Henderson's Mono-type Conquer of Kanto! Pokemon Leaf Green

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    Hey guys, I plan to do multiple Screenshot Mono runs covering each region of the games, first of all I will be starting In Generation 3 Kanto with Pokemon Leaf Green. My planned games are
    1. Kanto - Leaf Green
    2. Johto - Soul Silver
    3. Hoenn - Emerald
    4. Sinnoh - Platinum
    5. Unova - Black 1 & 2

    For each game I plan to use a different type which will be chosen randomly using numbers 1-18, which will represent a different Pokemon type, to find this number I will be using a Random number generator to get the number. I have 1 shot and the team must be used, if the type is not accessible before the third gym I will be able to have another go at selecting my Pokemon.

    My numbering of types will be as followed,

    Image removed due to its file extension: http://imgur.com/g1nkUr5

     The result of #18 will mean that I can choose to decide what type I want to use myself,


    1. Whatever type is chosen, I may ONLY use that type for the whole play-through. You may NOT switch mid-game; You choose electric, you're sticking with electric until the end!
    I am allowed to use Pokemon that aren't the mono-type as long as they evolve into it eventually.  if playing as an Electric run.
    3. I can't use 2 Pokemon from the same evolutionarily family. I am unable to use a Bellosum and a Vileplume in the same run, if using grass/poison.
    4. If the type of Pokemon is scarce within the 3 gyms I will be able to choose a different type.
    5. Until I obtain my first Pokemon which matches the mono-type I may only use my Starter, it must then be boxed or released.
    6. HM slaves are allowed but may not be sent out in combat unless they are my last Pokemon.
    7. When battling a Gym Leader, I may only use the same amount of Pokemon as they have. 
    8. If my roll is 18 I am allowed to pick what type to use by myself.

    Those are my current rules, I may add some more as I go along but for now this is what I want to use. Now for the moment of truth for Pokemon Leaf Green, my mono-type will be:

     Looks like it's Rock type!
    Well lets get started!

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    After noticing that I can only get 3 Rock types before my fossil I have decided to count ground types as Rock types to make it more fair on myself,

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    Please keep in mind that the rules state you must wait at least 6 hours inbetween your updates unless someone else comments. So try to put more effort and substance in your updates. If you need to update something small you can use the Edit button instead of making new posts. Thanks ^-^ Good luck with your challenge ^.^

    No worries.
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    This looks intense haha! Good luck!

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    Well it's time to begin our journey to conquer Kanto using the powerful Rock (and ground) type Pokemon, Lets see how things develop!
    The Journey so far, Chapter 1.

    Put your spoiler here.

    I am a human of the male varitity and I shall be using the name Kale, and my rival randomly named Nathan ( hey I like that name, shuddup).

     Welp, first things first I am a human of the male variety and I shall be named Kale, with my rival named Nathan. Can't forget dat potion!

    Upon attempting to leave my home town, I am stopped by a strange old man who drags me to his house....I need an adult?

    It seems, he has kidnapped a second male, my neighbor Nathan. The old man has dragged us out to his lab with promises of Pokemon and sweets, I believe he is attempting to groom us but who cares free Pokemon!

    Ugh, no Rock types? Seriously you need to work on your grooming skills...I guess i'll take this guy, i'm sure his grass attacks will be useful for helping me catch a Rock type!

    Oh what an Butthole!, he picked the one stronger than me? HA, jokes on him. Once I get my Rock types his Charmander will be destroyed,

    He challenged me to a battle using his Charmander, even with my Bulbasaur I easily overpowered him. He ran off soon after the battle I also ran out too, I didn't want to be alone with that old guy incase he tried something....Oh well, I guess me and Bulbsaur are On the Road to Virdian City!


    While making my way to Viridian City, I decided to try out this "Bulbasaur" it seems pretty strong and is able to beat Pidgeys and Ratattas however, Rock types will be much stronger!

    So after I arrived in Viridian City, I went to the PokeMart in order to grab some potions and Pokeballs, but entering the clerk notices I am from Pallet Town and he talked me into taking a package to Proffessor Oak, *Sigh* I hoped that I had seen the last of the creepy old guy... Oh well back to Pallet Town!


    Arriving back in his lab, it seems that he managed to drag back Nathan, and it seemed like he was expecting me to return...*Shudders* This old guy creeps me out, he again is attempting to groom us, by giving us a "Pokedex" which is an electrical device that records information on Pokemon, and where they can be found as well as giving us FIVE Pokeballs. I suppose the old guy is..kinda alright, but I need to get away from him as soon as possible...BACK TO VIRIDIAN CITY!


    On my way, I decided to go to Nathan's house and inside I met his sister, and it seems like the old guy has gotten to her too she has taken to calling him "Grandpa" poor soul, At least she gave me a town map! Ha Nathan, So much for telling her not to give me one!
    Back in Virdian City, I got a couple of potions and I decided to head towards Viridan Forest to train up Bulbasaur, as we might be together for a while on my way i'm stopped by yet another old man! Gee, what is it with me and attracted old guys!? Anyway, he taught me how to catch Pokemon then gave me a TV, yet again an old man has attempted to Groom me today, I ran off and straight into Virdian Forest and began my training.

    End of Chapter 1

     My Team,

    Lv. 9
    Item - None
    Tackle         Growl
    Leech Seed  -

    Bulbasaur was given to me by that creepy old guy, Professor Oak as an attempt to groom me. Bulbsaur is pretty cool, but hes a grass type. I suppose he will do until I find a Rock/Ground type!



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