Matt's Pokemon Adventure

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    "Matt!" called Mrs Twigdon from the kitchen oven, "Come and eat your breakfast, you don't want to be late for your visit to Professor Juniper's lab!" Matt Twigdon rushed downstairs. He sat at the table, waiting for his morning meal. Mrs Twigdon placed a plate of bacon, eggs, beans and toast.

    "Thanks!" Matt said, before stuffing the food into his mouth. He ate his breakfast extremely quickly! "Bye!"


    But before Mrs Twigdon could reply, Matt had already left the house.


    Outside, Matt was already on his way to the Professor's Lab. Suddenly, a boy, about the same age as Matt (13 years old), crashed into him! "Hey!" exclaimed Matt, "What was that for!?" The boy stroaked his head in pain, his hazel eyes staring at Matt,

    "Maybe YOU should look where you're going!" he replied, jumping back up.

    "But YOU were the one you bumped into me!" Matt protested, rage building up.

    "Oh, who cares?" the boy said, "I got to go anyway- I'm getting my first Pokemon today!"

    "Well, so am I!" Matt anounced, trying to sound cool.

    "Really?" the boy replied, "Well, I'll get there first!" and with that, he dashed off.


     Matt arrived at Proffessor Juniper's Lab. "Hello, Matt!" Juniper cheerfully said, "Are you ready!?" She showed Matt three pokemon. One was orange and black, with a piggy nose and a black, curly tail with a shiny red ball on the end. He was bursting with excitment, and jumped up when he saw Matt. "This is a Tepig." said Juniper. Next, there was a funny-looking pokemon, with a white head and blue body carrying a shell. His feet and a tail were indigo, and his black eyes were very cute. "Here is Oshawott." said Juniper. The final pokemon was green, with sharp, brown eyes. Her under belly was a creamy colour, and her tail looked a bit like a leaf. She had two yellow curls growing above her shoulders, representing a collar. She smiled when she saw Matt, but seemed to be focusing on something else. "And last, but not least, Snivy." said Juniper, "So Matt, which one will you choose?" Matt stared at the three pokemon, one highly enthusiastic, one adorable and curious, and one serious but elegent.

    "I'll choose Snivy." anounced Matt, pointing at the Grass Snake Pokemon. Suddenly, the doors burst open, revealing a boy with ginger hair and hazel eyes. He was panting heavily, but his eyes were alert and happy.

    "Terry, its great to see you!" greeted Professor Juniper, "I hope you didn't want Snivy, she's just been picked!" Terry strode over to Juniper and Matt.

    "No sweat, Professor!" he  smiled, "I wanted a Tepig anyway!" he reached over to the little Tepig, before picking him up. "Yep, he's the one!" Tepig lifted his head high, proud to me chosen by this energetic human. Matt reached over to Snivy,

    "And I choose you!" he whispered, picking her up softly.


    After recieving three potions, five pokeballs and a Pokedex off Professor Juniper, Matt took his Snivy outside to train her. "Okay Snivy, please bare with me for a minute!" he said, scanning through the Pokedex to check her moves. "Wow, you know Leaf Blade and Attract! I know what Attract is: where the oppisote gender of the uses falls in love with the user. I wonder what Leaf Blade is..."

    "Maybe you can find out!" inturupted Terry, "You remember me?"

    "Yeah, you almost ran over me, than chose a Tepig at the Professor's Lab!" Matt replied.

    "Whatever, I want to battle you! Me and Tepig have been just icthing to try out his moves!" Matt grinned at Terry's request. "Since I called it, I shall start!" anounced Terry, "Okay Tepig, use Tackle!" Tepig rushed towards Snivy and slamed his weight onto her, before running back to his postion infornt of his master.

    "Okay, our turn!" said Matt, "Snivy, use Leaf Blade!" Snivy jumped up into the air, her tail sharperning in the process. She quickly slashed Tepig as she came down, before jumping back to her own postion infront of her master. Terry was feeling excited now,

    "You ready, Tepig!? Lets use Flame Thrower!" Tepig took a deep breath, before breathing out a burst of flames, hitting Snivy hard.

    "SNIIIIVY!!!" Snivy exclaimed in agoney, crashing to the ground from the blast. But instead of getting up, she stayed on the ground weakly.

    "Yay, we won, Tepig! We won!" yelled Terry jumping up and down. Tepig jumped up too, smoke puffing out of his stubby nose as he shook his head from side to side. "See ya soon for a re-match!" said Terry to Matt when he'd finished his victory dance, returning Tepig into his Pokeball.


    When Terry had left, Matt gloomily looked at his worn-out pokemon. Snivy weakly got up, trying to smile as she looked at her master.

    "Yeah, that's the spirit!" Matt said, stroaking her green head, "Come on, lets get you to a Poke Centre."

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    Nurse Joy returned Snivy's Pokeball to Matt.

    "There you go. All happy and healthy!" she anounced.

    "Thanks!" said Matt, before turning around and summoning his Pokemon, "Come out Snivy!" Snivy leaped out of her Pokeball, her tail swaying from side to side. She looked at her master, smiling. Matt shared her glance, and instantly he knew they had the same desire. "Okay, Snivy," Matt began, "lets get to the closest Gym there is!"

    "There is the Striaton City Gym" Nurse Joy chirped in, "We're in Nuvema Town, so you must head North for Accumula Town, keep going until you reach Striaton City." Matt grinned at her comment,

    "Come on, Snivy," Matt said, "we've got some Striaton City butt to kick!"

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    So, at the minute Matt's Pokemon Team is:


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    Matt and Snivy were almost at Accumula Town when they spotted something small right infront of them. A Pidove was pecking at the ground, his grey feathers shaking in the wind. "Cool, a Pidove!" Matt exclaimed, checking his Pokedex, "What do you say, Snivy, should we try to catch it?" Snivy bowed her head in agreement, before walking infront of her master, ready to attack. "Okay Snivy, use Leaf Blade!" Snivy leaped up, her tail sharperning, and slashed the poor Pidove across his chest, before bounding back infront of her master. The alarmed Pidove became angry-he didn't like to be attacked off-guard! He flew up, his beak sharpening, and flew to Snivy, pecking her when he was close enough, before flying back to his postion. "Pidove is a Flying Type, so Grass Type moves won't work," Matt whispered, "I know-Snivy, use Attract!" he yelled. Snivy jumped up in the air, and summoning all of her beauty and animal magnitisim, before unleashing it at Pidove. Pidove became encirlced in hearts, before falling in love with Snivy. Instead of hitting her back with one of his own attacks, he just goofed around, completly engrossed in Snivy. "Great, now Snivy, use Leaf Blade with all you got!" Snivy obeyed, jumping up, sharpening her tail and slashing Pidove, three times. Then, much to Matt's amazment, she unleashed two vines and whipped Pidove four times. "Wow, what's that move?" Matt exclaimed. He checked his Pokedex; it was Vine Whip! "Okay, well done Snivy, but stop there so I can...CATCH HIM!!!" Matt threw a Pokeball at Pidove, which trapped the weak Pidove. The ball fell to the ground, shaking volently. The shaking soon softened, and the Pokeball shone as the Pidove was caught...

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    So, at the minute Matt's Pokemon Team is:



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    "Welldone," said a voice form out of nowhere. A figure ermerged from the shadows. "Good tatics, imoblizing Pidove by love, before attacking it with everything you've got." She had long black hair and lavender eyes...

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    An Emolga perchered on her left shoulder, and an Empoleon proudly stood by her side. "I'm Pearl," she said, "and who are you?"

    "Matt, now if you excuse me, Snivy and I have to get to the Striaton Gym." Matt replied.

    "I know where that is," Pearl anounced, stroaking her cute Emolga.

    "So do I," Matt said, rolling his eyes.

    "Want me to show you a short cut? After all, you do seem eager to win a Trio Badge."

    "Nope, me and Snivy have got it covered." Matt answered, growing impatient.

    "Okay, see you there..." Pearl replied, before walking off, her Empoleon trailling behind her.

    "Where did you get that Empoleon?" Matt suddenly blurted out, "They're not native to Unova." Pearl spun around and said,

    "Tell you later!" she smiled, before walking off again.

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    Matt continued his journey, Snivy walking by his side.

    "Pearl is really weird..." Matt huffed, petting Snivy. Snivy just looked up, her eyes telling him she understood. Soon they reached a sign saying Accumula Town. "Finaly!" Matt grinned. Snivy didn't need an invitation; she set off straight away. "Where are you going, Snivy?" Matt exclaimed,  knowing something had caught her attention. As she made her way through the town, she quickly turned a corner, and heading down some stairs she was out of Matt's sight... 

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    Snivy smelt the delisious smell of poffins. She carried on until she saw a small brown haired boy feeding a group of Patrat.

    "Hello," the boy said when he saw her, "you want some?" he threw some at the Patrat, before slowly walking to Snivy. He knelt down infront of her, and put a couple of poffins on the ground infront of her. Snivy sniffed at the poffins, before picking one up gingerly. She ate at it, before bending down to get the other one. When she had finished, the boy held out his hand, which a few more poffins were neatly set. Snivy ate them as well. "Wow, you're a hungry little Snivy!" the boy giggled, "Do you have a trainer?" he asked, just as Matt came bounding down the stairs.

    "Yes she has," Matt answered, "I am that trainer!" the boy looked up at Matt,

    "Cool! I'm Kye!" the boy said, quickly getting up.

    "I'm Matt," Matt replied, picking up Snivy, "Bye!"

    "Wait!" Kye interupted, "We are you going?"

    "To the Striaton Gym." Matt answered, before walking off. Snivy, who was in Matt's arms, poked her head over Matt's right shoulder. Kye smiled and waved. Snivy smiled back.

    "Bye, Snivy..." he whispered to himself. As if she had heard him, Snivy waved back...

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    Matt stopped at a Poke Centre.

    "Snivy," he said sternly, "you shouldn't run off. I know it was only a little boy this time, but the world is full of dangers!" he suddenly flinched as he thought to himself, What am I doing? Snivy isn't my kid! Why am I worrying about her safety? Snivy looked down at her feet, ashamed that she had disapointed her master.


    Nurse Joy restored Snivy and Pidove's health as Matt ate a cheese and cucumber sandwich.

    "Here you go Matt," Nurse Joy said as she gave him his pokeballs back. Matt's mouth was full so he just gave her the thumbs up. Snivy let herself out of her pokeball as Matt finished his last mouthfull.

    "Hey, Matt!" a familiar voice said. Pearl sat at the table, her Emolga once again on her shoulder, but Empoleon out of sight.

    "What are you doing here?" grumbled Matt. Snivy shook paws with Emolga, as Matt stared at Pearl.

    "Well I'd told you I would see you later!" she replied matter-of-factly. She let out Empoleon, "So, you want to know about Empoleon?"

    "Fine!" huffed Matt...  

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