Clover (WARNING: Some chapters include violence and blood... ya know, if you don't like that stuff...)

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    So I've been writing this story, and I decided to put it on here. It's about a girl named Clover, and it can be very confusing. So pay attention! This is the prologue.


         While the fathers watched their toddlers, the mothers, all friends since their journeying days, went for a walk together. The nine friends were about to head back when it started pouring. They tried to find their hotel, but got lost. As they were wandering, the youngest, from Unova, saw something in a clearing. They all ran to see what it was. It was an odd looking pokémon egg. The eldest of the friends, from Kanto, picked it up. It started to glow- It was hatching! The pokémon that came out was… not a pokémon at all, but a baby girl. The women were shocked. Intrigued, they decided that the eldest would take care of her for the most part, but would be taken to any gatherings the friends had so she could meet her “siblings”. The rain suddenly stopped when they decided this, and they found the hotel, each going to their respective husband to tell him the news. The children- two boys, aged 4 and 2, and seven girls, aged 2, 1, 3, 8, 4, 9, and 3- were fascinated by the baby. A few months later, they each went to their respective regions. Two went to Johto, two to Unova, three to Fiore, one to Sinnoh, and lastly, the eldest, her son, her husband, and the baby, went to Kanto. Little did they know, they were being watched… 


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    Sounds really interesting! Can't wait to read the rest! ^_^ Isn't Fiore the kingdom in Fairy Tail? I recognize the name. 

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    I don't know, but I know it's the name of the region in the first Pokemon Ranger game. I hope I spelled it right though...

    Anyways, thank's for thinking it's interesting! I want people to be interested, 'cause then I'm not, and that's boring. :pleased:

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    Well, here's Chapter 1! Let the adventure begin!


         “Clover! Get up! Do you want to be late like your brother was?” The exasperated woman sighed. “That’s it! I’m coming up there, and if you’re still asleep… Mew, have mercy on your soul!” She went into her daughter’s room. On the messy bed was a note in green ink. “Mom, I left for the Professor’s. Don’t worry. I’ll be back before lunch with my new pokémon. ~ Clover” “Why must you always make me worry. You’re just like your brother…”


         Hi! I’m Clover. I just turned 10 and today I started my pokémon journey. I’m sad though because I had to lie so much today. First, it was just that I’d be back for lunch in that note I left for mom. But it just got worse.



         “Oh! I didn’t expect you to be here so early.” The Professor was truly expecting her to be late, and Clover knew. It annoyed her. “Please, Professor, stop expecting me to be just like my brother. I am nothing like him. I’m my own person, not a younger, female version of him.” Oak should have expected this. He knew she hated being compared to her brother, who was a great trainer, who had gone so far as to beat the entire Battle Frontier. “In fact, he should be here soon. I have to keep her here a bit longer. Maybe I’ll have her stay for lunch?” he thought.  “Um, Professor? Are you okay?” He had been thinking for a good five minutes. “Oh, yes. I was just thinking.” Clover grunted. “About my brother, who hasn’t been home since he left for Sinnoh about, oh I don’t know, six months, sixteen days, twenty-three minutes, and 54 seconds ago?” Although she didn’t show it, she missed him. “Uh… how about choosing your first pok-“

         “Bulbasaur!” she interrupted. She knew what she wanted for the past few weeks. “Okay… Tracey, can you bring the new Bulbasaur?” Oak shouted out the window. A few minutes later, Tracey Sketchit came in the door, panting. “Got it.” he said, handing Clover the pokeball. She beamed. Uh oh! Clover felt like she was choking. That could only mean one thing. “Pidgey… tree… choking… right… of… back… door…!” She wheezed. She ran to the tree with the Pidgey. Oak and Tracey, with worried glances at each other, ran after her. After Tracey did the Heimlich maneuver on the Pidgey, Clover was able to breathe. “How did you know, Clover?” Tracey inquired. Clover shook her head. “I don’t want to talk about it.” She paused. “Well, got to go! See ya Tracey!” “Wait! Clover! Do you want to stay for lunch?” Tracey shouted after her. But it was too late. She was already out the door.





         Wow. I wish I hadn’t skipped breakfast. Now I’m hungry. Oh Arceus, I wish I had packed something. Come on out Bulbasaur! "Bulba, saur!" Let’s go look for some berries for lunch! “SAUR!” 

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    Chapter 2!

    “Hey, Bulbasaur, do you like sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, or dry berries?” Clover asked her new friend.  “Bulba?” Her pokémon had no idea what she was talking about. “Okay, let’s go find some Oran berries then. They have about every flavor in them!” 



         "Did you like that?"  “Saur! Bulbasaur!” Clover smiled. “Good. Now we have to get to Viridian City.”

    Meanwhile, back at Professor Oak’s Lab…

         Clover’s mom rode up to the lab, out of breath. “My goodness! Why are you in such a hurry Delia?” asked Oak. “Did Clover leave yet?” she asked. “You just missed her. She ran out of here after saving a baby Pidgey’s life.” “Oh dear. I was hoping she’d get to see her brother. Oh well, she’ll probably call once she gets to Viridian City. But I have to get this to her soon!” The Professor asked what it was. “It’s a gift, from her brother, and he wants it to her as soon as possible. He’s so impatient.” “Well, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if we used one of his pokémon to get it to her.” Oak suggested.

         Somewhere on Route 1…

         “Hey, isn’t that the twerp’s younger sister?” asked a man with blue hair. “Well den, if she’s related to da twerp, she ought to have strong pokémon, so let’s grab ‘em!” said one of his companions, a… Meowth? “Hold on Meowth.” said the third companion, a woman with red/pink hair. “Don’t you think we should be careful? We don’t want to get blasted off. Again.”  Meowth then spotted a pokémon flying toward the girl. “Hey! Isn’t dat one of da twerp’s pokémon?”

    Back with Clover…

         “Hey! Bulbasaur! Look! That’s one of my brother’s pokémon. That one’s his Noctowl.  Isn't its special coloring cool? Hey, it’s holding something.” “Noct-tooowll!” It dropped a pokeball into her hands, with a note attached to it. “What’s this?” Hey Clover! I just got back to Pallet Town today. I wish I could’ve given this to you in person, but I hope you like it. It’s got special coloring, like Noctowl. – You know who it’s from.  “I wonder what pokémon it is.” Clover wondered aloud. “COME ON OUT!” Out came a small, toddler-like pokémon, with what seemed like a blue helmet with two horns coming out on top on its head. “Raaaalts!” “OMA!” Clover was probably the happiest trainer in all of Kanto at that moment. “YAY!” Clover was ecstatic. She loved the Ralts evolution line. “Bulbasaur, meet our new teammate, Ralts. Ralts, meet my first pokémon that I just got today, Bulbasaur.” Clover may not have realized it, but she had slipped into a language all pokémon could understand, but no humans did. The threesome left the lunch area and, before they knew it, they had arrived at their destination, all the while being oblivious to the Team Rocket members following close behind.

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    Chapter 3! There's a Song! And sadness!


    “Alright, this is a pretty big place for small pokémon like you, so… RETURN!” Clover said as she whipped out her two pokeballs in a dramatic way. The pokémon laughed as they were pulled into their tiny homes. “Soooo… guess I’ve got to find the Pokémon Center- Hey, its right in front of me!” She laughed quietly to herself as she walked in. “Hello, how may I help you?” asked Nurse Joy pleasantly. “If it’s not too much trouble, may I please rent a room for the night?” “Of course!” replied Joy, “Just sign here.” Clover was dreading this. She decided against lying. She signed, and then Nurse Joy checked it. “Hmmm, Clover Ketchum. Isn’t your brother~” “Yes, my brother got far in the Indigo League, beat the Battle Frontier, and all that other stuff. Can I just have my room key?” Nurse Joy was taken aback. The young girl had seemed so cheerful before, but at the mention of her famous brother, she got nasty.

         After she settled into her room, Clover remembered a promise she had intended to keep. She ran down the stairs to Nurse Joy at the front desk. “May… I… Use… Your… Phone…?” she panted. “Sure.” “Thanks!” Clover went to the video phone, dialing her mother. She was hoping Mr. Mime would pick up, but no such luck, her brother picked up. “Oh! Hey Clover!” “Sigh. Hey Ash.” “So, did you like the pokémon I sent you?” Clover’s mood immediately picked up. “Yeah! Thanks so much! She’s the best gift ever!” Ash laughed. “I’m glad you like it. Anyway, who’d you choose for your starter?” “Well, unlike you, I actually got there on time, so I got first pick. I got a Bulbasaur.” Ash and Clover talked for a while. Ash gave her tips, and she told him a bit about Unova, the place he was heading next.

         “Tell mom, the professor, and Tracey I say hello!”  “Wait,” Ash said, “aren’t you going to talk to them?” “Well, I’ve been on the phone for awhile, and someone else might want to use it. Oh, and I won’t be able to be contacted for awhile, I’ll be heading for Viridian Forest first thing tomorrow.” “Okay then, bye.” Ash signed off. Clover headed up to her room. Clover looked out her window. She saw a mysterious shape, and she knew it was a pokémon, but which one, she wasn’t sure. “Hey, that reminds me of a song Ash taught me when I was about 6!”


    What kind of Pokémon are you? 
    How do you do the things you do? 
    Share with me your secrets deep inside (inside) 
    What kind of Pokémon are you? 
    Are you loyal through and through? 
    Do you have a heart that's true? 
    What kind of Pokémon are you? 

    Take your NORMAL type like Jigglypuff 
    Against the GHOSTLY Gengar the battle's real tough 
    Thunderbolt's a great ELECTRIC attack 
    'Till you get GROUND down by a Marowak 

    what kind of pokémon are you? 
    how do you do the things you do? 

    Don't you BUG me with a Caterpie 
    For a FLYING type the win's easy 
    Good Luck with Muk and POISON gas 
    Make one wrong move and it'll kick your GRASS 

    What kind of Pokémon are you? 
    How do you do the things you do? 
    Share with me your secrets deep inside 
    What kind of Pokémon are you? 
    Are you loyal through and through? 
    Do you have a heart that true? 
    What kind of Pokémon are you? 

    Reach higher with FIRE-go Flareon! 
    Think twice about ICE to be number one 
    WATER's in order if you wanna to be slick 

    Mewtwo's the best bet when you get PSYCHIC 

    what kind of pokémon are you? 
    how do you do the things you do? 

    Hitmonlee's the key for your FIGHTING mood 
    And you can ROCK 'n roll with Geodude 
    Dratini comes first when you choose DRAGON 
    But evolution's the solution if you're gonna win! 

    What kind of Pokémon are you? 
    How do you do the things you do? 
    Share with me your secrets deep inside 
    What kind of Pokémon are you? 
    Are you loyal through and through? 
    Do you have a heart that true? 
    What kind of Pokémon are you? 

    Keep on training so you're stronger and faster 
    Just can't stop 'til your power I master 
    My plan is this. gotta' catch them all 
    Get 'em in my Pokeball 
    What kind of Pokémon are you? 

    Oh, yeah 
    Of Pokémon are you? 


         As Clover sang, she remembered the times she was happy, before she kept being compared to how great her brother was. Before IT happened. Before… Clover started to cry. She missed those days. She wanted to just go back to when it was simpler. When it was just her, her parents, and Ash. Ralts came out trying to comfort her, probably because she was sensitive to feelings, being the emotion pokémon.

         Eventually, Clover cried herself to sleep, letting Ralts, and later Bulbasaur, sleep in the bed with her.

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    Nice so far! I love the song! "Kick your GRASS" xD Made me crack up! And WHOA! Ash is her brother! :O Shocked me for a sec there. ^_^'

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    Yeah, well, if you think finding out Ash being her brother was shocking, then just wait for Jhoto. And, with the song, that's one of my favorite pokemon songs, so of course I had to put it in there. Glad you like it! :pleased:

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    Can't wait! :D

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    Chapter 4! Viridian Forest = Trouble


    Clover woke up with Ralts and Bulbasaur beside her. “Morning, guys.” Clover got dressed, put the pokémon in their pokeballs and ran out the door, dropping the room key at the front desk. “Alright, time to go to Viridian Forest!” she said to no one in particular. “Hello young lady! Would you like me to teach you how to catch pokémon?” asked a random old man. “Umm… no thanks.” Clover replied. The man looked at her in shock. No one had ever turned him down before. “But, but, but…” the man stammered. Clover ran off, not wanting to be stalled any longer.

         “Wow. This place is a lot bigger than I expected.” Clover mumbled to herself. “Caterpie!” “Hey! A Caterpie! Go! Bulbasaur!” “Bulbasaur!” “OK! Use Tackle!” “Saur!” The Caterpie was knocked to the ground. “Pokeball, GO!” The Caterpie was pulled into the pokeball. It shook once. Twice. Three times. The pokeball stopped shaking. “YES!” We caught our first pokémon Bulbasaur!” “Bulba. Saur!” “Return, Bulbasaur!”

         “Why would a relative of the twerp capture a Caterpie?” said the mysterious blue haired man. “I have no idea.” said the Meowth. “Well, that Bulbasaur seems strong, let’s catch that!” said their female companion.

         Clover was walking through the forest, when all of a sudden, she fell into a deep hole. “It seems like some sort of pit trap.” She said aloud.

         “You got dat right! It’s also extra deep, so you can’t get out.” exclaimed the Meowth. Clover frowned. “Aren’t you guys those Team Rocket losers that my brother easily defeats every time you try to steal his Pikachu?” “Hey! We are not losers!” replied the red-head. “We still have to say the motto!” pouted the blue haired man.


    Prepare for trouble.

    And make it double.

    To protect the world from devastation.

    To unite all peoples within our nation

    To denounce the evils of truth and love

    To extend our reach to the stars above



    Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light

    Surrender now or prepare to fight

    Meowth! That’s right!

         “We’ll be taking those pokémon of yours!” stated the red haired woman, Jessie. A grabber hand thing reached down, grabbed her pokeballs, and pulled them up. “DON’T YOU DARE HURT THEM!” Clover screamed. “Ha, ha. We just might!” said Jessie. “Grrrr…” Clover growled. Suddenly, her eyes glowed an eerie blue, and she floated out of the trap. Tentacle-like things stretched of a blue aura that surrounded her, first grabbing the three pokeballs, putting them down safely, and then grabbing Team Rocket, throwing them in the direction of the Unova Region. Her body slowly lowered to the ground, where she immediately passed out.

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    Whoa..she has magic abilities or something like that! Cool...the Team Rocket theme xD Can't remember how long its been since I've heard that. Keep up the good work! ^^

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    Yeah, I like the original motto the best. The others are just weird...

    Again, I'm glad you like it!

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    Chapter 5!


         “Ugh. What happened?” Clover sat up, only to cause a major headache. She lay back down, looking at her surroundings. “Right, I was in Viridian Forest, then Team Rocket came, then I… used some odd powers to stop them? Did I eat a rare candy or something? I must have been hallucinating, ’cause there’s no way that actually happened.” She said this to herself, but doubted what she was saying was true. She knew she used some sort of psychic power, but she didn’t know how. “I know! When I get to Saffron City, I can ask Sabrina!” She stood up, excited, but her happiness soon disappeared as a searing pain shot up her right leg. She crumpled to the ground, whimpering in pain.

         Soon, she heard a buzzing sound. “Oh no!” she exclaimed as the Beedrill swarm came closer. Then she remembered. “Clover to base, Clover to base. Do you read me?” she spoke into the device on her arm with urgency. “Hey Clover, long time no see!” spoke a female voice. “No time to chat Rythimi. There’s a swarm of Beedrill, and I’ve gone and injured myself. I can hold them back a bit, but not for long. I need help.”  “Oh dear! Where are you?” responded Rythmi. “Viridian Forest, in Kanto.” “Okay, we’ll send in back-up.”

         At the Ranger Union, Rythmi alerted the whole building to the situation of a certain Top Ranger. Murph was in a corner eating a taco. Sven was talking with Wendy. Prof. Hastings and Urma were talking in the center of the room, and Keith, Solana, Lunick, Summer, Ben, and Kellyn were just getting new quests from an angry old man who was ranting about a pokémon destroying his garden. Everyone ran to the command room, and Rythmi told them what was happening. Kellyn just happened to have a Chimecho with him, so he was sent to help Clover. He teleported to Viridian Forest, not knowing just what he’d have to do to protect his long-time friend, Clover.

         Back in Viridian Forest, Clover was having her pokémon defend against the incoming Beedrill. “Ralts, use Confusion! Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip! Caterpie, use String Shot!” All of a sudden, all three pokémon began to glow. “Oh my Arceus! You’re evolving!” The three pokémon all shouted out their new names. “Ivysaur! Kirlia! Metapod!” “Great! Hey, Metapod, you learned harden! That’s um… cool?” All of a sudden, they all heard a male voice shout out. “CAPTURE ON!” “Kellyn! Thank Arceus you’re here!” “You knew someone would come, so does it surprise you it was your favorite co-worker?” he joked. Clover just rolled her eyes and said, “I’ll capture this half, you capture that one.”

         After about a half an hour of capturing and releasing the Beedrill, they were exhausted. “So, where’d you find a Kirlia and an Ivysaur in Viridian Forest? Aren’t they kind of rare?” Kellyn asked. Clover then replied sheepishly, “I didn’t, I’m a trainer now, so they’re all mine. Which reminds me…” she trailed off as she returned the tired pokémon to their pokeballs, well, except for Metapod, who was needed. “I think I broke my ankle, so Metapod, use String Shot on my ankle to make a cast.” Metapod did as she was told, and Kellyn was still staring open-mouthed at Clover’s previous statement. “But, why?” he asked. “Why what?” “Why did you become a trainer? Don’t you like being a Ranger?” “Of course I do, it’s just that I’ve wanted to go on this journey for a long time, since before I even thought of becoming a Ranger.” There was an awkward silence. “Let’s make camp for tonight.” suggested Clover. Kellyn nodded, Metapod was returned to its pokeball, and Clover climbed into a tree to sleep, as did Kellyn. 

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    Nice yet again! Love the triple evolution! ;D

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    yeah, I was getting bored writing for Bulbasaur, and I just wanted Ralts to evolve, but then it didn't seem right for Caterpie to not evolve too.

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    Chapter 6!


         Clover woke up and jumped out of the tree she was in. It was early, and Kellyn was still asleep. She decided to take a walk. She grabbed her three pokeballs and her bag, and left a note for her sleepy friend. Just went for a walk. I’ll be back soon. ~Clover Then she headed South. As she limped, she remembered a song her brother had made up soon before going on his journey. Everyone knows that song now. The reason? To her, it felt like it was only yesterday that it happened.


         A young boy with black messy hair and a small girl with blonde hair were in a shop. The girl was being responsible, getting what they needed, while the boy was fooling around and picking up this and that, all the while singing a song. “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was…” As he sang, the little girl, done shopping, was giggling. She had seen this many times, and each time, the same thing happened. She counted down in her head. 3, 2, 1, and… CRASH! The boy had fallen down, but was still singing, even though he was covered in various items. Suddenly, a man in a black suit came up to him. Both children tensed. “Remember, Ash, don’t talk to strangers!” the girl thought into his head. He nodded. Then, the man spoke. “Where did you hear that song?” “Uh… I made it myself.” The boy, Ash, replied. The girl face-palmed. The man asked some questions, and then, as if nothing happened, walked away. “Who was that man?” the little girl asked fearfully. “It’s okay Clover, that guy decided to have my song recorded and said it would be a very popular song by the end of the week!” The girl, Clover, sighed and dragged the happy boy home.

         Clover was jolted out of her memories when she was tapped on the shoulder by none other than Kellyn. “Done with your walk yet?” he asked, in a teasing manner. “I was just about to head back.” she replied. She didn’t like being interrupted. She was limping towards the exit when Kellyn grabbed her and put her on his back, so he was giving her a piggyback ride. “What are you doing?” she asked angrily. “Well, you seemed like you were having trouble, and Pokémon Rangers are supposed to help non-Rangers in need.” he replied in an almost mocking tone. Clover struggled for a bit, but he kept her on his back. Finally, she let him carry her. “When we get to the next town, you’re going straight to a hospital so you can get a proper cast.” Kellyn said as soon as the building that connected towns and routes came into view. Well, for him, because Clover had great eyesight and saw it about three miles back, but didn’t say anything.


         After arriving in Pewter City, and getting a proper cast, the team checked into a Pokémon Center. It was only noon, and they had nothing to do. “Oh! I almost forgot! I have to challenge the gym!” Clover exclaimed. She limped/ran out the door and down the stairs, completely forgetting about the elevator. Kellyn shook his head, smiling and running after her, with her pokeballs in his hands.

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    Chapter 7!



         Clover ran to the gym, tripped, and landed on her bad ankle. She clutched her ankle, resisting the urge to scream a thousand different curses into the sky. Kellyn ran up to her. “Are you okay?” At first, he sounded genuinely worried. Clover was about to smile weakly when he changed his tone. “You’re such a klutz. Why  I even come help you if you can’t even run twelve feet without falling?” he spoke in a mocking tone. She scowled. “I’m fine.” She picked herself up. Then she ran to the gym once more. Kellyn swore at himself. “Why did I say that?” he thought to himself, running after her.

         Clover was angry. Why did he have to be so mean? He always did this when they were on missions, except for the few times they had to be serious, and the even fewer times they had fun with each other, which were some of the most fun days of her life. He always wound up ruining those perfect days. She’d usually talk about it with Wendy, who seemed to understand everything. As she was thinking about her past, she almost passed the Gym.

         She backtracked a bit, and then went in the Gym’s large blue and gray doors. “Hello? Is anybody there? I came to challenge the Gym!” Clover wondered where everyone was. She took a step in. She was nervous, but not about the battle, but she felt someone watching her. “Go! Metapod!” The pokémon looked confused. Hadn’t his master said he wasn’t going to be in this battle unless absolutely necessary? But the battle had not even begun, Metapod noted. He looked to his trainer in confusion. “Metapod, something’s not right, and I want you to ready your String Shot attack, just in case.” She hoped her pokémon wouldn’t be too confused.

         Kellyn, who had no idea where the Gym was and was too proud to ask for help, he heard a shriek. “Ahhh!” He ran to the noise. Above the door he had come to was a huge sign that read- “PEWTER CITY GYM” “Oh no! That might have been Clover!” he said as he shoved the doors open and ran inside. What he saw was a little girl, no more than three and a little boy about the same age. “It’s so dawk and scawy!” the two said in unison. Kellyn thought for a moment, and then remembered his partner pokémon, Pachirisu. Actually, it belonged to Clover, but she had loaned it to him a while back. “Pachirisu, please light up the room with Spark!”  “Pachi!” It replied, lighting up the room. The toddlers clapped their hands in delight. “Billy! Tilly! Where are you?” A young girl who was about 10 came in the room. “There you are! Who’s this?” He said, looking at Kellyn.

         “Are you a challenger?” Kellyn shook his head. “I heard a scream for help, so I came to see what the problem was. It is the duty of a Pokémon Ranger to help others, after all.” “A Pokémon Ranger? There aren’t many of you in the Kanto Region. What are you doing here?” “I came to help a friend, who’s a trainer, who wanted to challenge the gym by the way, and I’ve been looking for her, ‘cause I got lost looking for the Gym…” He trailed off, scratching the back of his head when he got to the last part, ashamed of himself for getting lost. “Well, let’s go find your friend! She’s sure to have found my brother by now. They may already be battling! By the way, my name’s Yolanda.” “I’m Kellyn, nice to meet you.” The then set off through the gym, with Billy and Tilly trailing behind.

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    Chapter 8


         “Hello?” Clover implied. “Is anyone there?” She and Metapod had been walking through the Gym for a while. The lights had come back on about ten minutes ago, but she was still lost. “You think you can beat my Gym with a Metapod? Ha! You don’t have a chance!” said a voice from the top right corner of the room. Clover stayed calm. “I don’t just have a Metapod, you know. “Did it ever occur to you that maybe I have some common sense to come to a Gym with more than one pokémon?” she replied snidely. “Don’t judge a book by its cover, Mr. Gym Leader, or should I say, Forrest?” The leader was shocked. Not many people knew his name if they were not from town. “How do you know my name?” he interrogated. She replied with a smirk, saying “Well I know a guy who knows a guy that you know. In fact you know that guy very well.”

         He was about to reply when he heard his sister shout his name. “FORREST! Where are you! I met the friend of a person who wants to challenge you! Get ready for a battle, ‘cause the challenger’s big brother beat Brock with a type disadvantage, so she might have some skill!” Forest stared questioningly at Clover, raising an eyebrow. “What’s your name, and I want your full name too, not just your first name.” He said this just because he needed to know if she was related to anyone he knew. He was secretly scared, because he didn’t know too many people who could beat his big brother. Clover pondered giving a fake name, because she didn’t particularly like being the sibling of a great Pokémon Trainer. The thing was, she liked lying even less. “My name is Clover Ketchum. Yes, I’m related to Ash Ketchum, but that doesn’t mean that you should treat me like I’m special or anything. I want to be treated like any other challenger.” As she said this, she felt anger growing inside of her. She hated it when people treated her for who her brother was, instead of who she was.

         Kellyn was amazed. He knew she didn’t like when she had to tell her name, considering people would then treat her differently. He and Clover were friends from her first day of Ranger School for this reason. He had the same problem, and he knew it took a lot of courage for her to say it, and he then realized that he hadn’t even told her his family name. Arceus, I’m such a coward, he thought. She’s at least able to say it, while I can’t even write it without fearing what people will say. He, Yolanda, and Billy and Tilly walked into the room. Kellyn told Yolanda in a whisper that the young girl in the room across from Forest was his friend. It was quiet for a moment. “So you knew my name through your brother, who knew my brother?” he asked, in an almost whisper. “Then you know how it feels, to be expected to live up to your older sibling, when you want to just be your own person. I will treat you like any other challenger, because I know how you feel.” Clover breathed a sigh of relief. “Hey, Yolanda, can you referee?” he asked suddenly, breaking the silence. “Sure!” They got to their positions, and Kellyn went to the side, ready to cheer his best friend on.

         Clover returned Metapod to its pokeball. She then pulled out the small bracelet from her bag and put it on her wrist. She tapped the center button on the pokeball that was on her wrist. “Go, Ivysaur!” As she shouted, a red beam shot out of the ball, and the light formed the shape of her first and most trusted pokémon. “Saur!” it cried, as it shook itself of the odd feeling of going in and out of the pokeball. “Go! Rypherior!” Forrest shouted as he threw a pokeball. “You can have the first move, Clover.” he said. “Okay then, Ivysaur, use Razor Leaf!” Quickly spinning leaves were shooting out of the flower bud on the pokémon’s back. “Rypherior, use Protect!”  The leaves bounced off of a multi-colored sphere that had formed around the large pokémon.  “Vine Whip, Ivysaur!” she called to her pokémon. “Ivy!” she said while moving the vines she kept stored in her flower bud. They hit the large pokémon over and over, the Rypherior crying out in pain. “Now use tackle!” Clover shouted to her pokémon. After the attack hit, Rypherior was down for the count. “Rypherior is un able to battle. Ivysaur wins.” Yolanda stated, with worry in her voice. This girl was good, and felt had a good chance of beating Forrest in this battle; it could also possibly damage his self esteem, which he didn’t have much of in the first place.

         The second round didn’t fare much better for Forrest, when his Geodude was taken out quickly with a Giga Drain attack from behind. But then things got took a turn for the worse on Clover’s side of things. Before the Giga Drain, Ivysaur had taken a direct hit from a Rock Blast, but didn’t show any pain. At first. Soon after Geodude was pulled back into the pokeball, Ivysaur fell to the ground, unable to battle. “Oh, dear,” Clover said. “are you okay, Ivysaur?” She let out a weak, “Ivy…” “Return, Ivysaur.” Clover said solemnly. “Ok then! Go! Kirlia!” The pokémon danced around happily at the prospect of a battle. It may not have looked it, but that pokémon could be very vicious if it wanted to be. And now was one of those times. “Ha! You think that dainty little dancer’s ‘gonna beat my Steelix! Fat chance!” Forrest immediately regretted what he said when he saw her eyes practically light on fire, along with the Kirlia. Even Kellyn was scared. Obviously, he had hit a sore spot. Yolanda face-palmed. You and your big mouth did it again Forrest. Way to go.

         “DON’T YOU EVER INSULT MY POKÉMON AGAIN!” Clover screamed. “KIRLIA, USE CONFUSION!” Kirlia let out not a Confusion attack, but a just learned Psychic attack. “KIIRL!” She seemed to be as angry as her Trainer. Well, it was the emotion pokémon, so that was to be expected. The Steelix slammed against the wall. Then it was slammed repeatedly onto the floor. The terrified Steelix was then thrown into the wall, out cold. Yolanda, Forrest, Kellyn, and even Billy and Tilly were staring at the battlefield, shocked. Clover, on the other hand, was glaring at Forrest. Then, Yolanda snapped out of her stupor. “Steelix is unable to battle. Ivysaur and Clover win.” “Kirlia, return. You did great.”

         Clover was still seething after what her opponent had said. She hated people who insulted any kind of pokémon, and if they insulted her pokémon, well, that person should have the common sense to run for his or her life, probably to a place where Clover would never think to go. She stormed out the door. This kid was lucky his brother was friends with hers. Otherwise, he may have to take a permanent visit to the Pokémon Tower. She went to the Pokémon Center to have her pokémon healed. “Wait! Clover, you forgot your badge!” she heard Forrest running after her, but she kept walking. “Come on, Clover, I’m sorry.” She turned around sharply. “Just be grateful I didn’t direct that attack towards you. No one ever insults any pokémon around me, especially my pokémon. Tell Steelix I’m sorry. But that doesn’t mean I forgive you.” She grabbed the badge from his hand and left to the room she had rented the hours before.

         Suddenly, Kellyn appeared behind Forrest. “You’re lucky. You should have seen the guy who insulted this Pachirisu. He was probably in the hospital for a week. Clover would have been arrested if he hadn’t been part of an evil organization, and he also happened to be pointing a gun at her, so she said it was self defense. After getting out of the hospital he was arrested, but he was in a special ward.” After seeing Forrest’s puzzled looks, he said, “Well, he was in a full body cast after what happened, and was also driven insane in fear she would come around the corner and do the same thing again.” “What did she do to him?” “Let’s say Pachirisu had no electricity usage for at least a week, and Clover’s hands and feet hurt for about the same amount of time.” Forrest was absolutely terrified now, and he was pretty sure he had wet his pants. Great.

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    Chapter 9!


         “Don’t worry.” Kellyn reassured the scared Gym Leader. “She wouldn’t do that to you. She would never harm the sibling of a sibling’s friend. I hope…” “What was that last part Kellyn?” “Umm… nothing.” “Well, please tell Clover I am really, really, really sorry. I don’t know why I said that. I usually wind up accidentally being mean to my foes when I’m losing. Also, if you two want, you can come to my place for dinner, even though it’s usually crowded. I have nine siblings and there’s also my mom and dad. I can’t forget about Ludicolo, either.” “I’ll be sure to tell her.” Kellyn responded. “If it makes you feel any better, if her trusted pokémon will believe you, she will too, and I think Pachirisu believes you.” As if to assure Forrest that she thinks he’s sorry, the electric squirrel cheered a happy “Pachi!” and let out a few sparks from its cheeks. “Thanks. See you around!” Forrest said as he walked off into the distance. “If you’re coming, get there by 4:30! My house is three buildings down from the gym, the one with the orange roof and the purple walls!” Kellyn was grateful for directions, because he didn’t want to get lost again.

         Clover heard a knock at her door. “Go away!” she said as she threw a pillow at the door. “Clover, it’s me, Kellyn. Open up!” “No.” “Fine. Pachirisu, use Discharge on the do…”He was cut off as Clover swung the door open with a very angry look on her face. “What do you want?” she said through clenched teeth. “I just wanted to say congratulations on winning your first badge. I also needed to relay a message.” Clover raised an eyebrow in question. “From whom?” she said, fearing she knew already. “From Forrest. He said we could go to his place for dinner, and that he was really, really, really sorry. Pachirisu even acknowledges his sincerity in the apology he presented.” “Pachiri!” Clover smiled. “Okay. I’ll go. Just let me get changed.” Pachirisu jumped on her shoulder. Clover rubbed her behind her left ear, and the pleased pokémon was practically purring with delight.

         At the same time, Forrest was telling his brother he would probably have to make more food for the possible guests. “So, did you get a girlfriend Forrest?” teased the older brother. “No! It’s just ‘gonna be a challenger from earlier and her friend.” “Then why’d you invite her?” the wise Pokémon Doctor was really curious now, not just teasing. “I was really mean to her, Brock, and it cost me the match.” “Really? What happened?” As Forrest was telling Brock the events of the match, Yolanda walked in, and chimed in whenever he forgot a part, and even put in her two cents about the result of Forrest’s insult. The one thing forgotten was the name of the challenger. They both had forgotten to tell their oldest sibling this, and Brock really wanted to know who the mystery challenger was.

         “Clover, are you done yet?” Kellyn asked from the outside of the door for the umpteenth time. “Almost!” was the reply. “She said that ten minutes ago.” He said to himself, exasperated. Just then, the door opened. “I’m ready!” she said. She was wearing a black top with a white undershirt, a kind of short blue skirt, and matching blue boots, with black socks sticking up out of the boots, and a blue scarf. She also had a hat with a blue pokeball on it. She had a small bag on her waist and didn’t wear her usual black fingerless gloves. Basically, she was wearing something very similar to a certain blue-haired Coordinator. “Cool outfit Clover.” Kellyn said. “Thanks! My sister wears this same outfit, but with pink instead of blue. Ugh. I hate pink.” They left on their way to the house of the Pewter Gym Leader.

         Ding-Dong! The bell rang. “Forrest, get the door!” shouted Brock from the kitchen. The door opened to reveal Clover and Kellyn smiling, with Pachirisu on Clover’s shoulder. “Hey! You came! Again, Clover, I am so, so, so, so, so sorry.” “It’s okay Forrest, I forgive you.” Clover said. “Huh?” Forrest responded. “I didn’t think you’d forgive me that easily.” “Well clearly you don’t know me that well.” she responded with a smirk. “Oh, I forgot. Come on in!” Forrest said, obviously relived she didn’t intend to injure him severely.


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    Oh, and, in case you're wondering, Clover looks like an image I attached to this post most of the time (I made it for before her second gym battle, but it's still what she wears.)

    Also, I made the OC trainers in this story on this -

    All credit goes to the person who made that awesome game.

    Also, for those who can't imagine Clover's outfit in this, it's in another attachment.

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