Official Marriland T-Shirts: What size do YOU want? Let us know!

Poll: What size of Marriland T-Shirt would you buy?!

Shirts are $20 USD + shipping. Please pick one of these sizes (S - 2XL), or reasons why you don't want one.

What size of Marriland T-Shirt would you buy?! - Single Choice

  • S - Small 24.1%
  • M - Medium 16.9%
  • L - Large 15.7%
  • XL - Extra Large 6%
  • 2XL - Two XL 6%
  • Not buying: No interest in a shirt 10.8%
  • Not buying: Too expensive 15.7%
  • Not buying: Not available in my size 3.6%

This poll has ended as of 7/1/2013 12:00:00 PM

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    So many of you have been asking about the official Marriland T-Shirt after hearing it announced as a contest prize and wondering if you'll be able to get one yourself. Well, the answer is, YES, you can buy a Marriland T-Shirt to help support the site as well as show off how much of a Marriland fan you are!

    Here's a look at that bad boy:

    Sooooo blue-tiful...

    I mean, like, whoa, that's too cool and I can't wait to be sportin' one myself! We're about to put in the first order for these and are trying to get an idea of how many we should keep in stock, so what we want to know from you is whether you're interested in buying one for $20 USD plus shipping (we can ship just about anywhere, too!) and, if you are, what size you want it in!

    Want one but don't want to say what size you need? Haha don't worry, you can just vote in the poll, which won't post publicly what size you need. :) We just need to get an idea of how many of each size to start our order with!

    Be sure to VOTE IN THE POLL when you're logged in, but also feel free to discuss the shirt and all of its awesomeness in the comments here as well.

    Like, seriously, imagine how awesome it would be meeting me at a big Pokémon event or convention or something while wearing a Marriland T-Shirt? That's one surefire way to show how much of a fan you are, haha, and I know I would love to get a picture if that ever happened, because I'll definitely be sportin' mine! :)

    Imagine if we were both wearing Marriland T-Shirts...!

    Anyway, thanks for your feedback, everyone!

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    Wow, I really like that shirt! It would be a great way to show off my Marriland/Pokemon spirit and I could wear it practically anywhere, too. I can't wait to get one, it's pretty darn awesome. :) I wish it could come in different colors, though, even though blue is the color of marill.. :P Anyway, the price is reasonable so I can't wait to put my order in. :D

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    Nice, looks pretty cool, id wear it. I cant wait to see the next shirts and designs if you continue putting them out... I could think of alot of good shirt ideas with some pretty funny marriland/pokemon quotes.

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    I'll admit, the price is just a tiny bit steep, but if it's to support Marriland and "show my Marriland spirit" the price won't deter me from getting it =3

    No worries.
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    The price is a bit high... that's about 2/3 the price of Curse Premium for a year but that won't stop me from getting one. I will have to save up for it though, might take me a while. XD

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    $20 for a shirt isn't that bad. I'd get one but I don't wear those kinds of shirts often.

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    I'm going to go ahead and assume that these shirts are of the standard unisex sizes.  If this is incorrect, please let us know.

    It's a great idea, but would I be able to afford the shipping?  That reminds me - where can you not ship shirts?

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    It's a bit expensive, but I might get it if the price goes down.

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    Heck yeah! This is awesome~! Hopefully you can ship to Australia. :D
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    Quote from Terry_Karzahni »

    Heck yeah! This is awesome~! Hopefully you can ship to Australia. :D

    Yeah, we Aussies need them. How much is $20US in Australian money???

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    That's 21.55AUD with the current exchange rates. Google is a wonderful thing. :P
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    If you made a "big service" or "V-Whheeeeeeel" T-shirt, i would tottaly buy both.

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    I'll buy it if you can ship it over. I wear size L :D

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    What about youth sizes? And I think having the maril with shades would be a good shirt!

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    I would love to have one although I don't have dollars on GBP

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    I probably won't be getting it. I'm saving my bucks up for X, Y, and a website, but if we had the option to have our usernames put on them, I might be interested, but sorry.

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    i really want one but im not rich and never get money


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    Marriland! Genius design on that shirt man! I'll be sure to get me one of those 'bad boys' sometime soon ;D

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    sorry too expensive


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    It's cool how this site has a shirt, big props. Personally i'm not into light/sky blue, doesn't look so good on me :l 

    Navy Blue would be nice and maybe a couple different design options would be cool. Can we make designs and send it in to you, or have a contest for best design, where best one becomes an official Marriland T-shirt?


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