POKeMON: Mixed Platinum Revival Project!

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    After a tragically short-lived run on another forum, I decided to revive one project with so much potential that was tragically cut short. Did I mention it was tragic? Tragic.

    The following is text from the original thread.

    Pokemon Mixed Platinum is a ROM hack of Platinum where every Pokemon has a new type, along with new abilities and moves. That means every Pokemon will also have a new look, and that's where you come in. If you are creative and love spriting, this is the project for you!


    1. Download this folder and open it: http://www.mediafire.com/?ehinhurzoqq49ek
    2. Open PokeDSPicPlatinum.exe (Windows only)
    3. Go to File, select Open narc
    4. Open pl_pokegra.narc
    5. Click the drop-down menu and scroll down to whatever Pokemon you are doing.
    6. When you find the one you want, click Save PNG. Do this for the first Back and first Front sprites. ONLY SAVE THE ONES WITH THE NUMBER (1930) NEXT TO IT. Do not save any with the number (48). This isn't the actual sprite, it's the pallete information.

    If you don't have Photoshop or anything more advanced than MSPaint, read on. For those that do, skip to the next paragraph.
    - Go HERE and download Graphics Gale (Free Edition). Install it and run it.
    - Open the sprites you saved from the previous section.
    - You should see several different windows. The only 2 you need are "Pallete" and the main window. Feel free to close everything else.
    - The Pallete window is important. If you want to have different colors, you MUST change one of the old colors in the palette. Do NOT create a new color. The number of colors you have should NEVER exceed past the 1st row of the Palette window (which has 16, the maximum a Pokemon sprite is allowed).
    - The top right menu has a bunch of tools. The only ones you really need for simple editing are Magnifier, Lasso, Pen, and Flood Fill. They work just like they do in Paint.
    - When you're done, save it as a PNG.

    - When you open up the sprite, you should be in Indexed Color Mode. Do not switch to a different mode.
    - If you want to have different colors, you MUST change one of the old colors in the palette by going to Image > Mode > Color Table, then click on one of the colors and change it. Do NOT create a new color.
    - When you're done, save it as a PNG.
    If you've changed the colors on front sprites, and want the back sprites to have the same colors, you don't need to change each color manually.
    On your front sprite, simply go to Image > Mode > Color Table, click Save and save the palette as a .act. Then go to your backsprite, go back to the Color Table, and click Load and load the .act. Your back sprites will now have the same colors as your front sprites!

    DO NOT USE, CHANGE, OR GET RID OF THE BACKGROUND COLOR. This color will show up as transparent in the game.

    When you're finished, your sprites should be in the following format:

    Back Sprites (both frames)

    Front Sprites (both frames)

    Feel free to ask any questions.


    1. DO NOT scratch or redo the whole sprite. Keep the original pose as much as possible.
    2. DO NOT use more than 15 colors (including black and white) in your sprite. This is VERY important. I suggest only changing the original colors and not to add any new colors.
    3. DO NOT make your sprite bigger than 80 x 80 pixels. Try and make it similar in size to the original sprite.
    4. DO NOT spend too much time on one Pokemon. Retyping shouldn't take that long. For the most part, all you really need to do is recolor the sprite and scratch some minor parts. You can fuse *small* parts from other Pokemon if you want, but it should NOT look like a fusion or a new Pokemon.

    Everyone who contributes and makes it in the game will receive credit. Everyone will also receive a folder of all the edited sprites in the game.

    First Priority

    - The type next to the Pokemon is the type it will become.
    - If a Pokemon doesn't have a new typing beside it, you can choose whatever new type you want. Be creative!
    - Once you post what Pokemon you will do, it will be reserved for you. You can reserve as many as you want, but you have one week to finish all four frames of the Pokemon. If you don't post anything within that week, you lose your reservation and I or someone else can take your spot.
    - I reserve the right to edit any sprite you post before it goes in the game.

    The current list is as follows:

    Turtwig - Fire
    Grotle - Fire
    Torterra - Fire/Ground
    Chimchar - Water
    Monferno - Water/Fighting
    Infernape - Water/Fighting
    Piplup - Grass
    Prinplup - Grass
    Empoleon - Grass/Steel
    Starly -
    Staravia -
    Staraptor -
    Bidoof -
    Bibarel -
    Kricketot -
    Kricketune -
    Shinx -
    Luxio -
    Luxray -
    Abra -
    Kadabra -
    Alakazam -
    Magikarp -
    Gyarados -
    Budew -
    Roselia -
    Roserade -
    Zubat -
    Golbat -
    Crobat -
    Geodude -
    Graveler -
    Golem -
    Onix -
    Steelix -
    Cranidos -
    Rampardos -
    Machop -
    Machoke -
    Machamp -
    Psyduck -
    Golduck -
    Burmy (Grass Form) -
    Wormadam (Grass Form) -
    Mothim -
    Wurmple -
    Silcoon -
    Beautifly -
    Cascoon -
    Dustox -
    Combee -
    Vespiquen -
    Pachirisu -
    Buizel -
    Floatzel -
    Cherubi -
    Shellos - Poison
    Gastrodon - Ground/Poison
    Heracross -
    Aipom -
    Ambipom -
    Drifloon -
    Drifblim -
    Buneary -
    Lopunny -
    Gastly -
    Haunter -
    Gengar -
    Misdreavus -
    Mismagius -
    Murkrow -
    Honckrow -
    Glameow -
    Purugly -
    Goldeen -
    Seaking -
    Barboach -
    Whiscash -
    Chingling -
    Chimecho -
    Stunky -
    Skuntank -
    Meditite -
    Medicham -
    Bronzor -
    Bronzong -
    Ponyta -
    Rapidash -
    Bonsly -
    Sudowoodo -
    Mime Jr. -
    Mr. Mime -
    Happiny -
    Chansey -
    Blissey -
    Cleffa -
    Clefairy -
    Clefable -
    Chatot -
    Pichu -
    Pikachu -
    Raichu -
    Hoothoot -
    Noctowl -
    Spiritomb -
    Gible -
    Gabite -
    Garchomp -
    Munchlax -
    Snorlax -
    Unown -
    Riolu -
    Lucario -
    Hippopotas -
    Hippowdon -
    Azurill -
    Marill -
    Azumarill -
    Skorupi -
    Drapion -
    Croagunk -
    Toxicroak -
    Carnivine -
    Remoraid - Fire
    Octillery - Fire/Ice
    Tentacool -
    Tentacruel -
    Feebas -
    Milotic -
    Mantyke -
    Mantine -
    Sneasel -
    Weavile -
    Uxie -
    Mesprit -
    Azelf -
    Dialga -
    Palkia -
    Rotom - 
    Rotom forms -
    Gligar -
    Gliscor -
    Nosepass - Normal
    Probopass - Normal/Electric
    Ralts -
    Kirlia -
    Gardevoir -
    Gallade -
    Lickitung -
    Lickilicky -
    Eevee -
    Vaporeon -
    Jolteon -
    Flareon -
    Espeon -
    Umbreon -
    Leafeon -
    Glaceon -
    Swablu -
    Altaria -
    Togepi -
    Togetic -
    Togekiss -
    Houndour -
    Houndoom -
    Magnemite -
    Magneton -
    Magnezone -
    Tangela -
    Tangrowth -
    Yanma -
    Yanmega -
    Tropius -
    Rhyhorn -
    Rhydon -
    Rhyperior -
    Duskull -
    Dusknoir -
    Dusknoir -
    Porygon -
    Porygon2 -
    Porygon-Z -
    Scyther -
    Scizor -
    Elekid -
    Electabuzz -
    Electivire -
    Magby -
    Magmar -
    Magmortar -
    Swinub -
    Piloswine -
    Mamoswine -
    Snorunt - Grass - DONE
    Glalie - Grass/Rock - DONE
    Froslass - Grass/Ghost
    Absol -
    Giratina -
    Cresselia -
    Heatran -

    Please note that any sprites in the file that have been changed will need to be remade or altered because I do not have the rights to the original sprites.

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    I would like to do Girafarig as a fighting type. 

    EDIT:Wait, how do you find a specific pokemon? Is it something like pokedex number * 4?

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    As far as I know you sort of have to wing it. I'll let you know if I find an easier method. Also, thanks!

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    I think toxicroak should be a fighting/steel type







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    I will make onix part grass.

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    I cant do it never mind

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