Marriland's Platinum Nuzlocke: Set Mode + Item Restrictions

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    Writing out those big updates actually took 1-2 hours, which kind of defeated the point of trying to save time... haha. It was kinda fun, though, and hopefully it will be an entertaining read.

    I'm going to have the "Introduction" video up tonight talking about the Platinum Nuzlocke, with a link to this topic and the Marriland Forums, and Part 01 of the video series itself will be up sometime either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. (I'll post what time I decide on exclusively on this topic a couple of hours in advance, so it might be a good idea to watch it. ;) )

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    woo! I think sometime in the future you should do a scramble challenge so we can choose your team :O

    EDIT: on topic, i'm excited for a new series on the main games!


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    Is it just me, or does Marriland always suffer his first death after getting his third badge? XD

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    Is it against the rules to upload spoiler fanart of the series to #Marrilanders on DeviantArt?

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    Quote from GoldenSandslash15 »


    Is it against the rules to upload spoiler fanart of the series to #Marrilanders on DeviantArt?

    I'll +fav it on my personal account, but the spoiler rules will apply until the video is actually up. There have been a few showing Ninjarisu and Caesar, though.

    And oh man, that reminds me I have to go back and get things accepted over there. It's been a surprisingly busy month!

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    This awesome! I wish you the best of luck Marriland!

    For everyone do remember he has a life outside of creating videos so please try to understand when there are not videos coming everyday!

    Marills forever!

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    Wow! Marriland I love this challenge so much.And hope you have luck on your side I can't wait to see new videos

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    Awesome i can't wait to see the videos and enjoy the play through with you once again :) shame there will not be any foongas pokemon on this playthrough LOL


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    Marriland you are such a nice person :D
    Please continue to make awesome stuff for us! 
    Good luck on your Nuzlocke!

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    Haha, that video sure did look like it brought a lot over here. It's been so long since I actually have seen this thread, I forgot about what actually happened! D: Well, I guess I'll get to experience everything fresh AGAIN! That doesn't happen often lol xD

    Quick question: did you make any progress on the Nuzlocke after putting it here? Just curious :3

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    Looking forward to watching this Nuzlocke play out. I just finished reading through these 10 pages of comments and updates and it has really gotten me excited for this.

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    I am sooo happy,this will be on my most fav game !!!!!!!


    Go Marriland

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    I can't wait! Quick question, it said in the last episode of HeartGold that it would come in late May and it's the 24th right now. Will it probably be on YouTube by the 31st?

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    Quote from SwampertLuv »

    I can't wait! Quick question, it said in the last episode of HeartGold that it would come in late May and it's the 24th right now. Will it probably be on YouTube by the 31st?

    he said in the introduction video that 

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    Hey Marriland,
    I have not really  read all the posts because I am looking foreward to the videos, I am already a little spoiled because I have seen your current team and such. (And adoring the Pokedex Pro pictures O_O)
    Anyway, in your video you said it's all kinda demotivating when people go complain about the item use and leveling.
    Well I would say, let them talk as long as you are enjoying yourself!
    I personally think only 1 rule you took on in this challenge I am somewhat "meh" about being you having to release them when they are over your max level restriction.
    You want to go really hardcore so I respect it but I wouldnt have mind if you said "I can't use him/her untile the restriction is lifted" so after a gym battle or something.
    Seems a bit silly to have them let go (also roleplay wise in my mind atleast) over such a thing.
    But then again this DOES make every move you make vital so! I am looking foreward to seeing the vids!
    Good luck on the remaining parts you still have to play!

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    Haha didn't know Dev himself had a topic here, no wonder this one has like 35 odd people viewing lol. 

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    This challenge looks exciting! I can't wait for the YouTube series.


    From the looks of it, I think Ninjarisu will become the next Omelette/Apricot of the team. Hopefully, he'll get to live longer than them. :)

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    Well, given that it's been a day, I think it's time to confess something: I am probably the reason why this thread got locked.

    I understand that Devin has a life, and that he can't devote all of his time to stuff like this, and I defended him against the people who said otherwise.

    However, I also did link people to this thread during the final days of the HeartGold Wedlocke, when they were asking what would come next after that. The purpose was just to educate them about the existence of this Nuzlocke. In theory.

    In practice, I probably attracted a few trolls to this thread. I am sorry for doing this and deeply regret it, but I hope you understand that this was not my original intent.

    And in other, happier news, I made some fanart for this series about a month ago and put it on DeviantArt. Find it here!

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    *off topic* wow Marriland posting this thread in your intro vid has really increased the activity on this forum.

    *on topic* Excited about this nuzlocke already seen all 6 caption updates looks like it will be a very good nuzlocke.

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    Love this idea, I'm excited to follow along. I might have to pull out platinum again.

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