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    Okay so this isn't the most interesting challenge since there are literally 7 flying type families you can catch before the post game. I'm fairly deep into the run already but the rules are as follows;

    1. All Pokemon used must be Flying-type as soon as a Flying-type Pokemon is available.

    2. As soon as a Flying-type Pokemon is captured, no Pokemon of other types can be used.

    3. That's pretty much it. Flying types aren't plentiful early but these rules are pretty much just a formality because since I'm already 6 badges in.


    Renton (M)

    Lvl. 39


    Sassy Nature

    • Confusion
    • Calm Mind
    • Air Slash
    • Charge Beam


    Hilda (F)

    Lvl. 35

    Keen Eye

    Bashful Nature

    • Roost
    • Air Slash
    • Scald
    • FeatherDance


    Matthieu (M)

    Lvl. 37


    Mild Nature

    • Charge
    • Spark
    • Pursuit
    • Acrobatics


    Eureka (F)

    Lvl. 29

    Super Luck

    Gentle Nature

    • Return
    • Roost
    • Fly
    • Quick Attack

    Talho (F)

    Lv. 37


    Lax Nature

    • Acrobatics
    • AncientPower
    • Dig
    • Crunch

    Anemone (F)
    Lv. 36
    Magic Guard
    Sassy Nature

    • Air Cutter
    • Tailwind
    • Charge Beam
    • Psybeam



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