Benjies Leaf Green Wedlock

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    This is my first go at a Nuzlocke and decided to have a go at a wedlocke of leaf green. So far I have 4 Pokemon 

    Squirtle Lv8 Barry - Brave - Tackle, Bubble and Tail Whip 

    He is partnered with 

    Rattata Lv6 Strawberry - Adamant - Tackle and Tail Whip

    Mankey Lv 4 Toby -Gentle - Scratch and Leer

    He is partnered with 

    Pidgey Lv4 Peach - Hasty- Tackle

    Any tips for upcoming gyms Im slightly concerned about Misty and Lt Surge



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    For Lt. Surge, you could most likely teach Toby Dig. Not sure what you could do for Misty, maybe get a Bellsprout or over level Peach/Toby.


    Good luck :D

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    I have pass the elite four lorie,brouno,ghost person and lance champion youre rival 

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    my team charizard,lapras,haunter,dragonite,machoke and pigiot

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    Update 1

    Caught Weedle Male Lv 3 Naughty Nature - Marcus

    Fought Brock Everyone level 9

    Toby took out at by Brock's Onix,

    Now Marcus and Peach are partnered.

    I am still stuck with how to take down Misty and Lt Surge

    Current Graveyard

    Toby Mankey Lvl 4 to 9

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