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    Okay, so as some of you may have seen the other day, I tried to do a Wedlocke in Black 2, but I was getting really unfortunate, so I decided it was too much for me to attempt right now and erased my save data. I decided to take a break from trying to do a Wedlocke, and instead go for something else. In this sense, an unevolved challenge. This will be my first time trying one! With that said, here are the rules:

    -I can't evolve my Pokémon at any time, though I can catch evolved ones. And if I catch a final form Pokémon in rustling grass or such (like a Leavanny or Whimsicott), then I can use it as well. However, i'll try to avoid letting my team get too overpowered.

    -All Pokémon must be nicknamed, even those I don't plan to use. Throwing this one in just because.

    -And I do plan to do the post-game, hopefully beat the upgraded Elite Four and Alder.

    I was contemplating doing this for Black 2 instead, but I decided to do Black first, since Black 2 would hopefully be more fun but i'll do that some other time. Also, I won't be speeding through this one like I did with my Soul Silver Nuzlocke, i'll try to play for a little bit each day but hopefully i'll have it completed by the end of the month. With that said, I started my challenge, decided to play as the girl (may as well, she has an awesome design and it's my first time playing as her since I bought White back near release), named her Celosia (I think that's after a type of flower) and started with Oshawott. My ID No. was 63333, but not going by that this time.

    Current progress: Beat the game, and i'll do a Black 2 Unevolved Challenge soon.

    Badges: 8


    "Kaneso" (M), Level 52, Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Swords Dance, Surf

    "Shakana" (F), Level 52, Bulk Up, Stone Edge, Superpower, Hammer Arm

    "Leona" (F), Level 50, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Foul Play, Crunch

    "Fleck" (M), Level 51, Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, Shadow Claw, Swords Dance

    "Shillana" (F), Level 50, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Will-o-Wisp, Memento

    "Rasta" (F), Level 52, Dragon Claw, Strength, Crunch, Revenge

    Other notable Pokémon in storage:


    "Barkley" (M), Level 29, Return, Work Up, Crunch, Dig

    "Ted" (M), Level 39, Work Up, Flame Burst, Bite, Fire Blast

    "Ruckus" (M), Level 50, Discharge, Electro Ball, Bug Buzz, Signal Beam

    Well then, hope you enjoy!

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    Alright, so now i'm at Nacrene City, fought all the trainers in Outer Pinwheel Forest, and leveled up my bros a bit thanks to Audino. So here's my team:

    "Kaneso" (M), Level 20, Tackle, Water Gun, Razor Shell, Focus Energy

    "Barkley" (M), Level 20, Tackle, Work Up, Bite, Take Down

    "Ted" (M), Level 20, Work Up, Incinerate, Bite, Yawn

    "Shakana" (F), Level 17, Low Kick, Rock Throw, Focus Energy, Rock Smash

    "Gurney" (M), Level 11, Tackle, Harden, Headbutt, Sand-Attack

    "Caravan" (M), Level 11, Gust, Growl, Leer, Quick Attack

    Yes, my team is a little overleveled, but after trying unsuccessfully to get a decent Sawk (two of them had awful natures, two of them swept my team, one had Inner Focus, etc), I decided to get in more training to combat them, but eventually just settled on a Timburr. I'll have another chance to catch a Sawk-two, in fact (Routes 18 and 10), but for now it's important to get through the game. Shakana isn't Level 20 because she'll be gaining plenty of EXP in the gym battles.

    Should be taking on Lenora either tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully that goes well!

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    Beat Lenora earlier today-I don't remember exactly what happened against the Herdier, but I know she had Intimidate and I had to switch Shakana out. She then took Hypnosis from the Watchog thanks to the Chesto Berry, then she missed, allowing me to 2HKO her. So not much to worry about there.

    So here's my team:

    "Kaneso" (M), Level 22, Tackle, Water Gun, Razor Shell, Focus Energy

    "Barkley" (M), Level 21, Tackle, Work Up, Bite, Take Down

    "Ted" (M), Level 22, Work Up, Flame Burst, Bite, Yawn

    "Shakana" (F), Level 21, Low Kick, Rock Throw, Wake-Up Slap, Rock Smash

    "Gurney" (M), Level 11, Tackle, Harden, Headbutt, Sand-Attack

    "Caravan" (M), Level 11, Gust, Growl, Leer, Quick Attack

    I'll go and explore Castelia City tomorrow, should at least beat Burgh by then.

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    Played in Castelia City, got some cool items and stuff, did the whole Team Plasma thing and then beat Burgh. I had Shakana take out the Whirlipede with some Rock Throws (burning through both his Potions, too) after a little while, then Ted used Flame Burst on Leavanny, leaving it in the red, and he used Protect so I set up some Work Ups, then had to heal it, but then took out both the Leavanny and Dwebble with Flame Burst to end the battle.

    My team is still the same six, except Kaneso, Ted and Shakana are all Level 25, Kaneso has Water Pulse over Water Gun, and Barkley is Level 23 and has Crunch over Bite. I was actually contemplating getting a Scraggy in the coming area, but I already have a Fighting-type. There is Sandile, on the other hand, or Krokorok much later. I'll find something, but I do need a fifth Pokémon before long.

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    So I just got my fourth badge. Things against Elesa went alright I guess, had Leona (my new Sandile) take out two of her three, but it got a little awkward near the end when I tried to mix things up against the second Emolga. I had Barkley take it out after Kaneso lowered its Defense with Razor Shell while it was asleep thanks to Ted's Yawn, but yeah. Got that taken care of.

    I'll get to Driftveil City tomorrow, but probably won't beat Clay, as he might take some extra training to prepare for. So here's my team:

    "Kaneso" (M), Level 27, Return, Water Pulse, Razor Shell, Revenge

    "Barkley" (M), Level 27, Return, Work Up, Crunch, Dig

    "Ted" (M), Level 27, Work Up, Flame Burst, Bite, Yawn

    "Shakana" (F), Level 27, Low Kick, Rock Throw, Wake-Up Slap, Return

    "Gurney" (M), Level 11, Tackle, Harden, Headbutt, Sand-Attack

    "Leona" (F), Level 29, Crunch, Bite, Dig, Rock Tomb

    So yeah.

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    So while trying to train against Audino, I found something even better-a Leavanny, which I caught and added to my team because again, I am allowed to catch and use fully evolved Pokémon.

    So I beat Clay, who was disappointingly easy. Fleck (Leavanny) OHKO'd the Krokorok and Palpitoad, then Shakana used Bulk Up against the Excadrill while he used Hone Claws, and then I got a critical hit with Wake-Up Slap, slamming him. Five badges.

    Sorry for the short update and no team update but i'm in a hurry here.

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    Got through Chargestone Cave, will be doing some Audino training before the gym, etcetera.

    But i'm considering stopping the challenge, or at least not recording it here, as i'm not finding it that fun and noone seems to care about it. I'm kinda regretting not doing it in Black 2 instead, but I wanted to do it in Black first. And no, i'm not saying that for attention, i'm just saying it because I know people don't like when they put work into things but noone gives them recognition for it. I will continue the challenge, but I might just stop recording my progress here and speed through the rest of the game, going back on what I said.

    edit: I decided, if this gets no replies by tomorrow night, i'll stop recording it here and do it in Black 2 with some advanced rules.

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    Hi. I think you should continue recording.

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    Well, thanks for the reply, but I decided to just speed through the rest of the game. It's not that big a deal though, I know there was one solo challenge where the dude only got replies from one guy and REALLY sped through the game, beating Red within like two or three days.

    Skyla wasn't too difficult, I had my Joltik and Pansear do most of the fighting there, I think Leona took out the Swoobat as well. Don't remember it that well, though.

    Not gonna go into Brycen, because he wasn't too hard.

    Later, though, during the whole Dragonspiral Tower/Zekrom/Light Stone/Relic Castle ordeal, I decided Ted wasn't doing it for me, and boxed him. So eventually I settled on my Litwick, Shillana, who I caught in Celestial Tower, but i'll get to that later.

    I decided Ted wasn't doing it for me-he wasn't hitting hard enough with Flame Burst and Fire Blast without Work Up. In fact, a Cubchoo in the Icirrus Gym survived a Flame Burst. I needed something stronger than him, so I caught a Druddigon with Rough Skin, and named her Rasta, after my Kingdra in Soul Silver. It's now a name that i'll be throwing in all my non-themed playthroughs. I also caught a Litwick named Shillana that I used in the E4 + Team Plasma event.

    Drayden was rather comedical-I don't remember exactly how it turned out, but I know that against the Haxorus, I had Leona Intimidate him, then Earthquake for less than half his health as he used Dragon Dance, then he used Dragon Dance again and I finished him with Foul Play.

    I've already beaten the game, did late last night in fact, but I don't want to cram the entire second half of the game into one big post-i'll tell that later tonight. I will update my team, though, and I do have to say…something epic happened in the final fights. ;)

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    Caitlin overview:

    This battle nearly ended disastrously. Her Reuniclus took out Leona with one hit of Focus Blast, and that's with the Eviolite. I had Fleck take it out after that, but then her Sigilyph forced it to die with Air Slash.


    After that, Shillana (Litwick) survived a Shadow Ball from her, then knocked her into the red and lower her Sp Def with Shadow Ball. She then wasted her Full Restore as I knocked her out with another Shadow Ball.


    I then had Rasta 2HKO her Musharna with Crunch, but not without taking almost half from Psychic.


    Then that Gothitelle almost tore apart my team, only taking like 48% from Crunch, then knocking out Rasta AND Kaneso. I did have Shillana survive Shadow Ball very narrowly (after healing her at one point) and finish the job, but oh man, I was 18 HP from losing.

    Grimsley overview:

    First was Scrafty, who I combated with Shakana. He used Sand-Attack a few times, and even at -2 accuracy I managed to OHKO it with a +1 Superpower.


    Fleck then survived an Aerial Ace from the Liepard (after Fake Out) with 20% of my health, and knocked him out with X-Scissor.


    I then attempted to use Leona against the Bisharp, but Intimidate activated Defiant and left him at +1 Attack, so Leona stood no chance. Thankfully, Rasta survived it with half her health and knocked him out with Revenge, after Rocky Helmet + Rough Skin.


    After that was Krookodile, who I attempted to combat with Kaneso, but that didn't go well. So I had Shakana take half health from Earthquake, and he survived with 2% or so, healed, and I went for Superpower, which managed to take him out. Haha, two battles in a row that they waste their healing.

    Shauntal overview:

    Against Cofagrigus, I tried to give Kaneso a chance to prove himself, but she used both her Full Restores and things got messy. So I brought in Leona, who took almost half her health from Shadow Ball, and did enough with Crunch to knock her into the KO range from another, even while burned.


    Then I had Fleck take on her Jellicent. Leaf Blade left it at 1%, then Shadow Ball did over half but I knocked it out afterward.


    As for the Chandelure, she did JUST over half health against Rasta, but then I got a critical hit on Crunch to OHKO her. That was boss.


    Finally, against Golurk, Kaneso got knocked out before it could do anything, so I had to use Leona for Intimidate, then used a Max Revive on Kaneso. Earthquake finished off Leona, then did less than half to Kaneso (thanks to Intimidate) and then another brought me into the red, enough to send that Golurk packing with another Surf.

    Marshal overview:

    First off, against the Throh, Rasta hit for a bit over 1/3 his health with Dragon Claw. He then used Bulldoze, which got a critical hit for roughly 1/3 of her health. Stone Edge then did 1/4, and I knocked him into the low orange. Taking a risk, I decided to switch in Leona to get off Intimidate as he healed. I then switched in Fleck, unsure of what to really do. I set up Swords Dance, and he misses with Stone Edge at that the first time, and then I Leaf Blade to knock him into the orange again, as he wastes his second Full Restore. Anticipating that, I used Swords Dance again on that turn, allowing me to knock him out.


    Unfortunately, Sawk outsped me thanks to my Speed being lowered, and knocked out Fleck with Stone Edge. I then had Shakana hit him with Hammer Arm for over half his health while Karate Chop didn't even do 1/3 my health. Same ordeal the next turn, and I knocked out the Sawk.


    After that was Conkeldurr. I decided to bring in Leona again just to Intimidate him, then switched Rasta back in, as she avoids a Hammer Arm, allowing me to heal her up with a Moomoo Milk. Hammer Arm then did just over 1/3 my health, as Rough Skin + Rocky Helmet did a big chunk of his health. I then used Dragon Claw, leaving his HP low and he was then knocked out after another round of residual damage.


    Last up was Mienshao. I had a crafty idea-I stayed in, anticipating Jump Kick, so I switched to Shillana, and he used just that, which Shillana was immune to, causing his HP to fall to half. He then went for Rock Slide, which Shillana survived with 5 HP, allowing me to get off a Shadow Ball, leaving him in the red. He then knocked out Shillana, but I had Kaneso finish him off with Aqua Jet.

    After that was the big Team Plasma event. Caught Reshiram, but didn't use it. That would not have been creative.

    N overview:

    I led off with Leona, who Intimidated the Zekrom, lowering his Attack. I then brought in Shillana, anticipating Giga Impact which he did use, then he used Light Screen to double the Special Defense, while I used Memento to lower its Attack and Special Attack by -2, which was the first time I used it. I then brought in Leona again, lowering his Attack to -4. He then uses Giga Impact to do roughly 2/3 of Leona's health, while I Earthquake for the 2HKO as he recharges.


    After that was Vanilluxe. I decided to try to let Kaneso have some action, and went for Swords Dance while he set up the Hail. As he did Flash Cannon, I used Waterfall which didn't even do half, then he knocked me out with Blizzard. Derp. I then had Shakana take a Blizzard for nearly 2/3 my health, but I knocked it out with Hammer Arm.


    Then he had Klinklang. He lowered my Sp Def with Metal Sound while I Revenge'd for less than half, followed by a Hyper Beam which did 3/4 of my health, so I was able to knock him out with Revenge.


    Archeops. I had Leona Intimidate it first, then used a Hyper Potion to heal up Rasta to full. I then brought her out, and she took a Dragon Claw for 2/5 her health, and he took some recoil from Rough Skin + Rocky Helmet, but he lived after her Dragon Claw, and healed while I did the same thing. Acrobatics, does 2/5 my health again, recoil damage, Dragon Claw him into the red, so I was free to heal up Shakana with a Moomoo Milk as he used Acrobatics for pathetic damage and was knocked out.


    I then had Shakana combat the Zoroark, who did less than half my health with Focus Blast, while I knocked him out with Hammer Arm.


    Finally, Carracosta. While I had Fleck use Leaf Blade to bring him to 1 HP because of Sturdy, he then used Stone Edge, getting a critical hit, which knocked out Fleck. Okay, no biggie, I still have Rasta, who outspeeds him and ends the battle.

    After that was Ghetsis. I entered the battle hoping things would turn out well, but I wasn't so sure.

    Ghetsis overview:

    So I started with Leona as from before, as he used Cofagrigus. Crunch did over half his health (enough to 2HKO), and while he used Toxic, I cut right to the Antidote, expecting him to use Protect, but instead he did Shadow Ball, which knocked off over half my health. So I was able to knock him out from there. Leona was holding the Expert Belt, so that added a little bit of oomph to her attacks there and against Zekrom.


    Then, I saw the words "Team Plasma Ghetsis is about to send in Hydreigon." and my heart just sank. I'm like, oh goodness, he's not wasting any time. So I brought in Shakana, who wasn't weak to any of its moves (the other being Kaneso, who only had Water-type attacks), ready to gamble for it all. I was holding the Eviolite, so I was feeling a little more confident, but not enough. He used Dragon Pulse, which left me at 55/152 health (read: enough to most likely narrowly survive had it not been for the Eviolite). I used Superpower, and then, after God knows how many times foes have gotten critical hits against me throughout this challenge, or when I would get them on the last turn that never matters, they decided it was my turn to be handed Arceus' blessing, to be shown the beauty of what it truly means to live, and why one should be thankful for what they have and never take it for granted…


    …Okay, enough of that. As Hydreigon's health dropped to zero before my very eyes, I was amazed at what then appeared on my screen: "A critical hit!" I was like OH MY GOD, HOLY FREAKING SHIYIT, that was amazing. I was just in complete shock at what happened there, the fact that I was not looking forward to that thing at all, and then I just knock it out with a critical hit just like that! Shakana was, truly, THE bro of bros of this challenge.


    After that was Bouffalant, who I swapped out for Rasta. He used Head Charge, did a big chunk of my health, but between Rocky Helmet and recoil damage, he took almost half his health, and I used Revenge to finish it.


    Then, I used Fleck to take out the Seismitoad in one hit with Leaf Blade. Nothing of significance there.


    He then used Eelektross next, and I decided to bring in Shillana in the hopes of getting off a Memento. He used Crunch, which didn't even bring me into the red, allowing me to get off Memento. So I then used Rasta, who I healed with a Moomoo Milk, then he used Crunch and took a chunk of health from Rocky Helmet + Rough Skin. He used Crunch again, same deal. I then used Dragon Claw, but he lived with a sliver of health and healed. I used Dragon Claw again to do almost half his health, then he used Acrobatics, and after another round of recoil damage I knocked it out.


    Finally was Bisharp. He used Stone Edge, but I lived, allowing me to use Revenge and finish the job. As I received the prize money, I was like, oh my goodness. I was still amazed by what happened with Timburr against that Hydreigon. That was just awesome.

    And with that, after Ghetsis was taken away by Cheren and Alder, and N took me to the final helm of the castle, heading off on Zekrom, I was able to take pride in completing this game with mostly unevolved Pokémon, and a fully evolved one that I caught (Leavanny), and a tough one that doesn't evolve (Druddigon).

    So with all that said, here was my final team upon completion:

    "Kaneso" (M), Level 52, Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Swords Dance, Surf

    "Shakana" (F), Level 52, Bulk Up, Stone Edge, Superpower, Hammer Arm

    "Leona" (F), Level 50, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Foul Play, Crunch

    "Fleck" (M), Level 51, Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, Shadow Claw, Swords Dance

    "Shillana" (F), Level 50, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Will-o-Wisp, Memento

    "Rasta" (F), Level 52, Dragon Claw, Strength, Crunch, Revenge

    Maybe someday i'll do the post-game and hopefully beat the upgraded Elite Four and Alder, but for now i'm plenty content having completed this. I know it wasn't really cared for, but hey, i'm proud of it nonetheless. I also definitely want to do an unevolved run in Black 2 with some advanced rules, but i'll give that a few days or so to prepare. And in March i'll hopefully be doing a Challenge Mode + Item Restrictions + Set Mode Nuzlocke in Black 2 or White 2.

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    what is your white 2 name

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