~MSC 2013 -February [Unique Retype] - Entering Phase~

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    !!!Welcome to the MSC!!!


    Quote from Scrafty

    Retype any Pokémon with a type combination that hasn't been used yet as of Gen 5 (e.g. Bug/Dark, Ghost/Fighting, etc...) You may do this by fusing Pokémon parts of the corresponding type(s) or by scratching parts.


    About the MSC:

    The Monthly Spriting Contest is a contest held every month with the first week being entries week and the next week a voting week. The goal of it is to encourage members to sprite and show off their skills every month as well as a way to improve spriting skills. The winner of each month gets to choose the next theme. 


    About MSC Themes:

    Each month the contestants are given a theme to base their sprites on. Themes can vary and must not be too hard or inappropriate. It should also be a proper form of spriting, and do-able. The winner of the last MSC will choose the theme for the next one, and if they don't it will be chosen by me or the community. Themes can be simple such as a fusion, or more specific such as fuse a Pokemon with Dialga. You should be creative with your theme such as Rainbow recolors, and the same theme cannot be chosen twice in a row.


    The Rules of the MSC:

    1. No stealing
    Do not steal other people's sprites and claim them as your own, or your entry will get disqualified.

    2. Follow all forum rules
    This includes spamming, flaming, etc. Do not do these things, or there will be punishments.

    3. Must save in PNG unless stated otherwise 
    (May be broken if theme is to do with animation)
    Unless said, all entries must be PNG or will not be accepted.

    4.Use official sprites
    Do not use any sprites other than official sprites to enter any theme.
    e.g. Using a recolored fusion to enter a recoloring theme

    Specific rules about the MSC Entry Process:

    The thread is solely about helping contestants with entries, and as such these things will not be tolerated:

    1. Nonconstructive and negative criticism (if you truly dislike something about an entry, be polite and helpful)

    2. Comments, questions, or complaints about General MSC stuff

    3. Flaming, trolling, and other uncivil behavior that breaks Forum Rules


    About the MSC Entry Process:

    All you need to do to enter the MSC is to PM me your sprite. This is for secrecy so people will not vote for their favourite person. Please do not post your sprite anywhere and make sure no one knows your sprite. Any sprites posted here will not be counted.


    Entries start on the February 3rd 2013 and end on the February 20th 2013  

    I will try to be as lenient as I can with last minute submissions but only slightly.
    You can enter an old sprite if you think that it is suitable for the contest, but it is thoroughly frowned upon and is recommended that you make a new one. 

    If you have any questions or queries about the MSC, feel free to ask them in the threads. Thank you.


    Good luck to all contestants, and most importantly, have fun!!!

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    So Psychic/Fire would work because it's generation V and that makes Victini not count because of he said prior to gen V. XD


    I've got scriptures in my hands, and I'm not afraid to show it.... I'm Mormon and I know it (I live it, I love it XD)!!!!!

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    Yes, it would.

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    Theme rephrased by Scrafty. Reread it if you want to enter!

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    Still no entries yet? I guess people must be super busy then. Hopefully there will be some entries by next week.

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    Harilax, Normal Fighting type.

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    Quote from GracefulGardevoir »


    Harilax, Normal Fighting type.

    Normal/Fighting has already been used (Meloetta Pirouette Form).

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    Also, you should pm all your entires. :D

    Entry period extended until there are at least two entries.


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