Whats your favorite team that you have ever had?

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    My favorite team was my Empoleon, Roserade, Mismagius, Lucario, Mesprit and Palkia in my Pokemon Pearl game  

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    I'm sorry to say that this thread does not really fit in this section of the forum, but since you're new, don't sweat it. :D

    However, I think if you post it in the Pokémon General section, it will get a much better reaction and more replies.

    Thanks, and welcome.


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    The introduction forum is for new people to post some things about themselves to help them blend into the community. If you want to post something that's not an introduction topic then that's fine but if you do so please put them into the right forum.

    Moved to Pokemon General.

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    Dragonite, Latios, Latias, Dialga, Palkia, and Reshiram from Pokemon Black for me. :) I was a Dragon fan. XD

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    I like my current team of Snorlax, Haxorus, Charizard, Emboar, Scizor, and Lucario quite a lot, so I'd have to say that's it's my favorite team yet. =)

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    Torterra, Staraptor, Infernape (from Diamond), Alakazam, Gyarados, and Houndoom. They're residing on my Platinum cartridge and I plan on trading them to my White 2. There are tons of better teams, but this is just one of them that is actually legit.


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    Zekrom, Kyurem, Zoroark,Samurott,Latios and Cobalion.

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    platinum: swampert, giratina, rapidash, gallade, empoleon, lucario

    white 2: blastoise, emboar, eelektross, excadrill, braviary, haxorus

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    My favorite team I have used is probably my original Platinum team: Infernape, Staraptor, Roserade, Garchomp, Milotic, and Espeon. Yes I know a lot of nice weakness there, but that's what Infernape is for :). 

    A close second my White 2 Team: Samurott, Lucario, Arcanine, Electevire, Flygon, and Espeon of course. :)

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    Manectric (Chispa), Houndoom (Reaper), Growlithe (Tigre), and Mightyena (Fang).  Got 'em all to level 100 (yes, without evolving my Growlithe).  I loved my puppies <3

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    My favorite team, its always worked for me...... my favorite Pokemon in the same team. I couldn't be happier.

    2 Watchogs (one named Xandra and one named Zaphod), my Liepard (nicknamed Neko), Dewott with an everstone, Mienshao, and Emolga.

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    That is a hard question. Either Swampert, Salamence, Electrivire, Garchomp, Tyranitar, Infernape (pokemon pearl), Serperior, Reshiram, Hydreigon, Landorus, Eelectross, Conkeldurr (pokemon black), or Azumarill, Flygon, Zekrom, Serperior, Arcanine, Lucario (pokemon black2). Sorry it's a lot, but I have a lot of parties to choose from.

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    My team from White 2, Serperior, Lucario, Azumarill, Jolteon, Altaria, and Ninetails, used a lot of my favorite Pokemon, so its probably that. In SoulSilver, I used Meganium, Pidgeot, Furret, Ampharos, Houndoom(traded), and Sandslash(traded), which comes to a close second.

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