Night of the Were-Pikachu

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    This is a story idea I came up with on another site, someone was talking and they were going over stuff and I just go "Were-Pikachu" And bam, idea. The introduction explains the start of the story, and I do plan on working on this little quickly fanfic, it's not like the other Pikachu story I was doing earlier, where I had no ending, this does have a planned ending, and I just need to work it out X3 Enjoy as I update and add parts, piece by piece.


    The Pokemon Universe, a place where there are two separate species, the Pokemon, and the humans. When those lines become blurred, questions are asked. Just as people wonder if the concept of Werewolves are real and come up with various stories to make them seem real. Would their be such things as Pokemon lycanthropes? The most common thing you could think up would be a Mightyena. When a trainer comes face to face to an unexpected impossibility, all lines are shattered, and all beliefs are twisted beyond mental capacity.


    “Kevin. Kevin!” A moan interjected the voice, “Kevin! Get up or I'm going to beat the living daylights out of you!”

    In a quick burst of energy, Kevin jumped up from his bed and promptly brought his attention to his traveling buddy Anna. Kevin is an average trainer, no special Pokemon, he wasn't the best in tournaments; in fact he lost nearly every single one of them, and wore general clothes; a comfortable T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a couple of other articles of clothing for different weather conditions. “I'm up... I'm up...” he moaned as his nap was interrupted.

    Kevin's eyes began to come into focus, to see Anna standing in front of him with a frown on her face. Anna was an average trainer as well, however she was a lot better in battling and contests. Her strong suit was the Pokemon combos that she did in double-battles. She too wore pretty average clothes, but a little more to the tom-boy side; wearing jeans, a stylish t-shirt, vest combination, and a couple of hair pins in her bronze-red hair. “Kevin, if you ever want to get any better you got to take the opportunities you have in catching Pokemon.”

    “What are you talking about now?...” Kevin moaned, still annoyed that he was woken up in middle of the night.

    “I heard a Pikachu in the camp, I want you to catch it.”

    “Is that all?” Kevin picked up his bag containing all his items, as well as the few Pokemon he has.

    “Hey, if you don't want it I--”

    “Fine fine!” He cut her off, knowing what she was going to do if he didn't, “I'll go catch the stupid thing... But if I can't find it, I'm going back to bed...” He mumbled as he walked out of the tent and into the cool night air. It was bad enough he was made to catch one single Pokemon during the middle of the night, but a Pikachu? If Kevin had a choice between a Pikachu and a Muk, it'd be the Muk. Not only did he kind Pikachu very annoying in appearance, he felt that a Muk could do much better in a battle.

    He took a flashlight out of his backpack and after turning it on, traced the treeline with the enlightened circle made by the incandescent bulb inside of the small hand held device. He quickly checked the tent to see if Anna was going to be coming out, he figured she must have been cold, which was the real reason why she booted him out of the tent. Following a path that was worn into the ground from various Pokemon and other trainers, he watched where he was going by keeping the flashlight on the ground in front of him.

    It wasn't long where he found a giant circle of empty trees. There was no kinds of vegetation, except for the grass that looked extremely sickly. Being bored of walking in the first place, and being tired, being in middle of the night, he sat in middle of the circle and watched the night sky slowly twist above him. Before he had dozed off, a rustling sound came within earshot. “Hello?” He asked, thinking it was Anna, or another trainer, “Hey, you can come out, I'm just sitting here... Being bored...” He slowly quieted as he realized he wasn't getting an answer... “Hey, if you're not a trainer, then you must be a Pokemon!” He jumped up from his sitting position and expanded a brand new Pokeball (experienced trainers know to battle a Pokemon first... Kevin isn't that experienced).

    “Come out now! This isn't-- GAH!” Kevin left the ground as a sudden force had sent him back and into the treeline of the circle. Out cold, Kevin slept the rest of the night. If it weren't for Anna going out to look for him, Kevin would have been in the mysterious circle without any help.


    Anna had brought Kevin back to the campsite and woke him up inside of the tent, “Wake up sleepy-head.”

    “Ugh...” He got up and moaned from he headache, “What's up with you?... You sound incredibly compassionate today...” He shook his head a couple of times before standing up and getting out of the tent.

    “I'm just sorry that I sent you out so late at night. I found you sleeping in the woods.” She was packing up her gear to get ready to move forward towards the next town. After escaping from his fog of confusion and sleep, he began to pack up as well. “I still don't understand why you carry a tent all the time.”

    “Someone has to. If it rains, I'm not running to the next town.” He argued.

    “You're just lucky you have that divider in there so that we don't have to sleep together,” She mocked as she stood up after finishing.

    “You never sleep in the tent, except when you force me outside of it.”

    “I told you I'm sorry...”

    “I know, I just never get tired of hearing that,” He chuckled for a bit before getting punched in the shoulder. “Ow.”

    “And I never get tired of smacking you for those lame jokes.”


    Further along the road, when they had everything packed up and ready to go, the duo had entered the town of their destination. It was a small little town. It had a train, a Pokemon center, a little bit of a residential area, and small commercial area. The town was meant to be a small little pit-stop for the train, and to give its passengers a small break to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. “Ooh! Kevin!” Anna shouted as she pointed forward.

    “What?...” Kevin rolled his eyes before following Anna's arm to the end of her arrow of a hand to follow the invisible line to a Growlithe and Pikachu.

    “Aren't they the cutest thing you ever seen?”

    “Why are you always doing that Anna?” Kevin groaned from Anna's affinity of cute things. “You loved how cute that Buneary was, and caught it. You thought that Vulpix was cute, and caught it. You wanted to evolve Vulpix because Ninetails was cute. You wanted that old-colored Butterfree because it was cute... You and your love for cute things...”

    “You gotta love something, Kevin. If you don't have a favorite Pokemon, there's really no point in training.”

    “I just wish it weren't cute things...” Kevin rebutted, “especially when that list of cute Pokemon include---” Kevin stopped his debate when he noticed the Pikachu at his pant leg.

    Anna laughed as strong as she could when she noticed that the Pikachu had crept up to Kevin to hug him. “It likes you!”

    “Ugh...” Instead of pushing it away, he let the trainer come up and return it to it's Pokeball.

    “Hey, kid. That's not exactly normal for a Pikachu to just randomly go up and hug someone. You have a Pikachu with you or something?” The trainer had asked to try and figure out the strange activity.

    “Why would I have a Pikachu?” Kevin snorted.

    “He... Means that he doesn't have one,” Anna tried to soften Kevin's brusque answer, “He doesn't like to have a Pokemon like Pikachu, but he isn't really that good of a trainer.”

    “Ah, I see, but that still doesn't explain how my Pikachu would have just gone up and cuddle him.”

    “M-maybe it was because he was out in the woods last night,” Anna tried to stop Kevin before he had made another harsh remark. “He did fall asleep, so any kind of Pokemon could have come up to him and left a residual scent on him or his clothes.”

    “Makes sense, wild Pokemon still don't know what to do with us trainers. With us invading their territories and all,” the trainer responded, “I'll be around town for a couple of days, the train's electrical system is down it it'll take a little while for a replacement system and repair crew to get down here. If you need me for anything, I'll be in the Poke'Center.”

    “Sure, we'll let you know. Is there any other trainers here other than you?”

    “Nah,” The trainer responded, “Me, and a few business-folk The train isn't used that much anymore.”

    “Hey annoying kid,” Kevin spoke up, “How about you tell us your name.”

    “Oh, I'm sorry,” The trainer was slightly angered at the 'annoying' remark, but continued, “I'm Professor Nick. I'm not as big as the other Professors such as Oak, Birch, or Rowan, nor am I a full professor yet; I'm in training. I know quite a lot about Pokemon. So again, if you need anything let me know.”

    “If you're a professor, how are you a trainer?...” Kevin scowled at the other trainer.

    Nick laughed, “I train on my spare time. Because I'm not an official Professor yet, I can still go around and do what I want to do, such as training my Pokemon to the best of their abilities.”

    “Then why are you training a whimpy Pikachu and Growlithe?” Kevin growled.

    “Oh, them? They're not mine per-say, I'm looking after them and giving them a head start for later.”

    “Hey, Nick,” Anna spoke up, “I know that all the professors give out Pokemon to new trainers. If you were to give new trainers Pokemon, which ones would you give out?”

    Nick chucked again, “I haven't really thought about it, but I would definitely give out Pokemon of the same type. All water, all fire, all flying... You get the idea.”

    “I'm done!” Kevin turned around towards the Pokemon Center and walked for its doors.

    “Where are you going Kevin!” Anna shouted, when he rudely left the conversation.

    “I'm going to heal my Pokemon up and get away from you two. If you like him so much, travel with him, and not me.” He stormed into the center without much more to say.

    “I'm sorry about Kevin,” She turned back around towards the professor trainee with a deep apologetic expression on her face. “He's been grumpy since I woke him up last night.”

    “I understand how that is, I've had my share of short nights and emergency runs. Just let him sleep for a little bit and he'll be fine. Oh, and you should come and see another one of my friend's Pikachu from a contest. I have this video of it doing a singing session.”

    “A Pikachu that sings? How cute!” She squealed.

    Watching from a second floor window in the Pokemon center, Kevin jealously kept an eye on Anna's and Nick's conversation below, “I hate it when she gets close to another guy...” He laid back on his bed and listened to a voice in his head.

    “You're jealous, aren't you?”

    “What are you talking about? Anna's just a friend that travels with me...”

    “You think she's going to leave you alone, don't you?”

    “She isn't going to leave me... She likes my company as much as I do.”

    “So you admit it! You are jealous!”

    “Why do I... ever...” Kevin yawned before he finished and fell asleep in the bed.


    “...he also has a Pikachu that knows how to use Leaf Blade.”

    “No way!” Anna was in amazement.

    “It is actually his best accomplishment. He was just having a bit of fun with his Pikachu and it suddenly, although briefly, used Leaf Blade. That's when he decided to train it for that skill. It's quite amazing what Pokemon can do, es---” Nick's lecture was cut off by the sound of shattering glass above him, he covered Anna from the falling shards, luckily none had fallen near them, but the gesture was kind.

    “What's going on?” Anna shouted, but before Nick could answer, Anna caught site of a yellow Pokemon, “Look!”

    Nick looked up to see a Pikachu, “It's got to be that rouge Pikachu from yesterday!” He shouted, “It was seen when the electrical system for the train was destroyed.”

    “Pi~ Ka~...”

    “Look out it's about to attack!”

    “CHU!” It shouted as a giant lightning bolt escaped from its body. In a reflex of both trainers, the jumped out of the way of the attack and watched for another one. When they looked for the Pikachu, they had discovered that it had run out of town and into the forest.

    “How did it get into the Pokemon Center?” The trainer looked back up at the shattered window.

    “Are you two ok?” Nurse Joy had finally gotten out of the Pokemon Center seeing the commotion outside.

    “Yeah, we're ok... Kevin!” Anna realized that Kevin was in the Pokemon Center and promptly ran inside to look for him, “Kevin!” She shouted as she checked the rooms. It was then that she had entered the room that the Pikachu had jumped out of. “Kevin! This isn't funny!” She looked down to see Kevin's backpack laying at the end of the bed. “I know you're in here Kevin, you're stuff is sitting here!” After searching the entire, empty, room, she shouted out the window, “KEVIN!”


    To be continued...
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    Wow, great intro for a story, and certainly very unique. I would love to read more of this! Great job. ^^
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    nice going,pretty good opening,what happen to Kevin,though??
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    Quote from RK9rules1000 »

    nice going,pretty good opening,what happen to Kevin,though??

    That's for me to know and you to find out X3 (Actually you will find out when I get the second part up... Man, lots of typos.)
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    Chapter 2

    “We'll find him Anna, he's probably just sleepwalking,” The trainer complimented.

    “He hasn't sleepwalked before...” The two looked outside of the smashed window towards the setting sun, the clouds dyed a deep orange and purple as the light began to fade. “But... If that Pikachu was in this room...”

    “I'm sure he's fine, we didn't hear any yelling from him, and he's not in the room, so he must have left before anything even happened.”

    “You have a point...” She looked down at the ground for a minute before asking a question, “What's up with that Pikachu from earlier?”

    “The rouge?... I don't know much about it myself... It came just as quickly as it did last night. However, last time it came from the forest, not inside of a building.”

    “What happened?”

    Nick recalled the event, “Well, last night I was on the train. I looked out the window to see a yellow light appear from the forest. I was quite curious about it and kept my eye on it. It was then that I realized that it was a Pikachu using Volt Tackle, as its shape had come into view as it had gotten closer... Well, the same as anyone, why would a Pikachu be using Volt Tackle at such a time at night. It didn't occur to me that it was also aimed at the train until it hit the engine...”

    “The engine?”

    “Right, it was attacking the train... For some odd reason as well, it was very intelligent. It knew where to aim its Thunderbolt to short out the train's electrical system. Without power the train came to a dead stop a little ways back.”

    “Which is why we didn't see the train at the station,” Anna announced.

    “Exactly...” Nick looked up at the ceiling in the room.

    “What's the matter?” Anna asked, it was an out-of-place gesture, after talking about the incident from last night.

    “I'm still wondering how it got into the Pokemon Center... Even if it wasn't afraid of humans, it would have been under close watch by Nurse Joy, who would healed it up and then let it out...”

    “Is it possible that it snuck in and out?”

    “Even the most agile of Pikachu can't open up a glass window 3 feet up, and open it without making a sound.”


    “Ugh...” Kevin sat up and rubbed his head, “What happened...” He looked around briefly to discover a treeline rather than a 4 walls.”Ok... This isn't right... Did I just sleepwalk outside?” he stood up and dusted off his clothes from laying on the ground, “This... This looks like the abandoned circle from before...” Kevin looked around the treeline before deciding if it was the circle or not. “Alright back to town... Um... Which way is town?...”

    “Stop turning...” Kevin stopped his movement from the new voice. He was sure that it wasn't anything from his own head, but he was sure he heard it, “Now, I want you to turn to the left, extremely slowly, and I'll tell you when to stop.” Complying to the voice's words, he turned slowly until the voice said “Stop!” And again followed instructions, “The town is now directly in front of you, don't get lost.”

    Shaking his head from the ideas as to what was talking he followed the voice's instructions and started walking forwards. “That was strange... What was giving me the instructions?...”

    “It wasn't me...”

    “I know it wasn't you... Gah, why do I even talk to you?”

    “Because you need some kind of conversation and choose yourself to talk to?”

    “Why do I even speak to the voices in my mind?...” Kevin sulked slightly on his path forwards.


    Watching from outside of the Pokemon Center, Anna and the Professor trainee, Nick, kept an eye out for the missing trainer. “Why did you not want to me to go searching for him in the forest?” Anna asked.

    Nick sighed as he explained again, “Because we don't need another person lost in the woods again... Though I didn't say this earlier, that forest is very dangerous if you stray from the path.”

    “What?” Anna was shocked to hear the extra piece of information.

    “Well, other than the wild Pokemon being extremely territorial in this forest, the forest also ---”

    “Kevin!” Anna ran off towards the forest. At first, Nick had thought she had ran to go look for him, but instead she had run up to Kevin, who had come out of the forest. “Kevin!” She shouted again and hugged him tightly, “I was worried...” She quietly had said.

    “Peculiar...” Nick had started, pondering the situation, “If Kevin had gotten out of the Pokemon Center, we would've seen him get out... But... the only thing that left the Pokemon Center during that time was the Pikachu... This doesn't make sense...” He looked up and saw the two walking back, Anna more overjoyed than before, “Well, at least she found him. She was very clingy when he was missing...”

    “You mean... You comforted her while I was missing?” Kevin had asked as they reached the other trainer.

    “Yeah. She couldn't stop talking about you when you were missing,” The two trainers looked away from each other and blushed, “Now that we've all found each other, you should head to bed.”

    “What about you, Nick?” Anna asked.

    “I've got some thinking to do... The entire situation today was very perplexing, and I need some time to think over the possibilities.”


    After a good night's sleep, both the trainers woke up in their beds at the Pokemon Center, and got ready for the day. The sounds of shouting from outside the window was heard, and this caused a curiosity of the two trainers inside of their room. Looking outside, they watched as a kid in a lab-coat was chasing after a Pikachu with the Pikachu and Growlithe from the day before.

    “Is Nick chasing that Pikachu?” Anna asked.

    “Let him chase it, he's crazy enough to go after it in the first place...” Kevin snorted again.

    “You've been having a negative affinity towards Pikachu lately haven't you?”

    “And it all started because you sent me out of the tent to get one,” Kevin rolled his eyes and turned around.

    “Where are you going?”

    “I'm going to sit outside and laugh at him before getting breakfast.”

    “Kevin, don't...” Anna pleaded as she watched Kevin exit from the room.

    “Having fun professor?” Kevin mocked. He crossed his arms and watched the professor shout at the Pikachu.

    “Dang it! Stop that Pikachu! It's got the Power Core!” Nick shouted.


    Nick stopped running to shout at Kevin from his ignorance, “THAT POWER CORE KEEPS THE CITY RUNNING! IF WE LOSE THAT, THE POKEMON CENTER WILL BE USELESS!” After his session Nick turned to see that the Pikachu had already escaped. “And now... this city is completely out of power until it gets a new Power Core...” He sighed.

    “Sorry, I didn't know,” Kevin apologized.

    “It's not all your fault... No one helped me... It's quite strange though, it's as though the people of this town are afraid of that Pikachu...”

    “Why would people be afraid of a wimpy Pikachu?”

    “Beats me... But that Pikachu isn't exactly weak either. It was able to cause significant damage to a train, and it was able to intelligently stop all electrical functions in this town.”

    “I wonder what makes that Pikachu crazy enough to do such things...” Kevin thought.

    “Speaking of which, may I borrow something of yours?”

    “Like wh--- Ow!” Kevin quickly brought his hands to a spot on his head. The professor trainee had plucked a hair from his head. “What was that for!?”

    “Oh, nothing. Anyways, we need to wait for a while for this town to get a new Power Core. In the mean time, I suggest not going into battles with your Pokemon until then.” Nick warned.


    The day in the town was incredibly slow for the two trainers. There was no electricity, and Anna had elected that she and Kevin stay with Nick to keep a lookout for the Pikachu to stop it. They did learn a little bit about it during the day however. The Pikachu didn't start attack the town until recently. It was just as sudden as it had appeared at the town, that it had started attacking it.

    Sitting outside of the Pokecenter, Nick watched the treeline for any signs of a yellow rat. “Nick?” Anna had stepped outside as well to talk for a bit, “Why are you out here?”

    “I'm keeping a watch for the Pikachu. It tends to come out at night, and that means, if I can catch it, I might be able to get it to show me where it put the first Power Core.”

    “You're ambitious aren't you?” Anna asked.

    “Someone's got to stop this Pikachu... It's a menace... But, even if it is a menace, I want to study it. I mean, it's quite interesting to find a Pikachu that has human-like intelligence, perhaps even on a genius level of humans,” Nick was impressed by even the intelligence that it is expressing now. “But the one thing that perplexes me is why it showed up in the afternoon, and how it got into the Pokemon Center unnoticed. I'm actually starting to think there's two Pikachu.”


    “The second one came out in the afternoon, not to mention attacked humans, while the first one attacks the electrical systems... So I'm starting to think there's a second one.”

    “But the 'second one' didn't come out this afternoon.”

    “That's what worries me...” Nick groaned slightly in his concern about there now being two Pikachu.


    “That sounded like Kevin!” Anna jumped up from her seat and ran to the room that they had bunked in. Instinctively, Anna flicked the light-switch, but no lights had come on. “Kevin, are you alright!? Kevin!” Anna looked around the room to find the beds empty.

    “PIKA!” A small yellow rodent had tackled Anna, which sent her down on the floor, in the hallway. The Pikachu looked at Anna for a bit before running off and escaping.

    “Anna, are you alright?” Nick asked, but before he could receive an answer from Anna, the electric rodent had knocked him over as it ran out of the Pokemon Center. Nick looked back briefly, but instead sped off to check on Anna. “What happened?”

    “I-I-I... I don't know... Kevin disappeared, and the Pikachu was there instead... And...”

    “And what?”

    “That Pikachu looked familiar...”


    To be continued...
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    Seriously,I cannot wait to see CP3..
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    How dull can Anna be?!

    This story is coming together fairly quickly. I'd recommend you slow down a little bit, but it's great other than that.
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    Quote from SecretSolver »

    How dull can Anna be?!

    This story is coming together fairly quickly. I'd recommend you slow down a little bit, but it's great other than that.

    It's meant to be short XP I didn't plan it to be a 500 page masterpiece
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    Chapter 3 (finally)

    As Kevin opened his eyes he saw, not the inside of the Pokemon center, nor the treeline he had seen the night before. Instead he found a Pikachu was backing away from him as it put away some berries or herbs; he couldn't tells what they were. It was indoors, it seemed to be a hollow log or tree, as it had a circular shape and every wall had a wood texture. There were strange objects lighting the inside of it. Most definitely not fire as it would have set the whole place ablaze.

    “You awaken 'Brother Kevin'.”

    “Ah!” Kevin shot up and pushed himself back against the wall, “You're a Pikachu that talks!... And you know my name!” He had no idea what was going on.

    “Ah... You are lucky I found you then... I am your Alpha,” The Pikachu put its paw to its chest as it smiled at its new pack.

    “What are you talking about... AND HOW THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING!?”

    “Calm down, calm down...” The Pikachu sat Kevin back down in the wooden chair. He had been sat in the chair the entire time he was there. “I'm not speaking in human. You can only understand me because I'm speaking in Pikachu... And... You are a Pikachu...”

    “Eh?” If there were a better moment in an anime to give him a question mark above him and a clueless look it would have to be a more trivial time. Kevin looked down at himself and realized that he had yellow fur, and the signature lightning-bolt-shaped tail, “What's going on!?”

    “Calm down!” The Pikachu shouted and forced Kevin back into the chair, “I said I'm going to explain and I will explain.” It walked over to the other side of the room. The only escape. “You are a Were-Pikachu...”

    “A WHAT!?” Kevin jumped back up but was forced back down into his seat.

    “A Were-Pikachu; much like a werewolf, like in those stories, but instead its a Pikachu. I am the one who turned you into a Were-Pikachu, which makes me your alpha.” It looked over at Kevin from its pacing, expecting him to speak up again, “I had hoped you were somewhere in the area a couple of nights ago, and last night you never turned into a Pikachu. The combination of herbs I had used on you were to regain your sanity.”

    “Wh-wh-what are you going to make me do?...” Kevin asked, quite afraid of its orders. Not only did it consider itself his Alpha, it was able to keep him on the wooden chair with minimal effort.

    “I'm not going to have you do anything for now... As you can tell you are still fairly weak...” It looked as if the Pikachu was menacingly walking around him. Waiting for the right moment to attack, and eat him, “I need you to train... And train well... We Were-Pikachu are much stronger than normal Pikachu. As you can tell, you have barely any strength, even a normal Pikachu could take you down with minimal effort.”

    “That's it, I'm telling Anna,” Kevin got up but was forced back down again.

    “Not only will she not believe you when you're a human, she won't even understand you as a Pikachu.”

    “Then...” Kevin remembered a Pikachu stealing the power core earlier, “Give me the Power Core you stole earlier today.”

    “So you were the clueless one, eh?” The Pikachu grinned, “You know nothing about Pokemon, and you know nothing about technology... Anyways, you can have it back.”

    “That easily?” Kevin asked as the Pikachu tossed a seemingly large box in his hands.

    “I only put on the bluff that I hate their electronic gizmos. I just do it to tick off the townsfolk. However you will notice a large inclination to be annoyed by a lot of electric equipment.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You will start noticing a lot of electronics giving you a a buzz in your ears, or giving you that tingly feeling. It will be quite annoying after a while,” It clarified. “Anyways, you should be going... Make sure you meet me tomorrow night Kevin.”

    “But what if me and Anna start moving to the next town tomorrow?” Kevin asked and the Pikachu smirked while looking away from him.

    “Then I will follow you, not next to you per-say, but I will keep an eye on you.”

    “You're not gonna do what I think you're gonna do, are you?”

    “What are you talking about? I don't want my pack to leave my side, what would you say if I made your friend leave your side?”

    “Keep your nose out of that!” Kevin shouted, “Like you said, I should be going, I'll see you tomorrow... Like I have a choice...” Kevin sighed as he left the tree house and headed towards the town.


    A sharp kick awoke Kevin from his sleep. He had found out that the professor trainee had accidentally tripped over him. “There you are, Kevin,” Nick reached his arm down to Kevin's inanimate body. He grabbed his hand and helped Kevin up onto his feet, “Hey, how did you get that?” The trainer bent down to pick up the Power Core, that was stolen the day before, lying next to the spot that Kevin was at. The sun had arisen and it was already late in the morning. ”Good job. You're actually lucky it didn't rain today, or you and the Power Core would've been fried.”

    “Why me?...” Kevin yawned.

    “The rain water would have shorted out the Power Core, and that would've shocked you.”


    “How did you find that anyways?” Nick asked. They both saw the Pikachu run off with it yesterday.

    “I... Uh... Well that is... That I...”

    “Kevin! There you are!” Anna had overheard the two conversing from the other side of the Pokemon Center and came around to spot them. “You had me worried when you disappeared again...”

    “I suppose you two should be leaving then,” Nick announced.

    “What do you mean?”

    “The train with the replacement electrical system is scheduled to reach the town pretty soon. And Kevin found the Power Core, so the town's going to be fine.”

    “What about the Pikachu?” Anna asked.

    “I'll stay back and make sure it doesn't come back. The one that came from the Pokemon Center was here again, but the one that's been attacking the electrical systems didn't come back. I want to make sure neither of them come back. And if they don't I'll head out myself.”

    “You were a big help Nick, even if you couldn't catch that Pikachu,” Anna complimented, Kevin stood silent.

    “Just be safe you two,” Nick warned, “And I hope we meet again sometime.”

    “Goodbye,” The two chanted as they left the town and waved to him.

    “... I still hate him...” He mumbled.

    “Kevin!” Anna quickly and harshly huffed as she slapped the back of his head.


    After the two were a ways away from the city, Anna spoke up, “Kevin... About last night...” Listening to Anna, he turned to face her as she began to explain what was on her mind, “The Pikachu last night... When it ran out of that room, it looked as if it stopped its attack... But it seemed to know who I was and didn't want to attack me and just ran...”

    “Did it look like it was afraid? Like... Well being cornered?...”

    “Well, it is known that Pokemon attack when they're cornered like that... but... It didn't... It just ran. Unlike the first time where it attacked on first sight when it wasn't cornered. It's kinda like how clueless you are.”

    “Hey! I'm not that stupid!” Kevin growled under his breath.

    “Ah, don't worry, I'm not calling you stupid,” Anna smiled briefly, and then turned back towards the road, “I'm just saying that it's a little weird...”

    “Well, there are a lot of things unexplained...”

    “I know... It's so true,” Anna smiled again, “I've always wanted to discover something new, myself. I don't like following everyone's footsteps~” Anna continued to explain how she wanted to make a significant discovery, much like the professor trainee wanted to. She went on to explain how she wanted to make the discovery without the aid of scientists, so she could show that she made the discovery rather than the professionals. “Oh boy, it's getting late already,” Anna pointed out as the sun began to touch the horizon with its golden halo. “We better set up camp before the sun sets. It will be much easier to see.”


    When night fell, and the camp had quieted to a few Kricketots chirping and singing around the two, Kevin walked out of the tent to wait for the Pikachu he had made the deal to meet with last night. Before wandering too far away from camp he had met with a now-familiar voice, “Ah, there you are.”

    Kevin jumped back and slid back into a tree, “Agh, don't sneak up on me like that!”

    “Well sorry, I told you I'd be following you... A Pikachu already, huh?” It asked Kevin looked down to realize that he had been a Pikachu the entire time he was outside of the tent... When did that happen? He didn't feel a thing, nor did he notice a thing. “Now, are we ready to give you some power?”

    “What do you mean?...” Kevin tilted his head in the general animal fashion as he asked his question.

    “You're too weak to carry out any of my orders, so I want you to train on the Pokemon in this area so you become stronger.”

    “Fight? No way...”

    “Either you follow my order to train or...:” The Pikachu crept closer to Anna, who was sleeping near the dead fire in her sleeping bag, “---Or I'll just turn your friend here into a Pikachu. I'm sure she'll do much better than you could do; she knows much more than you do and she seems much stronger than you, she also seems to be able to listen to commands more leniently. You know what, I think I'l---”

    “Stop!” Kevin interjected, “You can make me do what you want, but you're NOT touching her!”

    “Oooo, you love her don't you?” It ridiculed him while making kissing noises and movements.

    “No...” He looked down at the ground, hiding his embarrassment.

    “Good, then lets get you practicing so that you can start following my orders.” The Pikachu commanded before instructing him to begin attacking other Pokemon.


    As the dawn began to creep closer, the two got closer to the camp again, “Uh, you never gave me a name for me to call you.”

    “Don't you dare address me by my real name!” It shouted, “Ahem... Refer to me as your Alpha, and your Alpha only. If you must call me by name, call me Miss or Missus.”

    “W-w-wait a minute... You're a girl!?” Kevin was shocked to discover that the one who had power over him was a girl.

    “Yes, you didn't notice?”

    “I... I'm not too good at figuring out a Pokemon's Gender...”

    “Couldn't you tell by my smell?”


    The Pikachu groaned from the answer, “Fine... Anyways. Meet with me again. You are still extremely fragile, and you will still need plenty of work for a job that I have been planning...”

    “Hey, wait a minute... I just realized... If you're a Were-Pikachu too, will I ever see you as a human?”

    “Maybe,” She toyed with her answer, “But because I am more powerful than you, I can change my form at will. I don't need times of the day to change. Now get to your bed before you change back or you're going to be tired.”

    “I was up all night, why aren't I tired?” Kevin asked, opposing her statement.

    “Trust me, you will want to go to bed before you change back,” She pushed Kevin down with her index finger of her paw, much like she did the first time she met Kevin. She forced him to go back, again giving him no choice.


    To be continued...
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    Chapter 4

    As the sun began to loom high enough to pass above the trees, it shone its light upon the one tent and one sleeping girl in a sleeping bag. Anna woke up first due to the sunlight shining on her first; she then proceeded to make a small breakfast and pack up her things. She soon woke up Kevin and both ate before finishing up the packing before leaving the campsite.

    The nights and days began to wear together due to the sensation of being awake all the time (even when he was not) during the duo's continuing trek to the next city. They may have gotten lost a couple of times but neither were sure if they had or had not. Kevin soon started calling Anna Missus during the day, which confused her. She could not explain the sudden change in name for her, and even through her somewhat strict examinations, never caught anything strange from him since they left.

    During the nights of their treks, he and the Alpha Were-Pikachu trained until he was starting to show signs of peak physical condition. Kevin began to grow fond of the Pikachu's appearance, much like seeing the appearance of humans time and time again. It may have been something he hated, but he learned to ignore it completely. As the Alpha was sure of the proximity of the city he instructed that he were to meet her at a certain store... During the day. It was a strange request considering that he had never met the Alpha during the day, and would most likely be a human at that time.

    “Finally!” Anna heaved a sigh as she saw a sight of civilization. “Rustburo City! The city of technology, the city of development, the city of wonders!” She was certainly happy to see the city, and what made her even more joyous was the fact that she was able to finally be with other people. “Say Kevin, I know you've had to put up with only me for a while, and you started calling me Missus... You can go ahead and do what you want without me today.”
    “Works for me,” Kevin said as the fog from his own gloomy mind lifted.

    “We'll meet at the Pokecenter in town, all right?”

    “Right,” Kevin nodded as he watched Anna bound off to her destinations. He could have sworn she was skipping along in total glee. He reached into his backpack after briefly removing it from his back to get a piece of paper out of one of the pockets. He read and re-read the poorly scribbled down address as he searched the streets of the city for the location to meet 'his Alpha'. He came up to an ice cream parlor. The building didn't look too cheery as it should have been for being a store that served sweets.

    “What are you looking for?” The man at the counter had asked. Kevin shook his head as he realized he had walked inside the store already and sat down in one of the chairs. The man had a round stature, and wore the store's uniform (or as far as he could tell, was a uniform). “Well? What are you looking for?” The man asked again awaiting his answer.

    “Uh...Uh...” Kevin looked back down at the paper again to try and read off the second passage on the note. “I am... Looking for a private room... So I can share my sweet sundae to my friend... Uh...” He looked back up at the man's face, “I can't read this... I wrote it very poorly,” Before looking back up at the man again, he set the note on the counter and slid it towards the man so that he could try to read it.

    “You're really pathetic...” Came a familiar voice in Kevin's ear. He turned around to see a girl poking out of a room. “He's with me. Get over here.” She walked over to the clueless trainer and pulled him forcefully into the room.

    “If this room is meant to be secret, and you could hear me outside... How is that secret.”

    “That's a secret... Now anyways, you're lucky I got here before you did, Kevin, or he would have never let you in.” She held the note up in front of her face to read its contents. “Ugh, if I had known you wrote that poorly as a Pikachu I would have done it myself.”


    “Right, your Alpha,” She was nothing like Kevin had pictured. She was wearing a read headband across her black hair, and wore a combination of black and read shirt and skirt. She lastly had a pair of black boots. A Gothic Were-Pikachu? “Now, it took a lot longer than what I had anticipated to get here, but that extra time helped get you to the shape I wanted to get you in.”

    “You said you wanted me to do something... What would that be?” Was he beginning to take a liking to being a creature of impossible odds? Doing dastardly deeds for his own, or for his Alpha's gain? Was he admiring the girl behind the Pikachu?

    “We're going to be bringing this town to the dark ages...” She smirked. Before he got a chance to ask, she continued, “The major Corporation headed by Mr. Stone has gotten information on were-Pokemon. ---”

    “Wait, there are more than just Were-Pikachu?” Kevin interrupted.

    “Just as many as there are Pokemon. Now, if you'll allow me to continue...” She watched Kevin sit quiet before continuing, “The information they have acquired has been given to them by a captured Were-Pokemon. What we need to do is break that Pokemon out, and to destroy all of Devon Corporation's files on the entire project.”

    “They seemed like a nice corporation...” Kevin mulled.

    “How else do they come up with the technology? They force it from others. Now, in order to do this correctly, we'll need to cut power to the building. With their internal generators, the city won't have an idea what's going on due to the Corporation having nearly an infinite amount of power. They essentially have an entire power plant underneath their building.” Kevin tried to keep up with the plan as she continued rattling off the details. “Now, in order to correctly do this, we will need to cut off the corporation's contact to the city's Pokemon center and we will need to turn off the building's city-used electricity.”

    “What do you want me to do then?” Kevin asked as she explained the first part of her plan.

    “I need you to cut off the contact to the Pokemon Center. Due to the Devon Corporation's system to always be able to contact a Pokemon Center, the next closest Center is miles away, and would take them at least a day for any help to get there. I'll re-route certain systems at the corporation and cut off the city power.”

    “What about after that?” Kevin asked.

    “I'll explain that when we get that far. Meet me at the Devon Corp. Building at night. You'll know how to find me by now.”

    “Right,” Kevin acknowledged and both exited the building and went their separate ways. Kevin scouted the city himself for the rest of the day to find the quickest paths between the buildings and where all the pieces he needed to cause the plan to work.


    “So, how was your day?” Anna asked. She and Kevin had gotten to the Pokemon Center like they had planned, and started to share their days.

    “Mine was fine... I didn't find much to do, but I did what I needed.”

    “Feeling better?” Anna asked, knowing about the numbness Kevin was displaying.


    “Did you challenge the Gym Leader?”

    “Gym Leader?...” He had no clue there was a gym in the town.

    “Kevin! If you're not going to do anything with your Pokemon, why did even decide to go on a journey?” She shouted, upset about his answer.

    “To explore? What's wrong with that?”

    Anna sighed, ”I suppose you're going to be a little grumpy that I'm still better than you and all... If I defeat the gym leader first, would that make you feel better?”

    “I guess, if you're going to make me watch...”

    “Good, then we'll meet the Gym leader tomorrow.” Anna rose the covers to the bed and slid underneath them. “Get some sleep, I'll see you in the morning...” She drifted off, and subconciously forced Kevin to turn off the light.

    After following the silent command to turn off the light, Kevin shrunk into his covers as well and kept beneath them until he was sure that he was a Pikachu. “Good, I can follow with my chore.” Kevin thought and hopped out of bed, “Now to sneak out of the room and...” He heard the door's handle click as he tried to turn it. “Locked? But I never---”

    “Got you, you sneaky Pikachu!” Kevin turned around to see Anna diving towards him. Before she had a chance to wrap her arms around her target, the Pikachu jumped above her and used her head as a springboard to unlock the door in midair. Anna slid the rest of the way into the door, causing a loud bang to echo through the empty halls of the Pokemon Center.

    “Sorry Anna, not today,” Kevin squeaked with his smaller voice and escaped into the Pokemon center's hallways. Making his way to the phone lines, Kevin wondered, “When did she start to suspect, in some way, that the Pikachu was coming from me?” He rushed into the main lobby of the center and got behind the desk. “Lets see...” He looked carefully before picking the right one, “Ah, here we go,” As quietly as he could, he used Thundershock on the wire that was presumably the wire for the corporation's emergency help service.

    After a bit of work to get out of the center, Kevin made his way through the city streets (luckily, undetected) towards the Devon corporation building.

    “Good you're here,” Chimed his Alpha. The voice was like a record to him now. The tone and pitch heard so many times it had become an instant connection.

    “I shorted out the wire. That should keep the corporation from getting help,” Kevin acknowledged.

    “And while no one was around, I switched the door's electrical system to the city's only, and the building is running on it's auxiliary power.”

    “So what's next?”

    “Next, we need to release the other Were-Pokemon, and we need to destroy the computers' files.”

    “How do we do that without raising suspicions?” He asked again, the only way he knew how to delete something on a computer was to destroy it... He wasn't good with computers.

    “Well, releasing the other one should be the easy part, but the computer thing... That will be a little tricky.”

    “Yeah... I know that... I don't know how to use one too well...” Kevin mumbled.

    “Well, luckily our friend does. We cannot destroy the computers in any way, we need to carefully delete only the necessary files. Destroying the entire computer in any way will get them infuriated, not to mention will be quite obvious that they've been infiltrated. While only deleting the correct files will only raise questions by the staff members working on the project.”

    “I get it. Don't destroy the computers, destroy the files... No need to repeat it over and over again...”

    “Care to tell me what's going on?... Kevin?...”


    To be continued...
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    Nice. Gothic Were- Pikachu? lol.

    Credit to Alice Shards for the avatar and userbar

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