Hilbert's Journey

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    Okay, I like the Black and White 1 male character (Hilbert) than Nate (Black and White 2 male character).

    Just saying. So I decided: Wynaut make a story?  Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!


    Chapter 1: That Snivy Look

    "What are you going to pick, Hilbert?" Bianca whinged. 

    "Be patient, Bianca." Cheren replied. "It's his first Pokemon. Same for us. Choice is important."

    My heart was beating really fast, with Professor Juniper and Mum and my friends in the same room. My forehead was sweating real bad.

    "Well?" Bianca asked. 

    "BIANCA!!!" Cheren shouted. "Shush!"

    "Ugh. Hilbert, just pick your Pokemon!"

    "I'll pick..." My voice dropped, as I reached for a Poke Ball. "...Snivy." It was a historical moment, picking my first Pokemon. 

    "FINALLY! I'll pick this one, and Cheren, you pick that one." Bianca sighed, holding two Poke Balls and throwing one to Cheren. 

    "What..." Cheren's voice trailing off, catching the Poke Ball.

    "Cheren," asked Professor Juniper, "which Pokemon did you get?"

    "Oshawott!" He said after a few seconds. "That must mean..." 

    "That I get TEPIG!" Bianca did a little dance. "YAY!!!" 

    "Oh well." I sat down on my bed. I released Snivy from my Poke Ball. It was a big mistake. 

    "SNIVY!!!" Snivy shouted, trashing my bed. 

    "SNIVY!" I shouted. "Come back!" 

    But it was too late. Not even Mum could grab Snivy. 

    "Snivy!!!" I shouted, running after it. 

    "A wild goose chase." Bianca laughed. 

    Everyone stared at her. "What?" She stopped laughing. 

    "Let's go after Hilbert!" Cheren ran, everyone following him.


    Snivy went through the wild grass. "SNIVY!" Snivy shouted.

    "Snivy!" I shouted. "Wait up!" Snivy kept on running, then climbed a tree.

    "Oh no. Snivy! Get back down!" I demanded. 

    But Snivy didn't move. Not even Hilbert could see the creeping Patrat behind Snivy, ready to tackle.

    Hilbert noticed as he looked closer. "SNIVY! LOOK OUT! BEHIND YOU!" But it was too late. The Patrat jumped before Snivy started moving. Snivy and the Patrat fell down, tackling each other to no end. "SNIVY!!! SNIVY!!!" But it was no use. Snivy kept on tackling, on matter what. Soon both started bumping into trees. Then Pokemon. Then passerby humans. Soon, there was a massive crowd. "GO GO GO!"  They kept on chanting. 

    "Oh no." Soon the entire town, including the professor and Mum and my friends were here. Bianca and Cheren gasped, then they sent out their Pokemon. "Tepig!" "Oshawott!" They both cried out. 

    I turned around. Tepig and Oshawott were sent out of their Poke Balls.

    "TEPIG! Use Flame Charge!" Bianca cried, pointing to the Patrat.

    "OSHAWOTT! Use Razor Shell!" Cheren cried, pointing to the Patrat as well. 

    Snivy looked pretty beat up. Then it used vines to attack Patrat, which was weird. 

    Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig collided into Patrat. "The winner is Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig!" The crowd shouted, like judges. Patrat ran away, and Snivy fainted.

    "S-Snivy?" I stammered, walking slowly to Snivy. I knelt down, picking up Snivy. Snivy opened an eye faintly, then said: "Snivy." It smiled, then stayed at that position. Tepig kept on jumping. Oshawott was look directly at my hands. "SNIVY!" I hugged it, and the crowd said "Aww!" 

    Then the crowd parted. Professor and Mum ran to us, including Cheren and Bianca. "Your Pokemon deserves a good rest." They all said, smiling.

    "I know." I smiled, looking down at Snivy. Snivy gave me that look. That Snivy Look, I thought. I'd never forget that look. 


    "If one can solve the problem with everyone's life, that is the true God's Algorithm."

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    That's a really good start well done, I Like forward to reading more

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    Thanks for the positive feedback! I only post Friday afternoons (I'm in Australia), Saturday and Sunday. :( Anyways, here comes another chapter.

    "If one can solve the problem with everyone's life, that is the true God's Algorithm."

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    Great :+)

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