Pokémon Challenges

Tired of playing through the game the same old way, over and over again? Well, this forum is for you to post a topic about whatever challenge you're taking on in a Pokémon video game! This includes things such as Nuzlocke challenges, solo-challenges, etc.
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Challenge Hall of Fame 71 8,729
Rules & Regulations for all Pokémon In-Game Challenges! [Also for Challenge Ideas & Discussion!]
by Shhmew
186 21,530
~ Rules of the Pokémon Challenges Forum ~
by Shhmew
0 5,249
Guide to a Proper Challenge
by Joltik
8 12,270
Nuzlocke Meru's Crystal Soul-Locke! Update 6 released! Don't worry! We'll save you, Amphy! (6 Viewing) 80 1,128
Max and the Wonderlocke Curse 7 161
Nuzlocke TheSjjohnson's Nuzlocke Tour! Current Game - Fire Red 9 134
wingin' it! A Pokemon Leaf Green Monolocke! (1 Viewing) 33 363
Wedlocke Pokemon Emerald Wedlocke (Update 10 Up!) 24 538
Wedlocke Hi4H Pokemon Y WonderPersonaWedlocke - Lumiose has Light! 148 4,020
Nuzlocke Black 2 fun and death
by crobad
24 333
Nuzlocke Red_009's Marriland Soul-locke [THE FINAL UPDATE]
by red_009
100 1,755
Wedlocke BigKlingy's First Wedlocke! (Leafgreen) 82 1,346
Nuzlocke Let's try this again this time Diamond/Pearl
by since95
2 52
Scramble My Pokémon Sapphire Scramble Moveset! (will be done later) 23 368