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    Pokemon is one of those things that will stay dear to my heart. When I was 7 years old, it helped me to learn English; I did not know what a lot of the words meant as first (mainly because I didn't care for anything but the cute Bulbasaur I was training), but I have come to realize that reading the words as I played the game has helped me to form proper grammatical statements on top of having richer vocabulary. My stepfather was criticized for not buying me "appropriate" learning games like Reader Rabbit or Math Blaster, but I remember him telling them, "Face it, the kid will learn a lot more playing a game he enjoys. I don't see what's so great about a rabbit teaching words with carrots, and the boy is Asian, math will come naturally." Little did I know he made a stereotypical reference about me at such a young age... I started 1st grade 5 months late, but by the end of the school year, I knew enough English to pass the test required to go into the 2nd grade. If you tell me I can attribute the success to school, I can tell you, "1st grade teachers don't teach kids to use cute monsters to beat the daylights out of other monsters (something fun) by using proper English skills to read, follow instructions and form logical associations between entities (learning stuff). All of this done in a simple game of Pokemon."

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    We all know the story of Pokemon. That journey of a ten year-old boy or girl battling with their Pokemon companions to, hopefully, gain all eight gym badges and defeat the Pokemon League. I was lucky to have turned ten in 2007, for that was the year the 4th generation of Pokemon began.

    Pokemon Diamond... I still have fond memories to this day of how amazing that game was. Ever since I first set eyes on my Piplup, the first ever Pokemon I ever had, I knew I was going to do something incredible in this game. I still have 'POP' the level 71 Empoleon in my PC box in Platinum laying dormant.

    And where do I get started on Platinum? It still remains my most favorite RPG ever created, despite competition from games like Borderlands and World of Warcraft, And I still play it frequently. Not only that, but Platinum holds my most favorite Pokemon that has ever existed... Gallade. Gallade is a monstrosity of a Pokemon. It's typing is great, it's move pool is amazing, and it's design is incredible. I mean, you have to agree, only a Pokemon like Gallade could pull off super awesome sword arms.

    And the 5th generation brought an even bigger roster of Pokemon to the table. Gigalith, Zoroark, Haxorus, Bisharp... Need I name more? I especially love my Pokemon White 2 cartridge. My dream team; Samurott, Lucario, Magnezone, Flygon, Braviary and Weavile, have served me well for the 60 hours I spent working my way to that final battle with Iris, the Pokemon champion. Generation 5 was utterly spectacular.

    If your the sort of 'too long, didn't read' person (Reddit, I'm looking at you!) then let me tell you in short: You haven't lived if you haven't played Pokemon.


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    Alright, so my story.

    I was around 9 and had yet to play any sort of pokemon game. I had watched a few episodes on television but never really got into playing it on a gameboy. Anyways, it was around my birthday when my cousins came to my house. They live in New York so it is quite a ways away form where I live. My eldest cousin, Matt, was and still is my role model. He came to my house bearing a gift. He bought me a gameboy and with it Red and Blue. He taught me how to play. I started out with a Squirtle and trained him like crazy. Blue with Squirtle then led to Red with Charmander. That led to Gold, Silver and then finally crystal. I had started really getting into pokemon.

    The year Ruby and Sapphire came out was a rough one. I was young and should not have experienced what I did. My grandmother died, and with that my Father had started to drink. He didn't just drink in little amounts, he would be gone for days, weeks even. My mother was trying to hold our family together as best she could but was barely hanging on. I was the lowest I had ever been, but again my cousin Matt came through. He gave me is gameboy advance. For christmas that year I had asked for one thing, Pokemon Ruby. I ended up getting it, but my dad had missed that christmas. He then missed my birthday. The one thing that held me together was Pokemon. Everyday of my young life I couldn't count on my father, but I could count on Pokemon. I could rely on Pokemon being there for my to play. I could jump into the world of pokemon and be a new person, who had nothing to worry about. The only thing I had to do was keep my pokemon strong. If they were strong I was strong. That may be what Pokemon has taught me. If you are mentally strong, others around you will be to. My mother was not strong, my Father was not strong, but I was. I learned that the more I focused on making my pokemon tougher, I would be to. I could overcome all challengers. I could beat eveyr gym leader, and maybe beat the elite four. In the real world I could still overcome all challenges no matter how hard it was. I could make my mom strong enough to help my father, to make herself strong again. I could beat the evil champion that was and still is alchoholism. Alchohol is a facotr everyday of my life. There isn't a day where I don't worry, even if it is only for a few mintues, about whether or not my father has fallen off the path, or if he will be home safely. There isn't a dat where I hope my younger brother and younger sister don't have to face the evil that is my fathers diesese. From that christmas where I got Ruby, pokemon has been there to keep me sane. Pokemon has taken the worries in my real life and made them seem smaller. I could be anyone I wanted in pokemon. I have made my family stronger. They are the pokemon and I am the trainer. When I am strong, so are they. As of right now, my father is one year sober, tomorrow. I still wory that he will drink but he takes medicine that helps him. My mother is much stronger. I am much stronger, and I can only thank pokemon for that. Well, I guess I can thank Matt too for bringing it into my life. I never thought a video game could make someone stronger, but then I realized that it isn't a video game to me anymore. It is a lifesaver and a life changer. 

    Ahh, lots of typing, but very much worth it. I am playing Pokemon Ruby right now, and I am dedicating this game to the above story.


    Thanks for reading,


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    Pokemon was a lifesaver for me. When I was about 6 or 7 Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed came out. It did not interest me much at the time. I was in Kindergarten and had absolutely no friends, so life pretty much sucked for me at that moment. Then the summer after Kindergarten, my cousin walked into my life. It was the first I remember seeing him. I remember my GBA and that moment he walked in with LeafGreen. The GBA was a bit glitchy, since my family never has much money for entertainment, as most of it is spent on necessities. I remember the excitement of first putting in that game. There I found my favorite Pokemon ever (Enter Charmander) and immediately beat the game within the year. Then the Nintendo DS was here. That Christmas I begged and begged for it. And I finally got it in the form of the rare PokePark DS (Although I did not know it was of any value at the time) And my second game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. When Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out, I begged again. However I did not get them until the next Christmas. At this point I was in Second or Third grade, and still had no friends. I found a friend in the form of Phillip Lollar. At that time, I was getting some rare Pokemon from his FireRed into my Pearl. We never really communicated much that night, and it was not until 4th Grade that we actually started talking and becoming friends.

    When I was in 5th grade, Pokemon Black and White came out. I had money from my birthday and I bought Pokemon Black. By this point I had 6 games. (As I had persuaded my mom to buy Pokemon Platinum for me.) And a silver Nintendo DS Lite. Some time after that I lost Pokemon LeafGreen, Black, and Platinum. (However I did find Platinum.) I had worked FOREVER on those games and I cried all that week. To this day I have not found either game.

    I did watch the anime a bit but not much. I was into the games more.

    I got my laptop last year and I found Marriland. So here I am.

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    Contest Entry:

    Hey Marilland!

    I am currently 15 years old, in Grade 10 in High School, and amazingly enough, Pokemon has greatly affected me by shaping me as a person, and getting me through rough times. Without Pokemon, life would be much more boring and I would not be the same person I am today.

    I started playing Pokemon when I was 6 years old, in 2004. I remember this because it was the year after Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire came out. At the time, I didn't know what Pokemon was, but I saw some of my friends talking about this video game that they loved. We talked, and as the kid I was, I asked for the Pokemon Ruby for my birthday. Little did I know that I also needed an actual Game Boy, so I also got the new Game Boy Advanced SP! I was ecstatic and I couldn't wait to play it.

    The game was amazing, a work of art, a masterpiece. I played at least 100-200+ hours on the game, and I have done everything you could do in the game, but I was missing a couple Pokemon in my Pokedex. 

    I wanted more. It was like a drug, I was hooked on the Pokemon craze. I later got Pokemon Sapphire, and got another 100-200+ hours on the game. By then, a new Pokemon came out, and I got it instantly. It was Pokemon Fire Red. I heard of the games Red, Blue and Yellow, but I could not find any place that was selling them. With Fire Red, I could finally play through the Kanto region. Another 300 hours later, Leaf Green was bought. This time, I only played it for like 50-120 hours because it was too similar to Fire Red, and I was bored of Pokemon.

    Nintendo was smart. They probably knew that I loved Ruby and Sapphire, so they released Pokemon Emerald. What. An. Amazing. Game. I played that for 300+ hours FOR SURE. I just loved it. Reminded me of the beginner days of Ruby and Sapphire.

    2 years pass, and Pokemon was just a childhood thing. No more of this stupid game...


    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It was like a futuristic game to me. Had 3D models and graphics and everything. Too bad it was for the newest Nintendo DS (Lite). I knew I would have a good time. So for my birthday, I get the the NDS and the game Pokemon Pearl. Beat the game and did everything, in under 200 hours. Even if it was a good game, not my favorite one.

    This game is when I found your YouTube channel and your amazing website. Start using it for everything. Best time ever.

    Again, 2 years pass, Pokemon is gone from my memory again, even though I would sometimes play my other Pokemon games as well. Platinum comes out. I buy it. I play it, I love it a lot more than Pearl and done. There goes another 200+ hours...

    I get the new DSi, get Heart Gold. Play it. You probably know the story by now. I won't explain the same thing 100 times. 

    I later get the DSi XL. Awesome system. Pass up on the 3DS since I do not need it anymore.

    We are now to the present time. I wake up one day, see your channel with Black and White Walkthroughs. I get that strange sensation. I felt that feeling before. I'm looking for my DSi XL everywhere and I find it, but not the charger. NOOOOO! I do not know how else to play the game. I find a good emulator, and start playing. Later, Black and White 2 comes out. Mid-way through my Black play through, I stop, and just start playing White 2. I am at the 5th Gym Leader right now. The ground one. Having problems due to that Excadrill killing my whole team. I'll beat him somehow. :)

    Not only did I learn to READ BETTER with Pokemon, expanding my vocabulary, but whenever my father would yell at me, ground me, or whatever random stuff would happen to me, I had Pokemon brighten up my day.

    I know this post was long. I understand if you do not read it, but I never talked to anyone about this, and I needed someone to talk to, just to vent my feelings and explain my childhood in 5 minutes. Thanks for reading and congratulations for getting this far!

    Alex J.



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    My entry

    When I was in grade 5, platinum was just released and me and my friend were always talking about it on the bus. One day he just started sitting by himself. I wondered what was up so I asked him. He said "Some grade 6 kids are harassing me about the fact that I play pokemon". That got me really mad. You are allowed to play any game you want. It was bothering me that some people were bullying my friend and I hadn't done anything about it. The next day i went up to them and said "leave my friend alone! We have the right to play any game we feel like and you can just shut up about the fact that we play it. Many adults play pokemon too! How would you like it if I said Cod is stupid and for immature little 5 year olds". After that day, I felt really good about myself. I stood up for my friend & the game I loved. My actions were rewarded because I found a shiny Tyrogue while I was using the pokeradar. I accidentally set it to "Y" and I hit it because I thought my bike was on "Y" and the grass rustled. I ran into the grass because "Why not, right!". The pokemon showed up and it was a SHINY TYROGUE!!! My first shiny ever. The Arceus god saw what I did. Even now I still cherish him even as a hitmonchan because it reminds me of my friend as he moved away the following year. 

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    Pokemon has affected my life in many ways, most notably in the past four years through Pokemon and another hobby. It all started in 2008, when I broke my leg- this got me started on the great and obscure hobby of papercraft. For those who don't know, papercraft is making three-dimensional models out of paper from printed templates. But onto the important part.. After a while, I ended up entering a papercraft contest centered specifically around Pokemon. Several people entered, but I ended up winning.

    After that a few of the people that felt a team could be made from a few of the contestants got together (including myself) and started a website around Pokemon and papercraft (shameless self plug here- ). We managed quite well for quite some time, building friendships amongst ourselves (even across continents- United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Italy, Netherlands, Peru, to name a few countries some of us are from) and working together as a team to bring free papercraft to the masses. This went on great and we got along great for the first year, but just before we were about to celebrate a year as a group.... One of our team members passed away. Her online tag was Paperbuff, and she has been and will continue to be missed greatly. Needless to say this shook up the team quite a bit. Slight tensions that existed between a couple of us (myself included) just kind of snapped, and the brilliant team dynamic we once had was broken down to a shadow of what it once was. The original members still get along well enough, but we've added several new people to maintain the pace we used to have when working together at our peak. It's been four years now, and while we're not making the once a week models we once were, we're still managing to get some new models out every so often (including yesterday, actually).

    The friendliness and compassion we started with is still there as well, and we're even exchanging cards for the holidays. It's been a long and rough road overall, and while there are some things I would have changed, the small group of friends getting together to make something much greater than themselves will always stay with me, as will those I've worked with- both on the team, and even some of the fans. A small Pokemon-centric project turned into so much more. Pokemon can bring people together in so many ways. 

    On kind of a final informative note, if anyone is interested in picking up papercraft, just check out the FAQ on the site here to get started:
    Or just put a comment up on the site. We've got hundreds of various Pokemon models, and more in the works, so I'm sure there'll be something to catch your eye if you enjoy artsy stuff. 

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    ah yes, pokemon. A good chunk of my life is dedicated to you. My favorites would have to be gen 2 G/S/C. Which is where my most grand experience began. I had been having trouble on jasmine so I decided to skip her. I ended up fighting team rocket in mahogony town. There I went through the rocket hideout all while listening to the ??? Music station on my radio card.  I finished it up with my faithful Typholison. I then went into pryces gym, where my Typhlosion was my star pokemon. I utterly destroyed the gym with him, but when I walked out something stranged happened. Professor Elm called me saying something about discovering a virus that is harmless. It was called pokerus. Immediately I went to the internet to search for it, but I found very little information on it. I then discovered that my pokemon that had caught it, had become more powerful. I was genuinely happy as I thought I was the only one to have discovered this little virus. Now, though, I've learned that i'm not the only one anymore, but I don't mind. I found it when it was first introduced and I'm glad about that.

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     It all started about 10 years ago. Friend gave me Pokemon Red and i started to play it. It was fun learning about training your own Pokemon; sorta like a pet. I love having pets, so having a full party of Pokemon is quite nice. Since i couldn't have pets in the house anymore, i turned to Pokemon. Red was amazing back then. I did not like screech, whenever i see a wild Onyx or a trainer using one, i immediately turn the sound off. I could not take the horrid sound of it! So time passed and i got myself Pokemon Emerald and then later on Pokemon Fire Red with the adapter. Leaf Green came next then Diamond and Platinum. Heart gold came afterwards and then Black and now White 2. Also i got myself a copy of Pokemon Conquest. Lovely game! Call it crazy but Pokemon made me much nicer. Reading the dialog in the game, treating your Pokemon with kindness and respect. I do that more now with my friends and animals. After 10 years, i still don't know how Pokemon mate. It's like that old Tootsie Pop commercial, "The world will never know."

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    Pokemon its a great game wait no awesome game now im not going to say i started at blue or i was going through a ruff time when i started playing but i am going to tell you its an amazing game 

    now Pokemon affected me in a good way i have a issue of getting board really quick but not with Pokemon it gave me motivation and something to do alone and with friends. i started silver at 5 and ran through the beginning grass till level 20 then my cousin came over and taught me you can go to more towns and catch more Pokemon ... later that day my cousin tricked me out of my starter. but i kept going and kept catching more and leveling really trying to catch them all started collecting cards got gold version watching the shows it became my life and i LOVED IT . so later on they made game boy advanced  and i found out you couldn't trade Pokemon from silver to ruby so my face went from :) to :( in a matter of seconds. but i kept continuing and had a lot of fun so yes Pokemon has affected my life in a very good way 

    what have i learnt from Pokemon i have a whole list but ill keep it short . well i learnt strategy like types and ev training which helped me be organized . i learnt friendship and trust and what it means to be a 10 year old on a journey also how to treat people right ... even though im mean lol . i learnt spelling and math from text on Pokemon and from stats and levels . and i also learnt about life i know im not going to throw a rock at a bird catch it and train it but it taught me everywhere is different and people are to .  so ya im smarter better and school is easy because of Pokemon so thanks Pokemon.

    I don't know if this is the greatest but definitely the one i remember the most so i found marriland around the time black 1 and white 1 came out actually right before. so i was looking for the next Pokemon event and it was the 3 legendary dogs so all week i was begging my sister for a ride to game stop she was always like "ill do it later ". eventually the events stooped so i was angry i couldn't get zoroark but then there was one more event celib . i knew my sister wouldn't take me so i was going to walk to game stop so i set off on my 5 mile journey with a backpack jerky and a ds . so i was a mile from game stop and it started to get dark and i thought they might be closing so i started to cry. then a old man walked up to me and asked me why i was crying and i said " i don't know if ill make it in time for celibi " the old man said " son if you've never ate celery that's sad ". i gave him a dirty look and said" celibi not celery you know from Pokemon  " he said "aren't you a little old to be eating Pokemon " i said" aren't you a little old to be walking the streets alone ". and then i continued to game stop where i got celebi  later that day my cousin broke my ds. but i got a new one actually this dsi in my hand i love it so ... whoops i dropped it can you send me a new 3ds please .

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    My sister and I were big fans of Pokemon when it first came out here in America. I remember vividly the day I heard from some kids at school about the missingno glitch in red/blue, that day I came home from school and tried it out and sure enough my 6th item had been multiplied. I immediately restarted my game, because I had at that point used up my Masterball, and all in game PP ups and Rare Candies. However, I quickly grew bored of how easy the game became, it simply was no longer fun, so I released all my level 100 pokemon and played the way the game intended. As hard as I tried though, I could not convince my sister to play without cheating. A few weeks later my sister "trained " her first Dragonite, by training I mean she used many many Rare Candies on it. She was so disappointed that her new Dragonite could not learn HM Fly. She was prone to little sister fits back then, so to egg her on I told her that the reason it couldn't fly was because it was too fat from eating all of these Rare Candies! She believed me throughout the rest of Generation 1 and 2, It was awesome, not because I was pranking my little sister, but because I was actively manipulating her behavior, because since that time she she has always raised her Pokemon with out glitches or cheats, and has since decided that the only way to play Pokemon is through legitimate means, sans cheats.

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    Chosen Prompt: What is your favorite Pokemon experience?

    I can remember exactly when Pokemon first made the jump from being "a fun game I like to play" into "a near all-consuming facet of my life from which there is no escape," and that was the summer of 2009, when my friend, Steven, first gained a rudimentary understanding of effort values and their function within the game.

    His goal was simple: to create The Ultimate Dragonite. By hatching a Dratini in his Platinum Version and stuffing its poor, newborn face full of as many of each stat-raising vitamin as it could endure, he began training it up with the hope of it becoming an unstoppable, rampaging Pokemon.  Not to be bested, I myself began to chase after The Ultimate Salamence, via the same process.  Of course, once we compared our fully-trained Pokemon to their max possible stats according to Bulbapedia, we were confused and frustrated that they didn't quite meet the mark.

    With some further study, I learned more and more about effort values: where they come from, the max amount a Pokemon can have total and within each stat, what items grant them or increase the number of effort values earned, etc.  On top of that, we learned about natures, how they affect stat distribution, individual values, and how both of these could be controlled via careful, tedious breeding.  To this day, the straight path connecting Route 209 and 210 through Solaceon is seared into my memory like the branding on cattle.  With a party of five eggs -- birthed from an inbred level 1 Pokemon with the right IVs and a Ditto with the right nature holding an Everstone -- and a Magmortar, whose Flame Body ability could not expedite the hatching process quick enough, I rode past the Day-Care Man a number of times that can only be expressed in scientific notation.  Pokemon was no longer simply a game; it was a science.

    Our goals expanded beyond our dragons, to creating entire teams from scratch.  We were too stubborn to use Smogon, and insisted on coming up with our own strategies, combos, movesets, and sharing them with each other and testing our teams against one another.  They may not have been the most effective Pokemon, but they were ours.  The rest of the summer was spent like this.  Sometimes we would develop entirely new teams in secret to battle against each other, just so we could see who came up with the best strategies.  I eventually ended up with an entire PC box full of EV-trained Pokemon, with a few of the same species.

    I had never nicknamed Pokemon in the games before, but that summer really helped me gain an appreciation for the Pokemon I would raise, and truly taught me how to have a sentimental value for what is essentially just data on a game card.  Even after the introduction of Generation V, with a lot of my favorite partners rendered almost laughably ineffective with new Pokemon, moves, abilities, and items, I still keep all of those Pokemon I trained in their own box, just for them.  When you've gone through the effort of breeding, training, and raising a Pokemon of your own, how effective or powerful they are in the current metagame matters less to you than the bonds you've made with your teammates.

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    What got me into Pokemon? It all started a couple years ago....

    I was about seven years old, in first or second grade. It was October 27th, my birthday. One peculiarly shaped package caught my eye. I, with the go-ahead from my parents, grabbed it and started tearing the wrapping paper away like my life depended on it. When I saw what it was, I was curious. It was a box of rectangularly shaped pieces of paper. They had colorful designs depicting imaginary monsters with various appearances. On the top, it said "Pokemon Trading Card Game". I flipped it back over. There was a handwritten note on the back of it. It simply read, "To Quil, from Grandma". I turned around,, and typical of my seven year old self, made a beeline straight for my grandmother. I jumped on her lap and gave her a great biiiiiiig hug. Tears of joy flowed from my eyes as I whispered "Thank you!" over and over again. After my birthday, I played with the cards a bit, however, contrary to my behavior at my party, stashed them in a draw and promptly forgot about them.

    4 years later~

    Now, four years later, I was in fifth grade. My grandma was very sick, in the hospital with a very serious disease. But I knew she would recover. School had started again, and I knew my birthday would roll around before I knew it. One day, however, I was playing in the basement. My dad was at the computer. He turned around, with tears in his eyes. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what. "She's gone," my dad whispered. I started bawling and had to be carried upstairs. I was mad. At everything. I picked up one of the drawers in my dresser and promptly started taking everything out, purposefully making a mess. When I reached the bottom, however, I saw a stack of cards. The first one read, "Tauros". It had a picture of an animal and more text under the picture. As I looked at the card, I vaguely remembered my grandma's name on the back of the box. "Pokemon Trading Card Game", it had read. What was a Pokemon? I asked myself. I remember looking it up on the Internet, and liking what I saw. When my birthday came around, I found a red Nintendo DS Lite, with a brand new Pokemon Diamond version in the cartridge slot. I logged 999 hours on that thing, and played it almost every day. It was my first Pokemon game, and the one that sealed my admiration all these years. I later amassed Emerald, FireRed, Platinum, SoulSilver, Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. All those games were brought on by that one faded "Tauros".

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    Who needs Valentine's Day when you have Brian and Quil at your sides? 8D

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    pokemon I started with pokemon red and i just borrowed it from my cousin but as soon as i started playing it i was HOOKED. pokemon is a part of my life now i have been going after completing the national Dex for a long time before when i was little i didn't know pokemon was a game i just watched new pokemon episodes then as i got older i saw it was a game but back then i didn't even have a ds so now i am one of the only pokemon players where i live so most of the time when I'm trading it is with people from different states if not countries i have two pokemon games now and have seen 540 something pokemon on my pokemon black i just really want a 3ds for my little sis

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     Alright... Pokemon... I would have to say pokemon has been there for me anytime. In hard times, when I didn't know what to do or anything. I mean, my first game was Yellow, I thought it was SO cool how pikachu would say "PIKACHU!" I still have the game and I had just played it recently. I mean, Pokemon wasn't something that we could play, finish and then sell, it was apart of us. I mean, if you ask me to name the first 150 (Not a GenWunner) I could do it in a minute, It's really apart of me.

    I know it only said one, but I'm gonna say 3 or 4 times where I had an awesome experience in any game. It was a sunny Saturday and I just got pokemon yellow, I start it up and my brother came up to me and took it away from me. I asked him why he did it and he gave me his red, I hugged him so hard and started up my games. When I beat yellow, I moved right to red, by that time, Gold and Silver had came out and my adventure started.

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    My favorite pokemon experience...... well as recent as it is it was getting all of the silver symbols in Both Emerald's and Platinum's Battle Frontier.  It was tough but i EV trained 10 Pokemon in my Emerald and it took me days to get all of them good. but finally, i knew i was ready. my best friend Austin with me, i went to the battle dome(My favorite facility in emerald) and i made my way all the way up to Dome Ace Tucker. man was i nervous! I had brought my Sceptile,Milltank,and Hearacross with me. i knew tucker had a Swampert,Salamence, and Charizard and all of those gave me nightmares. i decided to lead with Milltank and bring Sceptile as backup. and man it was a fight! he led with swampert and surfed my milltank and did 25% to her as i went to a max happiness return, it only did about 10%. i was scared to death of an ice beam from it and did not want to bring sceptile into battle but he needed to take out this swampert and so with a hinge of fear i switched into Sceptile...... to see that Swampert used Mirror Coat! YES! i thought as my sceptile took it out with a leaf blade. but then, he sent in the thing i was fearing the most: Charizard. i used rock tomb on him but even though it was Super Duper Effective! it did only a forth. But then a key thing happend:Charizard's Speed fell but his white herb negated it. Charizard going for the Faint, used Overheat for an over kill.Then Sceptile's Attack was not in vain because Charizard's SP.Attack did not go back up from the white herb! Miltank whom i was debating weather she could take a overheat(even though she had thick fat) now i KNEW she could tank the hit and KO Charizard with a few Body Slams. I had won my 1st Frontier Symbol in Emerald! man i felt great! and from there on out the rest fell. The Tower,the Pike,the Palace,the Factory,ect... i had some good times and some LONG 200 turn stall fights between a Milotic and Kingdra. but no defining moment and SEALED Sceptile at my #1 Pokemon slot. it was in Pokemon Platinum VS Tower Tycoon Palmer. to put it short He DESTROYED ALL of his pokemon even when he was at 15 HP Frozen and against All 3 of Plamer's guys! and he still won! so yea the frontier was a literal frontier for my pokemon abilities and helped strengthen me as a trainer in the long run. that is why it is my fondest Pokemon memory :D

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    Pokémon has really inspired my life throughout the past 6 years I have been interested in the series. I received my first Pokémon games for my 7th birthday, January 26th, 2006. The games were Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen for the Gameboy Advance. I was at a Laser Flash for my birthday party that year and I got two copies of FireRed, one from my parents and one from a friend. When I got home that night I went in my room, started up FireRed on my Gameboy Advance SP and played the crap out of the game! I stayed up all night until I beat all eight gym leaders and tried to challenge the Elite Four. I wasn't a very experienced trainer at the time so of course I only had a level 86 Blastoise and a level 3 Pidgey to use Fly on my team. I couldn't beat Lance because I always ran out of PP on my moves. I ended up being caught on my Gameboy that night and had it taken away until the next day. The next day I tried to beat the Elite Four and never could beat it on that save file. My dad came home one night and had brought a cartridge of Pokémon Silver home from a garage sale he had been to. I put the strangely big Gameboy Color cartridge into my Gameboy Advance SP and the first thing I noticed was... the graphics weren't as good as in FireRed and LeafGreen. If it weren't for my Gameboy Advance SP I'd probably not be into the series as the back-lit screen really helped see the game up close. Along with Silver, my dad brought a Gameboy Advance that was there. After starting my adventure on my Gameboy Advance SP I tried the game on the new system and was shocked. I couldn't even see the game on the dark screen! I turned the system off after attempting to play with it for about half an hour and then had to go to bed. For about a year I wasn't into Pokémon very much until Diamond and Pearl came out that is, I got Pearl and my brother got Diamond for Christmas of 2007. I played through Pearl, the same playing style I had been using for a long time, the "starter" team of your starter and an HM slave. As history repeats itself, I got stuck at the Elite Four again, not being able to beat Lucian with his Bronzong. At this time I had not been on the internet very much but I had looked up how to beat the Elite Four on Google and found... Marriland. :) I watched Marriland's Diamond Walkthrough and noticed something different about his style of play... He actually used six Pokémon. I went around catching other Pokémon to use to fight the Elite Four, catching a Shinx, training the Riolu from the egg you receive on Iron Island. I also trained my Starly up to an epic Staraptor. These four Pokémon (not a full team) helped me finally beat the game for the first time. I went on to beat the post-game and then with my new knowledge of how to have a successful Elite Four run went back to FireRed and tried to beat it again, on a new save this time. I had a final team of Charizard, Raichu, Vaporeon, Clefable, Exeggutor, and Fearow. This team was really strong, I almost got every member up to level 100. After playing Diamond and Pearl for a little over a year I got bored of Pokémon and didn't start playing again until around HeartGold and SoulSilver launched. These games were just amazing and after playing the original Silver, really struck me with awe. I loved that you could catch so many legendaries in the game and could do so much! The reintroduction was a real throwback to when I originally played FireRed and LeafGreen but with the new 4th generation Pokémon which was a nice touch. I played HeartGold and SoulSilver... I still play it today to be honest. :) This is the first time in my life where I hadn't taken a break from Pokémon until the next games came out. When Black and White came out I was disappointed to be honest, it felt like Hoenn Pokémon all over again, bad, bad, and more bad. Garbodor, seriously Nintendo? I played through the game the first day I got it with ease. This is the time I took a long break from the series and got interested in Minecraft, I played Minecraft for... about all of 2011 and all of 2012 so far. I stopped all playing of Pokémon as I am in Middle School now and Pokémon is lame to like. I recently got back into the series about a week before Black 2 and White 2 came out. I got both games on launch day and liked the improvements from the 1st game such as Join Avenue. I joined the forums that month in October and here we are now today. :) I can't wait for future Pokémon games and changes in the series and I'll probably follow the game for a very long time. :) 


    P.S. FireRed/LeafGreen re-remakes anybody? Just a thought. :p

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    Wow! Pokemon has been a huge part of my life since I was about six or seven. My brother first got Pokemon Red Version, and I always wanted to play it. I'd been asking my parents for a Gameboy for about a year before they final came through. I recieved my brother's old Red Version when he bought Yellow. Every time he would get a new one, I would get his old one. Then, when Emerald Version came out, I decided that I wasn't going to get a hand-me-down from my brother! I buy it for myself. I was so exciting when I got home, and got to play my very own Pokemon Game! Then , both my brother and I would each buy our own versions of the games that just kept on being released. Then, when Daimond and Pearl Versions came out, I had to get a DS! My parents refused to buy me one, and after about 10 weeks of saving up my allowance, I bought one for myself, along with Pokemon Daimond Version. Next was Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver, Black and White, and finally Black 2 and White 2. They just kept on coming. I found out about Marriland when I was watching a Platinum walkthrough on YouTube a few years back. I though, "Jeez, who makes these? " I read the name of the YouTube name, and saw it: Marriland! I visited the site immidiately, and is now the most visited site on my computer.

    Now, Marriland has surpassed my expectations for about the one hundreth time. He is giving away a bunch of 3DS's! How nice it would be to have a nice, new 3DS! I'm still stuck with my old DS Lite, because I'm saving up for other things these days. The 3DS is somewhere on my list, and it would be really nice if I could take it off. But, there's no telling who will win these things, so, MAY THE BEST WRITER WIN!

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    I'm not really sure where the epic experience began... I wasn't even born when Red and Blue came out, and the first games I recognized were the GBA games, R,S, E, FR, and LG. I was never allowed to play video games as a child, and was sad that I couldn't experience the phenomenon of catching them all. On my 7th birthday, My parents bought me a black Nintendo DS Lite, along with a Diamond Version. This little gift, the one my parents reluctantly bought me, has changed my life to the extreme. I can't even begin to think about my life without Pokemon. When I moved back to Texas, I met a kid who was also into Pokemon, and, days later, we found out we were playmates when we were 2 years old, and after eleven years of separation, Pokemon had brought us back together. We still hang together, as best friends, and every time a new game is released, count down the days until the American release date. One of the best moments was when Black and White came out. Having to pick a team out of completely new Pokemon was a memorable experience, all leading up to today. Pikachu, Cyndaquil, and Snivy, along with 646 other Pokemon, have been there to enlighten me to the outside world, and every day I think to myself, "Who needs to catch them all with a Pokeball? They're all in here,' as I hold my hand to my heart.


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