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Sly's Monotype (Bug) SoulSilver Challenge! Beat Blue! New challenge soon!

Poll: Pinsir Nickname

Should we change Breaker's nickname to Brutus?!

Pinsir Nickname - Single Choice

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    Monotype ChallengeThis challenge is for those who wish they could be Gym Leaders (wish =/= reality [this means me because dang it I want to be lord of the Steel-types]). Go through the game using a team of Pokémon that are all the same type.Rules
    1. You have to choose one type of Pokémon and stick with it. For example, if you decide that you want to do Grass-types, but then halfway through the game decide that Grass-types suck and you want to use Fire-types, then it sucks to be you, 'cause you're sticking with the Grass-type!
    2. Again, no duplicates of Pokémon. Also, no two Pokémon that are from the same evolutionary family.
    3. Due to the shortage of Pokémon with these types, Ghost and Dragon-types are banned from this challenge.
    4. You can use a Pokémon that isn't of your type, but is going to be later. For example, using Nincada for a Flying-type challenge, since it will be Ninjask later.
    5. That being said, dual-types are also allowed. For example, using Houndoom and Skuntank for a Dark-type challenge.
    6. If your starter is not of, or isn't ever going to be, the type you chose, you can of course use it until you catch a Pokémon of your type.
    7. You can use two trades in your game. Trading to evolve doesn't count towards these trades, however, in-game trades do. You would trade to obtain a Pokémon before you could normally obtain it, an example would be Beldum pre-E4.


    ^Rules from forums! ^

    I'm starting this challenge although im still doing my Emerald Nuzlocke (double the trouble, double the fun!)

    I will be using only bug-types as soon as i find and catch my first bug partner (i searched and it will probably be a weedle :D)

    As soon as i get the bug, my Chikorita goes into the PC, then im starting my challenge! (chose Chika for the fire disadvantage :) )

    now time to start!


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    Good luck with this challenge itll be tough ill follow!

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    thanks :D if you have any suggestions for pokemon i should use or not use (for more of a challenge) drop a post and i'll consider it :)

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    Well even if you are lookin for more of a challenge you should still at least have one powerhouse on your team so my suggestion would be Heracross.

    But if your lookin for a real challenge, take both Butterfree and Beedrill .


    Credit: Grimlock ^^
    Friend Code: 2280 4511 4871

    My Platinum Scramble Challenge

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    Name: Percy.  I always choose differnet names for each file.  I usually just ask someone for a random letter or a name that starts with a certain letter.

    "Do you know how to use your PokeGear?" *chooses yes* thanks mom, for explaining what i just said i knew :P

    Well, my rival said he's going to be the best so i'll name him... Lance! haha kidding. He's Gingy!

    ---skips to part where i get pokeballs---

    Woo! It's about time i got my balls! time to head over to route 30 in search of a weedle!

    *changes DS time so i can actually FIND a bug..*

    Ok! now back on route 30! Weedle caught!


    Male lv.4

    Nickname - DBZ (looks like a chain of the Dragon Balls)

    He's a bashful little guy who loves to eat his leaves!

    woo hoo! time to box that terribad Chikorita!  Maybe, just maybe, i can also find a ledyba while my DS time is set so early..

    woo! first encounter after boxing and healing! duh, winning. first sting poisons the ledyboy, i hope it doesn't die :( anddd caught! hmm the 5 star pokemon.. I'll name you Champ!


    male lv.3

    Nickname - Champ because Gamefreak gave him five whole stars!

    He's Lax even when others ask if he's a lady! for some strange reason, he randomly thrashes about :O


    Well, now I'm just going to train them to about, level 7 before other trainers.  And don't worry, if I battle anyone, I'll be sure to include it in the next post of 

    Sly's Silly Soul Silver Monotype Bug Challenge!




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    If you have access to trading Scizor or Ninjask are both good

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    Scizor i can trade with my Diamond, Ninjask i can't do b/c I'm not far enough in said Diamond. (plus i dont know if you can get nincada/ninjask in that game) and by the time i get to fucshia for the pal park, there will be no point for them :D

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    Oh man, Scizor would be SUCH a help with this challenge.

    Ledyba and Ariados's stats are pretty low, I wouldn't really recommend using them for very long.

    Beedrill just... just isn't great. Sorry Beedrill :c

    Also, Butterfree actually isn't that bad. It has compoundeyes, giving it a 97.5% accurate Sleep Powder.

    Parasect wouldn't be too bad an idea, despite its low special attack. It's attack is okay (X-scissor anyone?), plus it learns Spore which is 100% accuracy sleep move.

    Yanmega's not too bad, with high special attack/speed and a pretty good movepool.

    Venomoth is a bit better than butterfree.

    I haven't used Forretress, but it has great defense. Er, I think Scizor is a much better option.

    Heracross is a BEAST! [: Pinsir isn't as good, but still strong.

    I'll follow this. I like when people choose challenging types for this challenge. Good luck c:

    "The battle continues."

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    male lv.6


    easy to train than DBZ due to higher defence



    male lv.6


    was kinda hard to start training, but then the hoot-hoots started foresight spamming (yay)

     Now! time to battle my first opponent!

    I look weak to you Youngster Joey?!? I'll show you're rattata! Oh, by the way... SUPERSONIC (Champ learned it :D ) ohhh bad life choices.. If i would've just tackled Champ wouldn't have fainted.. good thing it's not a Nuzlocke o.o I send out DBZ to finish the job! and he does with just 2 of his poison stings. better go heal Champ :L i'll use a potion next time for sure!

    *kills hoothoot with Champ on the way back to trainers*

    pokemon trainers have to battle according to Youngster Mikey!  He shouts that as he sends out a level 2 pidgey for slaughter by Champ. I tackle for just under half its HP and it tackles me for only 3 HP. WHAT A CHAMP! he gets the crit for an easy 2 tackle KO and gains another level making it 7! Now he has a level 4 Rattata, and i don't want Champ to faint again.. so I'll just spam tackle until i get worried ;) NO its quick attack does 6 damage.. after this, im switching to DBZ(he needs to get to 7 anyways) the crit poison sting finishes off Mikey and wins me 64 monies! Good Job team!

    Next up is Bug Catcher Don! He has a level 3 caterpie which i put DBZ against. After several poison stings, i KO it. He sends out another level 3 caterpie! After this worm, I should get a level and an evolution :D several more poison stings (and serveral annoying string shots from caterpie) I defeat the Bugster, gain the level, and the evolution!

    What? DBZ is evolving!  Congratulations! Your DBZ evolved into KAKUNA!

    i guess i'll use a potion on them both since they're low.

    woo! Mother is saving my money! Now she's my bi... errr bank!

    Now last thing before this chapter is over, battle with Bug Catcher Wade! Wow this will be short at this rate.. level 2 Caterpie.. defeated after the poison stings, I was gonna switch to champ, but i forgot that i had my battle mode on Set for the extra difficulty XD I'll switch manually then!  He gets a tackle off on me OH NO! 1 HP down.  Champ's tackle takes down over 1/3 the caterpie's HP (which is good for bugs even 5 levels higher than the enemy) second tackle is a crit, heck yes. but he has 2 more pokemon, next is level 3 weedle. ARG.. he poisoned champ! i'll tough it out and finish the fight with him still. 3 tackles and i kill his last pokemon, yet another level 2 caterpie.

    A wild Lyra appeared! a Vs. Recorder? thanks i guess? and who cares who's ahead! all that matters is love of pokemon and stuff like that, right? :D Her marill jumping around reminds me of the cheeriness of Devin. :P

    I make it to the pokecenter (Champ survived the poison) and heal up for the day.

    Once again, thanks for reading these posts.  This is more difficult than i thought it would be so i'll be proud if i finish.

    Team as of now:



    level 7 - male

    supersonic may not be good yet, but i know it will come in handy later when i can take more hits. I'm super excited for comet punch in a few levels!


    kakuna gif


    level 7 - male

    YAY! He evolved! 1st world problem teammate due to difficulty to train but, in 3 levels, it will be way worth it.



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    Quote from Shhmew »

    Oh man, Scizor would be SUCH a help with this challenge.

    Ledyba and Ariados's stats are pretty low, I wouldn't really recommend using them for very long.

    Beedrill just... just isn't great. Sorry Beedrill Pouting

    Also, Butterfree actually isn't that bad. It has compoundeyes, giving it a 97.5% accurate Sleep Powder.

    Parasect wouldn't be too bad an idea, despite its low special attack. It's attack is okay (X-scissor anyone?), plus it learns Spore which is 100% accuracy sleep move.

    Yanmega's not too bad, with high special attack/speed and a pretty good movepool.

    Venomoth is a bit better than butterfree.

    I haven't used Forretress, but it has great defense. Er, I think Scizor is a much better option.

    Heracross is a BEAST! [: Pinsir isn't as good, but still strong.

    I'll follow this. I like when people choose challenging types for this challenge. Good luck c:

    I actually used a Forretress in my main SS before i restarted for the challenge.  The high defence helps when you stick it out first, throw down 3 spikes, then just attack until you or the opponent dies. as for all the others, never really used except the beginning of 1st gen for butterfree.

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    While is wasn't updating, I was training. I also went through and destroyed Sprout tower (sorry for not posting) 

    Team right now:



    Level 12

    tackle - supersonic - comet punch

    no longer my favorite beause..




    Level 12

    poison sting - string shot - harden - fury attack


    I continue my game in Faulkner's gym, having defeated the first trainer.  His Spearow (level 9) was super touch on Champ.. I'll train them both to lvl 14 on route 32.

    Meh, got bored with Champ at 13 and DBZ 55exp from 13. Time for the gym!

    So the 2nd trainer, Bird Keeper Rod! his first Poke is a level 7 pidgey, easy enough. DBZ uses fury attack taking just under half its HP. Then the same, leaving the foe with a sliver of HP. I faint it with a poison sting, gaining DBZ a level (13). I forget String Shot for Focus Energy.  His next Poke is the same thing, level 7 pidgey.  This one is sand-attacking me though. I finally KO it with a poison sting and fury attack. winning the match.

    After a quick heal, I'm ready for the leader!

    I stick Champ out first to take out his first Poke, pidgey level 9.  I get off a supersonic, it gets off a sand-attack. I land a comet punch, hitting 2 times while it gets off another sand-attack. I miss the next comet punch and it tackles me :( I land another comet punch for 3 hits. It's almost gone but, He still has his secret weapon as do I have mine. After several missed tackles, Champ finally gets one, living on with 5 hp only to get destroyed by pidgeotto's gust attack. Please survive, DBZ... I used harden and it uses gust, getting a crit taking 24/43 damage o.o I use another harden and it, another  gust leaving me at 7 hp so i use a potion. Maybe it will stop using gust soon.. I manage to get off a poison sting. no poison :( I potion again, It's looking for a gust crit i guess, but it wont get one. I'll use a 3rd harden. Thank goodness i'm faster. It uses roost,healing the little damage poison sting did, but buying me some time for another harden.  Now with 4 hardens, and another potion, I'll be in decent shape for a while... ehh i'll use another pot just to be safe x.x I shoot a poison sting and poison it! I use a potion hoping it roosts, but it gusts. :( I use fury attack on it, hitting 3 times taking it below 1/2 hp, but it roosts to almost full. I hit it again, 3x again, roost again and it has almost full (thank goodness for the poison) another fury, 3x. another roost... I'll do my last 2 hardens i guess. after my first, it roosts. after the next, it gusts making me heal. ..........................

    It was about dead, then DBZ decided to miss a fury attack..

    I'll refight it next time.. I'm feeling a little defeated now. 

    be back for

    Sly's Silver Monotype Bug Challenge!


     *EDIT* Went back and retryed the gym after getting Champ and DBZ up to level 14. and guess what! We won! (DBZ literally had 1 HP left) I'm super psyched for the rest of this challenge now Very Happy that is all!





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    Good luck! My friend was just telling me how he used a Forretress to knock out many a Pokemon by using spikes and toxic spikes... Genius!

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    yeahhh I did that in my real play through xD It's super amazing. I know that I'll use a Heracross and Scizor for sure. Dont know about Forretress.  and maybe a Venomoth. I was also thinking Parasect :D be a spore w****.

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    Yay! Congrats! Also, the rules say that you can only update with a new post every 6 hours for challenges, so you have to edit your last post if it hasn't been that long! (I missed this and broke this rule a few times at first too, x.x)

    "The battle continues."

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    Alright, So i beat Faulkner anddd I kinda played through a good bit more. (All of route 32, Union Cave, Slowpoke Well, and rival battle) but i remember the important things! just not in order..

    Alright so I powered through route 32, got to the bottom after fighting some trainers then healed. I then went back and picked up all the items and fighting the trainers i missed.

    Union cave was God awful because I only had bug types, except somewhere (i forget where) Beedrill learned Twin Needle! He helped alot with the geodudes, and i skipped all the fire breathers for after bugsy :P

    Slowpoke Well was .. easy. Nothing really happened there.

    Rival battle was pretty tough.  I had to battle him twice (i saved the first time because i didn't know his 1st Poke) He had a Gastly that mean-looked and cursed while i had Champ out, so i just reset and switched to DBZ.  The second battle was close with his Quilava but i won :D

    I went into Ilex Forest and did the Farfetch'd puzzle with ease, then searched for a Paras. I got bored not finding one and went into the gym to fight some of the trainers.  After I beat one with a Paras i decided to go look again and found Him!  I named him Tochucaso (in the pokedex that's what type of mushrooms are on its back :D )

    Right now, I'm in front of Bugsy. I'll probably go back to level up Tochucaso par with the rest of my team..

    Team as of now:



    Male Lv6

    Scratch - Stun Spore - Poison Powder




    Male lv18

    Poison Sting - Focus Energy - Twineedle - Fury Attack




    Male lv18

    Mach Punch - Reflect - Comet Punch - Light Screen

    (forgot to say, Champ evolved! :3 )

    Now, time to train up Tochucaso (I have to look every time i type his Nick name D: )


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    You're doing really great, Sly! :D You know, last week I was actually considering a Heart Gold Bug Mono, but decided against it due to just failing a Grass Monotype of HG :P You're doing great, tho!
     A Pokemon I think you should consider using is Yanmega, and Venomoth. Yanma is found on the Route to National Park, but its only a 1% chance you finding so it'll be a while (It toke me about 10 - 20 minutes to find one, so its not hopeless!
     Venonat is found at the Bug Catching Contest, and its a really get Pokemon to use when it evolves. I've never tried Pineco (and its evolution) but I think it'll be great, even though it has that hindering 4x weakness to Fire.

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    hmmm... you could always go dark or steel :O (I was thinking those 2 or poison for my next monotype)

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    Is Champ good to use?

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    Woo! I beat Bugsy! DBZ's poison really did all the work! Tochucaso was still in the early teens so he didn't do much, and Champ just kinda.. set up reflect then died XD. So that's over with! I taught Tochucaso cut for his scratch to get through the forest and for extra power. I taught Champ headbutt for comet punch because accuracy and flinching. And to get a Heracross! I left the forest and tried to sneak by people but caught a few of their eyes, but i took them out.

    ~~~Bug Catching Contest~~~

    1st encounter was a lv9 Metapod (butterfee would've almost been cool but... my mind was set on another treasure)

    2nd encounter was my prize! Lv13 Scyther! (nicknamed her CPTN Hook) I caught her after hitting her with 1 mach punch from Champ (taking almost no HP) then i threw a ball and caught it! She won me 1st place and a Sun Stone :3

    I then decided to go back to Azalea Town to headbutt some trees. I found one Heracross, but i ran out of balls and killed it. I went to the mart and got 15 balls (i wasted 5 on the other one) then headbutted more trees. SO MANY SPEAROW! Then i found another! I paralyzed it with Stun Spore from Tochucaso then switched to CPTN Hook for the false swipe. It took 1 or 2 pokeballs to catch it. What a waste of money. Nicknamed her Forks. This is my current team that i have to train for Whitney :D (rollout will be supereffective against me :( 4x to Champ and CPTN Hook)




    Tackle - Leer - Horn Attack - Fury Attack



    CPTN Hook


    Leer - Focus Energy - Pursuit - False Swipe





    Poison Sting - Focus Energy - Twineedle - Fury Attack





    Mach Punch - Reflect - Headbutt - Light Screen




    Lv15 (2 more til Spore!)

    Cut - Stun Spore - Poison Powder - Leech Life


    I only need one more for my team! (maybe Shedinja? :D )

     Time to train for Whitney and her MilTANK

    Keep up with Sly's SoulSilver Suicide (Bug Edition)

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    Shedinja... Shedinja

    Doesn't that one only have one HP?

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