Fire Starters and the Chinese Zodiac

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    Some of you may be familiar with the theory (and until recently, fact) that all the fire starter pokemon are based off the Chinese zodiac. Here's the list as it was before Gen VI:

    Charizard: The Dragon

    Typhlosion: The Rat

    Blaziken: The Rooster

    Infernape: The Monkey

    Emboar: The Pig

    So up until that point it was all good.

    Then Fennekin arrived, which is based off the fennec fox. While there is a Chinese zodiac sign known as the Dog, the fox is not truly a dog. Foxes are part of the Vulpes genus, while dogs are part of the Canis genus. In real life, foxes and dogs cannot successfully breed, althought they both belong to the Canidae family. This brings into question whether or not the Chinese Zodiac tradition has been continued.

    So let's backtrack to a previous generation, specifically Generation II. Cyndaquil, Quilava and Typhlosion.

    Cyndaquil and its evolutions are not really based off rats at all. While it does resemble one somewhat, it primarily originated from badgers, wolverines and echidnas, none of which are part of the Chinese zodiac.

    So the question is this: has Game Freak continued its tradition? Was there ever a tradition in the first place?


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    This is an interesting theory. If they are continuing the Chinese Zodiac theme, I wouldn't worry about Fennekin. To many people, foxes are dogs. I mean, these are the same designers who created Poochyena. It's supposed to be a dog Pokémon, specifically a hyena, when hyenas in reality are actually felines.

    I always thought the theme was aggressive animals. Dragons, badgers (?), fighter chickens, monkeys and wild boars will wreck stuff. But it did seem a little vague.


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    Very interesting indeed. However, I don't really think they are basing it off the Chinese Zodiacs, due to Typhlosion and now Delphox not really belonging in the category. It is something to think about though :).

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