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Challenge creation thread (Make and take on all new challenges made by Marriland's community)

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    This thread is for inventing new challenges, and of course, taking them on. I have some challenges to start out with, suggest your own.

    Minimalistic Challenge by Kerglis711:

    1. No buying anything from pokemarts, you can only use what you find

    2. Do not evolve your pokemon

    3. Do not grind, skip all sidequests, and pass by every trainer you possibly can

    4. Don't use any Tm's, you can use Hm's though

    5. No Hm slaves

    6. You cannot have more than 6 pokemon, once you have 6 you stay with 6, and you can only get more by releasing one



    Ancient India Challenge by Kerglis711:

    1. Your team must consist of 6 pokemon, and 1 hm slave, the 6 represent the 5 classes (one gets 2 pokemon) of hinduism (thank you history class).

    2. One pokemon must be a Brahmin,  he is a psychic type and cannot use any stat decreasing moves.

    3. The next pokemon must be a Kshatriya noble, he must be the highest level pokemon no matter what (right after you catch him he must level him past your 'mons). Also he is not lowly enough to use tm's

    3. Another is the Kshatriya warrior, he may only use physical attacking moves.

    4. Next up is the Vaisya, he is a merchant and cannot have held item's, he is only to sell items, therefore he does not keep them, he also must know at least one tm or hm move (this represents his works)

    5. Then there is the Shudra, as they are unskilled, they must have higher attack than special attack, and better defense than special defense, they cannot learn tms or hms.

    6. Finally there is the Pairiah, he can only know status moves and hms, and he must be the lowest leveled member of the team.



    Monomon challenge

    1. Use a team of 6 of the exact same pokemon! (The one and only rule)

    2. Hm slaves allowed


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    Open for buisness!

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    All threads in the Challenges forum must be about on-going challenges. Please place any ideas for new tyes of challenges in the Challenges Rules and Regulations pinned topic. Link below:

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