Pokémon Challenges

Tired of playing through the game the same old way, over and over again? Well, this forum is for you to post a topic about whatever challenge you're taking on in a Pokémon video game! This includes things such as Nuzlocke challenges, solo-challenges, etc.
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Rules & Regulations for all Pokémon In-Game Challenges! [Also for Challenge Ideas & Discussion!]
by Shhmew
158 16,337
Challenge Hall of Fame 65 7,064
~ Rules of the Pokémon Challenges Forum ~
by Shhmew
0 4,677
Guide to a Proper Challenge
by Joltik
8 11,343
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Wedlocke Pokemon white wedlocke! GET HYPED! 3 104
Scramble InverseOblivion's Pokemon Liquid Crystal Scramble! 17 174
Scramble The Girafarig Army's Secret Santa Scramble Thread
by red_009
119 1,805
Wedlocke TheSjjohnson's Pokemon White 2 Wedlocke! 3 61
Wedlocke The Love of Animation: A HeartGold Wedlocke 22 555
Nuzlocke Sylvia's Vega Nuzlocke
by Sylvia
18 363
Mono epictauros211's Pokemon X monotype challenge 6 259
Nuzlocke Bizarre Adventures Of Heroes And Foes ~ HW9000's LeafGreen Nuzlocke! Pictures Included! (Update 9)
by HW9000
92 1,470
Wedlocke The Beginners Dilemma ~ A CyranLecacy White 2 Wedlocke!
19 377
Cleffa's Wonderlocke 5 68