshock; Faint Attack


    Proteus (Roselia) Lv. 28                                                         Perdita (Minccino) Lv. 25

    Mild - Poison Point - Male                                                      Sassy - Technician - Female

    Giga Drain; Leech Seed; Magical Leaf; Toxic Spikes              DoubleSlap; Tail Slap; Swift; Sing


    Europa (Darumaka) Lv. 28                                                  Neso (Ducklett) Lv. 25

    Brave - Hustle - Male                                                           Lonely - Keen Eye - Female

    Facade; Fire Punch; Strength; Dig                                     Aerial Ace - Bubblebeam; Featherdance; Aqua Ring





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    Good luck with Clay -- looking forward to your update about the battle.


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    Update: I've beaten Clay, and did the entire Team Plasma at the PWT event. So far, only one Pokemon has been lost. :c

    Right now I'm stocking up for Chargestone Cave. Also, tomorrow I go back to school and I have a club, so I might not update till really late c:

    Proteus (Roserade) Lv. 34                          Perdita (Cinccino) Lv. 32

    Giga Drain; Leech Seed;                              Wake Up Slap; Tail Slap

    Energy Ball; Weather Ball                                    Return; Sing


    Europa (Darumaka) Lv. 32                          Hydra (Castform) Lv. 35

    Trash; Fire Punch;                                    Weather Ball; Rain Dance;

    Strength; Dig                                                 Sunny Day; Hail


    Saturn (Sigilyph) Lv. 35                             Ophelia (Gothorita) Lv. 33

    Air Cutter; Fly;                                            Flatter; Signal Beam;

    Reflect; Psybeam                                       Psyshock; Future Sight



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    Sorry for the lack of updates, this week has been busy with homework. Anyway, I've been playing Black 2 barley this week, and I've gotten to Mistralton City. I've already done the Celestial Tower side quest. However, my team has been changed a lot. Three Pokemon are still here from the last update. Ok! I'm using a Pokemon I caught at the Castelia Sewer that I haven't used till now.

    Saturn (Sigilyph) Lv. 38                     Spica (Galvantuala) Lv. 38

    Air Cutter; Fly                                       Bug Bite; Signal Beam;

    Reflect; Psybeam                                Volt Switch; Electro Ball


    Europa (Darmanitan) Lv. 38               Hydra (Castform) Lv. 39

    Hammer Arm; Flare Blitz;                   Weather Ball; Rain Dance;

    Strength; Dig                                     Sunny Day; Hail


    Elara (Zubat) Lv. 14                              Vega (Elgyem) Lv. 35

    Leech Life; Supersonic;                        Hidden Power; Imprison;

    Astonish; Bite                                     Energy Ball; Zen Headbutt


    Yes, I'll be training Vega and Elara before taking on Skyla. My next update might be tomorrow morning/night or later this evening.


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    Notes: Dublicated from last update

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