What Drew you into the world of Pokemon?

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    When I was given my first hand held system a game boy advance with the game pokemon green leaf

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    I have my older brother to thank - back when we were kids we'd always watch the series, go to the movies and collect the cards. The first games we had were the EU releases of Red and Blue on the Game Boy. It's fair to say I've been hooked on Pokemon ever since! :D

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    My brothers led me in to playing Pokemon about 11 years ago. I didn't really care about it before then, but that moment until now is when I became obsessed with it!

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    My older sister, she was way into it and sent me her old games and such. We also liked writing our own Pokemon stories together when she visited. And at night I'd watch the same first season shows over and over. Loved them to bits; still do ^-^

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    I started watching the anime back when nobody even knew what it was. So of course i immediately started saving my allowance and finally bought pokemon blue at a k mart. One of the happiest days of my life

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    I got intrested when I was 8 years old. My first games were Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which I opened Christmas morning. I still love those games.

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    I bought Pokemon Crystal back in 2001 and have always played since then.

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    My best friend at the time insisted I watch the anime and gave me her Gold Version since I had a Gameboy Color. 

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    I found out about Pokemon from a friend who had a gameboy color. He showed me Pokemon red, and I was hooked ever since after that.


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    I was hooked on Pokemon LeafGreen the moment I got it. Pretty soon, I got copies of the original anime dub and started watching. Then I started watching the Battle Frontier episodes on Cartoon Network, got some original cards and have not looked back since then. My card collection is worth around oh say at least $1000 now. Seen every Anime episode that has been dubbed, and still competitive battle on my LeafGreen with friends.

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    i was eight and saw someones piplup card. i instantly fell in love with it and decided to go and buy diamond.

    Best decision of my life.

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    I watched the Anime and started playing it

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    My best friend's brother introduced me to Pokemon when I was 7. .-. Ever since then I got addicted. xD

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    I think it was because of the commercials for pokemon when I was a baby/little kid.

    I have been in love with pokemon for as long as I remember.

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    I was 7 or 8 when I saw the Diamond and Pearl commercial.  Naturally, I was interested and used my reward money to buy Diamond version at Wal-Mart.  I have ~157 hours on that which is much more than my current games.

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    At the age of 5, at the last day of school, a friend of mine brought his GBA to school, and played Pokémon LeafGreen. 

    I was watching him, and he showed me his Pokémon, and his badges, and so on. After that he asked me if I had any

    Pokémon games, but sadly, I didn't have one. He encouraged me to buy Pokémon Emerald (which cost quite some money back then),

    and a GBA! I got both for my birthday, and since then I was sold to the franchise. I'm not that much a fan of the animé, only the first seasons,

    and suprisingly, the last ones too.

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    When I was like 6 (maybe?), I started to watch the anime and I liked it. However, I did not play the games but I did collect the cards and watched the movies. A year later, I thought I was "too cool" for Pokémon and so I gave that up and started to not care for it. When I was 13, I had a friend who played and liked Pokémon and so I became interested in it again and gave it a second chance. It was definitely worth it. So, I picked up a Game Cube and Pokémon XD and I really liked it so I got Emerald for Easter. At that time, Houndoom was my favorite Pokémon (and first level 100) and it was a huge help for my team. As time went by, Houndoom could not find a spot in any of my teams anymore and I grew kind of bored of it being my favorite for 5-6 years (it's still one of my favorite Pokémon) and so I changed it (everyone should know who my current favorite is). Anyways, I'm just rambling now but yeah that's how I got into Pokémon.

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    In fifth grade, a friend of mine had brought a toy Bulbasaur to class, and at the time I had known a bit about Pokemon (at the time, Lapras was my favorite (I only knew about because of the wonderful Let's Player Chuggaaconroy)), and so I got Silver for my birthday. We are distant friends now, but once a while we have a Pokemon battle. 

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    I have been into Pokemon, ever since the beginning when I started watching the anime has a kid. I loved it, and then Blue and Red came out, so I had to get the gameboy color and game. I have been playing ever since. 

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