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    Through making mono team i have become increasingly obsessed with synchronizing types and themes in pokemon the last touch i want to make is  matching poke balls to the type or thyme i am ruining with the pokemon e.g dive balls on a water team. The problem and challenge i am proposing is could any one make a video of what poke balls look like when they open up. E,g perish song strategy with pokemon in timer balls because when the timer ball opens it shows a little clock or ghost pokemon in a dusk ball there a lots of them and i think it would be a good little addition to the catalogue of pokemon knowledge and to help personalize and stylize a pokemon team. here is a full list of all pokemon balls

    Quick                Rerpeat                  cherish          dive                    dream                dusk              fast                       friend                Great                     heal               heavy                level                    love               lure                                    luxury               Master                   Moon             Net                     Park                    Poke              Safari                              Premier            Timer                      Ultra              Sport                             

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