Most annoying boss fight

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    There are a lot of annoying boss fights in the game. I would say koga is most annoying because he is an evasion noob
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    Koga is an annoying gym leader, but i didn't have much trouble with him if i'm honest. I found Lance to be a bit of a pain because i never use anything on my team that can counter dragon type pokemon so he is the most annoying boss fight for me.
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    lance. his gyrados always hyper beam'd me
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    i find lance difficult but not really annoying because i know the reason i can't beat him is because his pokemon are just flat out better than mine. however koga's pokemon are bad but he spams acid armor and minimize so thats why i think he is annoying
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    Koga, just an evasion nusiance.

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    Definitely Koga. His evasion can be a bother.
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    This has been said 100000000000000000 times already. But Koga. Total evasion noob. *Rage*
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    I agree, Koga wins. Evasion is annoying as ****.

    Lorelei's Jynx is still a pain, though.
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    Have to agree with Koga too. That Level 43 Weezing is just annoying.
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    I would have to say Lance
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    I also think the Admin in Rocket Warehouse who is just before the scientist that stole the Sapphire.

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    Id have to say Koga. Stupid minimize...

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    I've never had a problem with Koga. The most annoying boss fight for me is your rival in the elite four. He has pretty good pokemon.


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    Either Cynthia or Argenta

    Cynthia- Her garchomp likes to dig and then swampert is on 4 hp and it goes for dragon rush

    Argenta- When i fought herm her weavile was lv 100 cuz my swampert was lv 100. it likes to night slash and energy ball and then repeats that.

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    For me it was definitely the fight with Blue in Silph Co.

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    Lance, I can't ever recall how much trouble he used to give me when I was bad at the game and used my level 100 Blastoise only, lol.

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    Koga for sure. That evasion screwed me up. He used it so much that almost all my attacks missed. 

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    When I first played Black 2, I didn't have any electric-type Pokemon - For me the annoying battle was a gym battle with Skyla. All her bird Pokemon keep using Roost, kept dragging the battle too long, and when I finally got the health low enough, she had to go the Hyper Potion, it got me frustrated and mad at the same time.

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    obviously its whitney. with her miltank and affection. fuuuuuuuuu

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    Norman definityly it is so hard to beat him and whitney is obviously eay just make sure you have a girl and your good 

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