The apoclyptic pokemon (does contain death and posssibly blood)

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    Hello I,m Pants98 here to present you with my fanfic. A while ago I made a fanfic called the ditto zombie invasion.(don,t look for it cause it sucks.) I quit at the beginning. Well this is gonna be a do over. Its gonna be a good version with better writing, an improved story, many jokes,  plenty of genres, and the team rocket trio.

    Of course we can,t have a story without an introduction.

    Hoenn airport 2015

    18-year old Wally Davenson left The Hoenn region on an important mission to see what had happened to the other four regions two years ago when all contact was lost with them. He would never forget that day. His friends Ruby and Sapphire were in Unova when it happened. Once arriving he found the remains of a city. Fallen Bright red R,s were scattered around. Wally saw a nearby cyndiquil. He went near it to see if it was hurt and saw that it was held together by purple goo. The cyndiquil jumped at Wally and he ran into a building for safety. "Hello" said a strange voice. Wally who was now very scared turned around and saw a strang man with a suit with a big bright R on it and Blue hair. "So you want to know what happened".

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    this sounds good, lets see where this goes 


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    Quote from muss05 »

    this sounds good, lets see where this goes 

    Thanks, I guess its time for chapter one. Lets just see if the rest is good though.

    Chapter One How it Started

    "Who are you", Wally asked. "I am James of Team Rocket", replied the man.  "What happened here" asked Wally. "Well I,ll tell you. It all started when Team Rocket was trying to clone Mew in this very GoldenRod city. Guarding the room was Jessie Meowth and um... he........ Bond, yes James Bond. James Bond was told to put the  real Mew in the right cylinder. He accidentally put Mew in the left cylinder. The head scientist who hadn't noticed the mistake hit a button to start the cloning process. A perfect clone of Mew was in the right cylinder. However because it was in the wrong cylinder it soon melted into purple goo. James Bond ran to get the boss. One Grunt had decided to look at the strange thing. It latched on to him and soon his whole body was engulfed by purple goo. When the creature jumped off the man everyone was surprised to see that the man was now a zombie held together by purple goo. The boss saw an opportunity and of course he took it." "That was an interesting story James" said Wally. "So after that the thing turned the four regions into zombies?" asked Wally. "Nope" said James "there's more".



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    Ok I now that stinks but please post. Before I was writing it I knew that part would stink. It just needs to be part of the story though. Don,t worry the story gets better in this chapter.

    Chapter 2 the journey begins

    "Don,t you want to know why it didn't spread to Hoenn or Kalos", asked James. "Well I guess so", said Wally. "Good", said James "There are heroes to this story".

    "I can,t wait for tomorrow!", 9-year old Gold said to his mother. "Well I can wait", she said before taking a bite of her cereal. "Oh early birthday gift", she said giving Gold his pokegear. "Yes its finally fixed", Gold said excitedly. The pokegear started ringing. Gold who was happy he got it now and not 2 seconds later answered. "Hello Gold, happy almost tenth birthday", said his cousin Black. "Hi Black, Tomorrow I,ll go on a journey. I can't wait", said Gold "Um... no you have to be fourteen for that", Black replied. "Uh-uh its ten here in Johto", said Gold. "PLAAAAAAAAAASMA" "Uh... I got to go", said Black who was gone in a second.

    The next Morning

    "Yes finally I can get my starter!", Gold ran to Elm,s lab to get a pokemon. "Hello Gold, which poke-" , Elm was unable to continue when Gold  took a random pokeball from the shelf. "I want to be surprised", said Gold. "Well ok Gold", said Elm. Gold started out the door when the ceiling fell on top of Elm.


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