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Marriland Pokemon Story Contest — Giving away FIVE Nintendo 3DS systems!

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    Pokemon is the very best like nothing ever was. I'm probably not going to win because of this response but I just want say that Pokemon is the greatest game to ever be released bar none.

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    I started playing Pokemon when i was 8, and i have spent a huge portion of my life in game time  (over 1,600 hours) It has changed my life in several ways ranging from my friends to what i do in my free time. It has had such a huge impact on my life that i have made a Pokemon club at my high school, and i have the honorable title of Pokemon Club President. My club focuses on the tv show and games, and if anyone needs help ,aka the pokemon noobs, i am definitely referring them to this site and telling them to quit wasting their life on other things.. Our club has tournaments, and our teacher advising it is even going to get a DS so he can be part of the tournaments! One of my most memorable times is when i first started playing Pokemon (my first game was Pokemon Pearl) i got all the way to the elite four with nothing but my beloved Empoleon named birdy. Well birdy was letting me down while facing cynthia and it ran out of pp. To my great surprise birdy used flail and defeated her garchomp. That was the first time i beat the elite four and my most memorable Pokemon experience. After that my greatest fail/ least memorable moment was when i ran into a mantyke for the first time. I being 8 years old at the time used a masterball on it and ended up catching heatran with a heal ball : l .  Well i hope this is ok !


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    How as Pokemon affected me? It will always hold a special place in my heard. No matter how old it will be, or how dead it could be in the future. It will be there forever, no matter what! Without it I'd probably have a boring child hood.                                                                                                                                                                

    What have I learned from Pokemon... Many things. Most of them having to do with judging. Some of the best Pokemon  are in some of the worst looking Pokemon. I've loved Pokemon, and it's just been a special thing in my life. I've learned many other things. Nothing that majorly affected me sadly :(. 

    My favorite Pokemon experience? Easy. Well, one day I challenged myself to beat Crystal as fast as I can, so I started up my game did the usual adventure, and what not. So after I got all 8 badges in the Johto league, I had a team of 6. I believe they were Typhlosion, Pidgeot, Onix, Haunter, Weezing, and a level 12 Psyduck... When I got to Lance, my PP was low for all my Pokemon  and I had no elixir.  So all my other pokemon besides Typhlosion, and Psyduck, and for some odd reason totally absurd for me. I still had smokescreen. So I sat here, and spammed smokescreen just to attempt to get his accuracy as low as possible. So I wasted about 8 or so turns spamming smokescreen, and then he finally hit me. His last Dragonite had about 2/5, or 1/2 HP left, and I had this level 12 Psyduck left. It knew Confusion, Tackle, and two other moves I really don't remember that well. So, I got really lucky that he didn't hit me, and I killed that final Dragonite of his with that Psyduck. It was my most memorable moment for any of my Pokemon games, and will always be up there.

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    My first handheld game was Pokemon Gold, and I have such fond memories of it... Slowly figuring out the types, their weaknesses and strengths, the joy in finally beating the elite four, the surprise when I realized there was another region for me to explore, and the pure ecstasy at finally getting my Feraligatr to level 100. It was, without a doubt, one of, if not my all time favorite game. I eventually got FireRed and Emerald for my Gameboy Advance SP, and proceeded to play the crap out of those games as well. I occasionally got frustrated when playing through Emerald, due to me:

    a) being too young to understand strategy,

    b) Always choosing Torchic

    c) Only training my starter.

    Needless to say, Tate and Liza mopped the floor with me time and time again. =P

    I also fondly remember getting Pokemon Black and White. While everyone else at my school was done with Pokemon at that point, I was SUPER excited about the new games. I remember how we had to write a couple of magazine articles for English class, and whereas my classmates wrote about fashion if they were girls and sports if they were guys, all of my articles had something to do with Pokemon. I had an article about the upcoming new games, an article about which starter to choose, and an article about the history of Pokemon. Pokemon Black and White definitely solidified my growing love of RPGs.

    People at my school mock me for my continual love of Pokemon, but that doesn't change ANYTHING about my opinion of the games, and that's saying a lot in an era where peer pressure is one of the main reasons why people do things. I've changed how I dress, the way I style my hair, even the way I talk, all because my friends told me that the way I look is "uncool". None of these people have been able to affect the way I view the pokemon games, however.

    I've recently become a fan of Marriland's YouTube channel, and now, the first thing I do when I get home is check if he's posted a new episode, and if he has, grab my DS and play along with him. As a (younger) kid, I used to need a TON of toys to keep me entertained. Now, all I need is a DS, a Pokemon game, and caffeine. Lots and lots of caffeine.

    Although Pokemon has certainly given me enough good memories to last a lifetime, my favorite memory would have to be the surprise when I realized that you can journey to Kanto in Pokemon Gold and Silver. If I could go back in time to relive one moment, that would be it.

    In conclusion, although it may be considered "uncool" or "a kiddie game", nothing will ever destroy my love for Pokemon.

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    affected: When I was about 7 or 8, I sort of had a phobia towards people in general, and animals too. When i started watching Pokémon for the first time, it showed me how great friendship and teamwork could be. now, instead of having a phobia towards people, I am just shy

    learned: When I was about 9-10, I couldn't work well with other people at all. I watched and played more Pokémon and I learned how to work with people in a team and actually try to listen to them instead of just butting in with what I thought should be the answer (even though I was always right)

    favorite moment: I was playing Pokémon Emerald when I was about 10 and I reached Pacifidlog Town, after a while of surfing, and i just wanted something new to do instead of fighting trainers and wild Pokémon all of the time. I talked to everyone in the houses thinking that one of them might have a sidequest for me to do. I decided to leave after talking to one last guy, and he said something about how he hasn't seen Mirage Island today. I was wondering what that was about, and because of that, I came to talk to him every day. He kept saying that he hasn't seen it yet. Eventually, on one school morning, I woke up and turned on my game just to check if the island was there, and he said that he could see it! I was so excited that I just rushed over to it, forgeting the fact that I had to leave for school soon. When I got there i thought that there must be something rare in the grass here that can't be found anywhere else. I looked in the grass and found a Wynaut. I thought that it was understandable that they would put a weak and stupid Pokémon with the cool ones, so i kept searching and couldn't find anything else. After a little while I noticed the berry trees and went to pick them thinking that they must be the coolest berries in the whole game if they were so rare to find. I picked them and looked at what they did. I was starting to get really angry at this island since the berries were just for making Pokéblocks and i never made Pokéblocks in the game before. Eventually I screamed out loud about it because I spent so much time trying to find the stupid island and it just has berries that are useless to me and a Pokémon that i already have because of the old woman at Lavaridge Town who gives you the egg. That is when my parents yelled at me to never scream like that again, and I had to really rush to get ready for school because we were leaving in three minutes and I wasn't ready in the slightest. That is my favorite Pokémon experience that I have ever had because afterward I thought that it was just hilarious and I realized how lucky I was to actually find it, because I asked people at school if they have ever found it and they said that they haven't, even though it was really stupid

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    Pokemon has changed the way I play video games in many ways. My very first experience was watching the Pokemon anime. That made me want to get my very first Pokemon game: Pokemon Sapphire version for the Game Boy Advance. It was my favorite Game Boy Advance game as a kid, and I got a lot of creativity from it. From when I picked my first starter Pokemon, I was addicted to this epic Nintendo franchise. When I captured my first Pokemon, a Ralts, I knew my journey was going off to a great start. I battled all 8 Gym Leaders in Hoenn victoriously without any regrets. Eventually, I triumphed over the Pokemon League, defeated the Champion, and entered the Hall of Fame. I always loved the series For its battles, storyline, and the environment in the regions I adventured through. When I played the DS series of games, they were even better than the Game Boy Advance titles. The Pokemon got even better, and so did the storyline and graphics. When Physical and Special attacks were introduced, it changed my gameplay experience significantly. From using the touch screen to select commands for battle or to heal my Pokemon, to use moves for a Pokemon Contest, or to simply go through my inventory, it was a better interface black the Game Boy Advance titles. Pokemon is just more than a game, it's an adventure waiting to unfold for you. Many gamers play shooters and other games, but Pokemon changed the way I played games altogether by battling other people with my team of great Pokemon and me against countless trainers over the Internet. There's always something to do in Pokemon games, and that makes me enjoy Pokemon even more than you will ever know. 

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    I may not have been with Pokemon since the beginning, but if seven years of it has taught me anything, it's that the depth of the game reaches far into realms that are nigh untouched by another RPG series. I believe it all started for me when I picked up a GBA for the first time.

    The first I played in the series was FireRed. It seems like this game is the best entry game for an open-minded soul; the experience of the 1st generation, while keeping none of the Genwunner prejudice that I feel runs rampant on the internet. I have gone through that game and it's cousin, LeafGreen, an innumerable amount of times since. Though this was my first, there is one game I think that has profoundly influenced my love of the game to a degree that I can't remember life without it. I have already decided that when I go for good, I'm going to be buried with it. That game is my copy of Platinum, now nearing three years old on my current file.

    It's been more than two years that the clock maxed out. It's been more than 1 and a half years I broke the 100 mark of level 100's trained. Today, that mark is over 250. I've seen it through an accidental washing, a breakdown of three DS's, lost once, and found influence. It's seen me through half of high school and my first semester of college. There is no other; if I were to lose this, no other new copy of Platinum could suffice...

    But it hasn't. I've trekked through hail and sleet, of doom, dire and discreet, to type my Pokemon life story now. O, the world! How fickle you've become! I shall cling to my Platinum coated life, be it ugly or no!

    To wax lyrical, of such a game that others may view insignificant... Ah, how they miss. I've dedicated my life to Pokemon, to the extent I've written two books! (One is sort of a portable wiki/how to Pokemon manual while the other is a fanfiction turned novel. Last I remember, the word count was approximately 67,157 words.)

    In fact, the first book I've written out of my wildly implacable love for the series lead me to learn more of the game, to delve even further into the games mechanics... Only two months ago, I brought myself to learn how to read binary so that I may understand, among other things: Why did the maximum IV change from 15 to 31 in Gen III? The answer? In Gen II, IVs were stored as a 4 bit value, which in binary is 0000-1111 (0-15), but Gen III saw the IVs stored as 5 bit values ranging from 00000-11111 (0-31) The remaining two bits in the personality value were ability (Which is how abilities were introduced in Gen III) and whether or not the Pokemon in question hatched from an egg. Slightly changed in Gen IV, when the personality value (Also introduced in Gen III) no longer determined a few things (These were handled by another, equally large binary value.)

    Sadly, I possess little to none battle experience. Where I live, there are few people my age that even play Nintendo, period. It's always shooters, whatever... At least that what it was like for my obligatory Speech class. The last speech I gave was to a small group of about 20 people over why Pokemon wasn't childish. There were surveys we had to make and hand out, and most of those who replied said that they either dropped it after Red/Blue or have never played it at all! I did get a 92% on that speech though, so why should I even complain?

    I would like someday to go places with this knowledge. Maybe learn Japanese, learn how to code, write in computer language... It's all possible! I haven't chosen a major yet, but maybe, just maybe, my already precariously perched sanity can bring me to work Nintendo, even help design the next game someday...


    ~Genius is insanity with a reason~

    I write book-length fanfics; find some of my work here (The Trapped One) and here (The Lost One) on-site!

    I also have my own art shop! Check it out, I take requests with a variety of options!

    Please support Project-Lunarity on DeviantArt! We focus on Rarity and Luna!

    Formerly QwixTheTrappedOne. Now with 82% more shortness. Batteries may or may not be included and/or busy exploding. Dial 987-654-3210 for help desk.

    ...No one ever seems to spell my username right.


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    How Pokemon Affected Me: I played Pokemon my life(I'm playing it right now) I first started when I was 5. First game was Red(I have it in my case now in a special box)
    I was so engrossed in it that I played hours on end. I had competions with my neighborhood friends everyday, Gen II rolled in I cas it was my favorite,so many fun times happen in those game.
    Gen III was my second best, Torchic is in the top ten of my fav pokemons. I also remeber Gen III was the genration my friends got involed in pokemon. We played in the field next to my house imganining we were pokemon
    I would pick Blaziken and use Brick Break everytime my friend tried to use Protect, I would make funny noise "HAAH!" "BOOM!" Pokemon maade me into the man I am today.

    What did I learn from Pokemon: The real question is what didn't I learn form Pokemon. One of the Most greatest lesson is teamwork( Sum of all us is greater then all our parts- Maya Angelou) No matter how hard the gym battle or Champion got I had a team to support eachother and me. No challenge was to hard my team, this later help me be a better basketball player and Lead my team to the regionals
    Everytime before a game I tell my team it takes a team to beat a team. the same goes for pokemon too, another of life greatest lesson I learn is to be more outgoing no matter who you talk to you will always learns something new from somebody new. I was shy as a child,playing pokemon allowed me to become outgoing by talking to the townspeople to learn something for my Quest, I started to make friends
    with all sorts of people and learn more about the world around me.

    What is my Favorite Pokemon Experience: NOw thats a hard one, but one the come to mind is my first shiny caught in Gen II( SIlver) not the red Gyarados but a shiny Larvitar in Mt.SIlver what made it memorable is that when I first saw it was like Yeah I'm bout to get a Tyranitar I did not even notice it was shiny till i got it was so happe
    I almost went crazy from laughing( so true) this was my first shiny and pseudo legendary I was so lucky only problem was not able to transfor it Gen III man was I pissed.

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    Pokemon. Wow its been a long time, i remember getting my pikachu GBA for Christmas with FireRed and LeafGreen and being the happiest little kid on the planet. pokemon affected my childhood in a great way since ive been growing up with just my mom, it was always a happy place to go to when i felt sad. I met some of my closest friends through this game as well, i remember being terrified to go to kindergarten then i saw two little kids hiding behind their parents with GBA's and we had an instant connection. Even now almost being freshman in High school We still play pokemon and watch the anime every week for almost 10 years. The anime changed my life showing me that no matter how hard the challenge gets you can always try your best, if you win it shows the hard work payed off and even if you lost you and your partner still did an amazing job and worked very hard and don't let anyone put you down.Pokemon also affected me by showing me i wasnt the only extremely hungry kid all the time. Next up, What i learned from pokemon is that patience is key especially when looking for a specific pokemon or shiny or even trying to catch a pokemon. Another thing it taught me was to always look where you least expect, for those times when I couldn't find team rocket's key. To Wrap up some of my favorite pokemon experiences, to start episode 656 (ash vs paul) (infernape vs electevire) ash's infernape wrecked $#$# up with flare blitz i was so amazed and i was actually happy ash won for once. My last favorite moment in the pokemon games was when i got my dialga and palkia ds with pokemon diamond with it, i loved that game so much i had over 500 hours play time on it before i lost it a few months ago but it was the happiest period of my poke career. all i can say is... thanks


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    Well Pokemon really has'nt affected me use to watch as a kid on Saturday mornings lol.  But i sure do like WOwkemon if that counts for something lol.

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    I was going write a touching story about how a virtual Jigglypuff saved my life; but then i read the other posts and knew i'd be wasting my efforts. Compared to what they've written my pink narcoleptic fluff ball is nothing. However, something that is something, is the encounter with my first Pokemon game; Ruby. I had never played a Pokemon game in my life, and was excited to start with this. I had paid a fair sum of money to achieve it. I began with a Torchic, and started playing. At the time, i had no idea what i was doing; only that i was to "kill" other wild Pokemon that opposed me. The hardest thing for me in the game, was attempting to reach route 102 (the second route encountered.) I had thought that after i got my Pokemon, that the rest of the game was to simply keep battling wild Zigzagoons. It wasn't until i evolved my starter that i knew there had to be more to the game. I hopped online and found out there was a much larger world than the two towns i had been in already. This was exciting. Soon enough i was out collecting gym badges and defeating actual trainers. It had changed me in such a way, to that i knew other games had to have something more in them. And sure enough i was right. I revisited old mario games and discovered there were 8 worlds, not 1. In Zelda: Ocarina of Time, there was a 2nd level under the oak tree. Games that i had, suddenly seemed a whole lot better, and it inspired me to keep on playing (To be fair, i was around 6 years old). It came to a point where i was spending 24 hours a day destroying Zubats. At that point i realised i should take a break. However, i never stopped playing. To this day i'm still cursing at those **** Zubats and training up my team.

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    I used to watch pokemon before going to school, entered into their "name that pokemon" contest, and collected pokemon cards when it first came out. My parents at the time could not afford to get me the game so I used to watch the kids in my neighborhood play pokemon red/blue everyday after school. I was very mischievous at the time. Often, I would lie to the younger kids that I had beaten the game in order to play the game for them instead. I told them I know where to catch a surfing pikachu, even though at the time I had no idea what I was doing. Even when the trading cards came out, I used to lure younger kids with these tricks to get their extra pokemon cards. I still have my collection of these cards in a folder under my bed. Finally, after pokemon yellow came out, I was eventually given a gameboy color packet that included the yellow version for Christmas. It was a present from the manager of the apartment complex I was living in at the time for assisting him with daily chores and maintenance work around the place. From then on, I have played every version of pokemon that came out from red/blue to black 2/white 2. I was 8 then and now I'm 23. I still love and enjoy playing pokemon whenever I get a chance. It was my favorite childhood game and will forever be.

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           Pokemon versions Red and Blue came out three months after my birthday.  I did not know about or play Pokemon until I was at least 5.  When I finally was able to play Pokemon it was my oldest brother's Red version.  At first I had no clue what I was doing.  I just walked around talking to people and whenever I got into a battle my brother took over saying, "It's way too hard and you can't even read!".  Anyway after I finally learned to read pretty good I got a brand spankin' new red Game Boy Advance... but no Pokemon game along with it.  No sir I didn't get my first game until I was around seven to eight years old.  A used Pokemon Crystal version.  To this day that by far is my favorite generation of all.  Ever since I got my own Pokemon game it pretty much became my favorite thing in the world.  I was always on my Game Boy playing Red or Crystal version.  Soon I used my brother's game to beat both Ruby and Sapphire along with my very own Pokemon Black Trading Card Game.  From there I moved up to Leaf Green and then the god-forsaken Nintendo DS came out.  That gaming device was the bane of my existence.  After all of the Pokemon games were being made for them I never got a new Pokemon game for years.  My parents could never afford to get me a DS so I was forced to play my Game Boy Advance games over and over and over again until eventually I stopped playing Pokemon altogether.  That was until last Christmas when I got my brand new Pokemon White Version Nintendo DSi with the Pokemon White Version game card and carrying case.  I beat Pokemon White in two days.  I played non-stop from Christmas day until I had beaten the Elite Four and caught all the legendaries!  After I was done I went to the store and bought Pokemon Platinum and soon after for my birthday, Pokemon Heart Gold!  Since then I've been trying to get each new generation as it comes out.  Though I wasn't able to get White 2, but Christmas is almost here again so I've got my hopes up!  Anyway after this rather long introduction of my life with Pokemon It's time to get to the questions.

    How has Pokemon affected me?  Pokemon has affected me by being one of the most fun things I have ever had in my life.  It almost MADE my childhood after I got my very own Game Boy.  Pokemon is pretty much my favorite type of game out there and it will NEVER leave my life.

    What have I learned from Pokemon?  Oh I could go on forever... There's all the good stuff like Friendship, Kindness, and Fun! But... there's also the bad stuff like now that I have all my own games I finally realize what it would feel like to have your Pokemon game that you worked so hard on erased by your little brother.... And I sadly admit I was that awful little brother.  Either way I know that there's just too much to list.

    And lastly, what is your favorite Pokemon experience?  This is the hardest question of them all...  And since it's just too hard to decide I'm going to tell two.  My first favorite would probably the first time I ever beat a Pokemon game.  After years of playing my brothers' games and getting so close just to have it snatched from my grasp and then to finally have my won game and beat it for myself and see those credits roll up the screen with those catchy songs that play at the credits.... That was just amazing.  And my second favorite would have to be the feeling of finally being able to play a new Pokemon game on a Nintendo DSi on Christmas morning of December 2011.  It was a feeling like no other.

    Well, finally we come to an end.  So I apologize if this is a bit longer than asked for, but thank you Marriland for all the helpful guides, funny adventures, news on new Pokemon Events, and having this contest! But overall thank you Nintendo and all you Japanese "Game-freak"s for Pokemon itself.

    Sincerely, Wootzman123 or Trainer.



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  many people around the world say that word in so many languages, and to many of them it means nothing. But I feel like those of us who understand the meaning behind that one word are connected in a way. We’ve all felt the thrill of raising our first friends to maturity, going the extra mile to capture that one special creature that caught our eyes, and, of course, defeating the Pokemon League. That’s what I’ve gained from Pokemon: a connection to millions of people worldwide! The most vivid and meaningful memory of my Pokemon experience was definitely receiving my Chimchar from Prof. Rowan (my first game was Diamond). It was love at first sight, the instant I saw it I was captivated. A little fire monkey that was all my own – what a concept! The joy that derived from those tiny pixels and how much those pixels meant to me were utterly astonishing. To love mere pixels as one loves a child…was it possible? I soon found that it was, for I was drawn more and more as I completed the game. From this, I felt and understood the bond between parent and child. That Chimchar was my child, and it grew up into an Infernape just as children develop into adults. I experienced the sorrow and joy involved in the growth of a child. And I didn’t have to go through labor to do it! For that, Game Freak, you have my gratitude. :)

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    Yeah, I'll probably be lost in the sea of comments, but here I go;

    I always played Pokemon on my bus while going to elementary school, a lot of kids would glance at me, just ignoring me. I had no friends, not really, and the people on my bus really just addressed me as "that poke-guy". I didn't care, I had my Pokemon, and I was happy. Indeed, I was lonely, sometimes. My Charizard wasn't enough to keep me company. At least, not much. Suddenly, a new guy comes on our bus. We both really like Pokemon, and we started just freaking out. It was really fun. It helped me realize I wasn't so lonely. A lot of other people started to take interest in Pokemon as well, and they would watch as we put the cable in our slots and trade pokemon. I would never be more fascinated than to imagine that tiny little Pocket Monsters travel through the wire. It was magnificent. I've been a humongous Pokemon Fan, keeping all of the cool hats, plushies, blankets, pillows, games, collectibles, cards, and even more. I still play Pokemon today, and it's still fun, and I'm still looking forward to the new games they have to offer. I remember just playing Pokemon behind the school yard, and teachers would catch us, but instead, they would be interested in the games as well. Soon enough, the teachers were playing Pokemon during recess. I even traded with Mr.Barlow, the assistant principal. Pokemon may sound childish, but really, it brings people together. It makes you share your interests with other people, and you can learn a lot from it. The plot is interesting, the Pokemon are unique, and I love every Pokemon there are. So, thanks for listenin'....Bye.

    Nichijou is so kawaii-desu.

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    Here is my entry. 


                      I’m a nerd. It’s a plain simple fact- and it’s nothing something I’m shy to say. Over my entire life, I have been obsessed with many fandoms and many franchises. It’s just what I do. I’m obsessed with The Little Mermaid, Kingdom Hearts, Yugioh, Anime, these are only a few things I’ve obsessed over and spent my entire life gawking over whenever I see merchandise in the stores or see people wearing the shirts. I’m a nerd, and I’m a proud nerd. But I count all of those things in the nerd category.  I have another category of myself that I always say to people when they ask me what I’m like, and that is this:

                    I’m a Pokemon nerd. Pokemon doesn’t fit into the “nerd” category, Pokemon has its own category. Now, that’s a lot to say about somebody, especially just one franchise. But my love and affection for Pokemon is something that’s so plain to my life that I cannot and will not be tired of it. People think I just like to wear T-Shirts with Pikachu or go around shouting “GOTTA CATCH EM’ ALL!” but…that’s not all. That isn’t even the beginning of my story with Pokemon.

                    I’ll start it right at the beginning: Burger King. Yes, Burger King. I was introduced to Pokemon in the most American way I think possible. I mentioned above that I am obsessed with The Little Mermaid, and that’s still true to this day. My story with Pokemon begins with a single Pokemon: Vaporeon. Vaporeon’s PokeDex entry in several games says very simply, “It is often mistaken for a Mermaid.” Oh my friend, I can’t even begin to tell you how true that PokeDex entry is. The minute I saw Vaporeon on the poster at Burger King, my first thought was: “Mermaid!” and that is what started it all. Vaporeon is my favorite Pokemon to this day. It’s funny, because when I met Marriland at the 2010 VGC’s in Arizona, instead of having Marriland draw a Meowth or a Squirtle on my DS I had him draw a Vaporeon. I remember him saying “Oh man, I don’t know if I’ll be able to but I’ll try!”

                    That was the beginning. The minute I saw that Vaporeon I was hooked, I had to know what it was and I had to have the card. Then, it was watching Pokemon on Cartoon Network every night at 8 pm. It watched the Pokemon anime like religion (mostly because I HAD to see Vaporeon or I couldn’t die happy.) I also STILL watch the Pokemon anime to this day, sometimes when they’re first aired in Japan! But I’m going to talk about the anime later.

                    This was around 3<sup>rd</sup> grade. I was Pokemon obsessed at this point. I’m so grateful for Vaporeon’s flailing mermaid tail to get me hooked, if not who knows where I’d be? I wouldn’t be writing this! My begging for anything Pokemon was quickly answered by my parents (because I just wouldn’t shut up) and finally, in late 3<sup>rd</sup> grade, my Parents finally found a way to satisfy my cravings and let me borrow my mom’s friend’s son’s (isn’t that a mouthful?) Gameboy Color, along with Pokemon Yellow. My god was I happy to have it! Seeing Pikachu flying through the air in a Balloon gave me the biggest childhood smile I have ever had in my entire life.

                    Funny part is, I never finished yellow. Funny enough I’ve STILL never finished Yellow! (finished Red and Blue though, hehe.) I remember trying to defeat Brock with my level 12 Pikachu for hours, losing every time. I didn’t know until years later I needed to catch a Butterfree. One time I even got to his Onix, but sadly quick attack can only get you so far. Still, I persisted. I didn’t give up. Just something about having the Pokemon game and walking around the tall grass (even if I hadn’t gotten a Pokemon yet, much to Oak’s concern) was so satisfying.

                    Christmas came up quickly. I had to return the Gameboy Color (but not yellow, don’t tell! They still don’t know I kept it.) I had the game but nothing to play it on. It wasn’t a problem though, because it was 2004, and guess what came out that year? Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Those games started it all for me. I consider myself a real Ruby/Sapphire generation fan at heart. I’ve spent more time playing on Pokemon Ruby than I have on any other game I own.  For practically an entire year, I played Ruby nonstop. I’m thankful for these games every day, and there’s a reason for that.

                    It was really difficult for me in elementary school to get along with the other kids. I very rarely had any other friends. In second and third grade I remember going all over the playground just talking to anybody I could, trying to make new friends. My parents used to tell me to just go up to people and introduce myself, and I did, but I guess they already had their best friends and I didn’t have much of a chance. It was hard. Even up until my mid-years in high school I really didn’t have any school friends whatsoever. But that was ok for me, I still had things I could call friends. In the midst of loneliness and neglect, I had my Gameboy SP. I had my Pokemon team.

                    It’s corny. But sometimes the corniest things are the truest, especially in this case. My best friends were the Pokemon in my pocket (Pocket Monsters if you will.) Sitting on the playground, swinging on the swing alone, it didn’t matter where I was I wasn’t alone. The people, the trainers, the entire Pokemon world knew who I was. They liked me, they thought I was the most powerful trainer there was.

                    I would sometimes, on the playground or at home, just go into a secluded area without many people and just pretend me and my Pokemon were running around together. Thinking back on it now, I think it was one of the happiest memories I have. I had Pokemon as my imaginary friends. I would train my trusty team of Ninetales, Arbok, and Vaporeon in the playground and go on adventures with them. Me, Ash, Misty and May would sometimes get together and battle each other, or Ash and I would both challenge a gym leader together and both jump in victory when we both got the gym badge. I had grown to not need to talk to my classmates. If anybody made fun of me for playing by myself, my Ninetales would growl at them and then we’d just walk away, with all three of them by my side to the next city. I know that they’re still with me, even know by my side while I write this on my computer. I imagine Vaporeon curled up on my bed, and Arbok and Ninetales outside playing tag together in the bright sunlight. They’ve never really left my side after all these years.

                    The Pokemon anime really sparked my creative imagination for my playground adventures. I saw Ash (who to this day I still have a total crush on) go on adventures in all of the regions. I saw him go on the same adventure I was having in my game. When his travel group and I would happen upon each other in a city, we would have talk after talk about our Pokemon and how they’re doing. I remember in the episode of the anime when Ash’s Treeko evolved into Grovyle, we saw each other the next day for Ash’s next gym badge and I was so surprised to see Treeko had evolved. My Golbat on my Ruby version had just evolved into a Crobat, so my Crobat battled his Grovyle to see who had improved the best. It’s a really amazing memory, I don’t think I can really describe the feeling of really being in the Pokemon world and seeing your heroes.

                    It didn’t matter what people thought of me. I was made fun of for liking Pokemon my entire time in Elementary school. I was called the usual names, “Baby”, “Pokemon Freak”, I think all Pokemon fans have been through it. I didn’t care. When I got home, I could run around the Hoenn region all night and have the time of my life. Even after having a bad day at school, to this day, I will always want to pick up Pokemon Ruby again and wander around having my own made up adventures. My first save file from Pokemon Ruby is still there with 660+ hours.

                    My story with Pokemon is not over yet. I don’t think it will end either, I imagine myself in the afterlife hacking my ghostly self into an innocent person’s game like a Rotom and being the trainer running around, catching Pokemon and going on a grand adventure. I know that in years to come, there will be more children who need a friend. There will always be that kid sitting in the playground by himself. I may not be able to get that kid a friend, but if they’re my child, I will give them a copy of a Pokemon game and let them have the time of their life.

                    Until then, I’m waiting for whatever gamefreak has in store for the Pokemon franchise. Whatever they choose to do with it, whatever new Pokemon they decide to add, I’m going to be there every step of the way supporting them and returning the favor for all that they have done for me. Just to think, if Satoshi and Shigeru didn’t get together and create the first Pokemon, my life been very different.  I can’t even imagine where I’d be. No Marriland forums, no Pokemon Ruby…is it weird that that mere thought of Pokemon never existing makes me want to cry?

                    That is my story with Pokemon. To all the Pokemon fans in the world, play on forever. Don’t let the amazing games and shows end. When Pokemon is long over, years from now we will all get together even if we’re 90 years old and trade Pokemon with each other. Please, please never stop. No matter what people say about you, stay true to what you enjoy. For me, Vaporeon still sits by my side until the day I leave this earth.

                    Thank you, Pokemon. 

    ~Molly, solarlunarxiii of the Marriland Forums. 

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    Pokemon has always been part of my life since the time at which I was growing up as a kid till nowadays. I have always wanted to "become the Pokemon Master" as all the other kids have as well but I really didn't go into so much in depth detail/analysis as I do now and maybe I will go into much more in the future. So as a child i grew up watching Pokemon (T.V. Series 1st Gen) I was about age 2-3 when I was able to comprehend it and enjoy it, as everyone else my favorite Pokemon was Pikachu thanks to ash in the series, but as I grew my new favorite became Darkrai as the legendary and Charmander as my starter. Pokemon has always been a part of my life although most of my childhood was taken away thanks to the teen years my neighbor was going through and the mature level I want'ed to be in, although my childhood was slowly dying I still enjoyed Pokemon and it was a way to deal through stupid things everyone faces in life. Pokemon was also the way in which I met my first best friend, Nicholas, he had Leaf Green at that time and I had Fire Red, we loved to battle one another and he had given many pokemon that I value very much and one of them being slowpoke. At that time I was an outcast to certain classmates I was very antisocial and only had about 3 -5 friends that were what the word friend truly is defined as. My best friend was about to leave after he graduated and although the kids at school had bullied me the excuse I had used to get out of class was that a uncle of mine had died,yet I had only lied to not be now nick named as a tater-tale, but after that my friend Nicolas had came and had tried to cheer me up he had brought up Pinky. Who is Pinky? you might be asking yourself, Pinky was the nickname of a slowpoke that Nicolas had traded to me and I cherished very much although it was considered to be a lame Pokemon I though of it as a bond that connected both of us together and I would cherish forever. That was one of the ways that I had grown to learn and love Pokemon but Pokemon was also there last year as I learned AP Biology, many of the items taught could easily be related to Pokemon such as how Solosis's (6th Gen Pokemon) evolution could easily be related to cell diffusion/mitosis. Other things I learned were protein and how that helps to actually boost strength in real life and Carbos/Carbs which boost speed and how everything runs of evolution. What really gets to me now is how simple things made up my childhood: the fusion of a squirrel  and a turtle was the Pokemon Squitle, Deoxys which is the DNA Pokemon and easily related to Biology, Caterpie and it's evolutions which demonstrated how caterpillars go through Metamorphosis  how mating shows Genetics and the distribution of heredity, and much more. At the end although I went through all this I still kept my Pokemon love with me when I was in the slumps it would help lift my spirits and I recently had learned about IV (Individual Values) (but I had already learned about EV Training and breeding to get certain move that can not be learned through leveling up[AKA Illegal Moves]. I would now like to finish this all off by saying Pokemon has always been there for me and if I'm able to live long enough and finish my education I would like to go into engineering and designing the future Pokemon games if it hopefully exists in the future.

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    Pokemon... I was sort of a late bloomer when it comes to the games. I always collected the cards and watched the show, but a Game Boy was absent throughout almost all of my childhood. It actually started in the fifth or sixth grade. My brother got his first Pokemon game around that time. Pokemon Crystal version. I was extremely jealous of this, and it felt like I needed a game too. I began to look for a while for Pokemon Gold version, since I love the Johto region. I tried for a long time, searching all across the Amazon.. Website. I wanted a new one, but the price range was always way too high. My parents would never go with this, I always thought. I thought that the first generation games would end up being cheaper(like the silly fifth/sixth grader I was.) Cheap classics are hard to come by. I was running out of options. I decided to tell my mom I could deal with a used game. She disagreed for about a month or two. My childhood dreams were slipping through my fingers. I guess the guilt of depriving a fantastic game from a child finally got to her. She ordered Pokemon Blue version, starting from the beginning. I was beyond excited. I was overwhelmed by my mothers own decision. I waited day and night to get that game, with my sisters Game Boy color in hand(since she never used it, it was technically mine.) Then the day came. All the days of creating teams I would use on the computer, finally over. The real deal has arrived.

    I quickly deleted the persons old file(which I sort of wish I checked their team at first, since other peoples teams always interested me,) and began to be briefed by good ol' Professor Oak. I read every word, containing my excitement for when I could get my first Pokemon. I spoke to every person in Pallet Town, curious about what they could teach me. Then I got the best Pokemon I could ever dream of. Squirtle! I always loved nicknames for my partners, so I named him Chief. Chief was a beast. He solo'd everything in his path. He was a Blastoise before Vermilion City. But before I could reach the S.S. Anne, tragedy struck. My game froze. I didn't save once. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I went into a 10 minute depression. I lost ALL that I have done. ALL. OF. IT. My brother said it was for the best, since I only used Chief, no one else. So I took his words to heart, and created a team next time. I began again, except not only with a Squirtle. First, a Pidgey was added. Then a Nidoran♂ after that. And then, before I knew it, I had a full party!In Pokemon Blue, I was unstoppable. Nothing could defeat me.

    After a few years, I learned about ROMS and emulators on the computer. I spent most of my summer inside, playing Pokemon Gold Version. Along with the advanced generations. I had many teams, many victories, and many MANY falls. To Wattson. I hate him. Me and a couple of friends played Pokemon every now and then. I kinda kept my love on the down low, since I was scared of ridicule all throughout middle school. I didn't care for Diamond or Pearl all too much, so I didn't bother buying a DS or anything. Then Heartgold arrived. The remake of the 2nd generation games. I HAD to get it. But my mom was a problem again. She would not get me a DS. I had to resort to my friends. My friend, who had a girlfriend(unlike me,) offered me his DS for 30 dollars. Total steal, I thought. I accumulated about 50 dollars. My mom agreed to pay the rest for the game. I got the DS at school, looked like it was in great condition. I didn't have any games at all, so I couldn't try it out. I waited until the weekend to go to the store to get it. Finally we arrived at Sam's Club, cheapest place to get it. I was opening it right after we bought it. Popped it in and waited for it to load.

    But of course, something was wrong with it. The DS didn't read the game card... So I walked half a mile after I got home and he gave me a different one(he had quite a few DS's.) I had the game on me and began to play. It was amazing. I couldn't stop playing. I got it the day of my friends going away party. I brought it with me, playing the whole time on the way to the park, where it was being held. I was distracted by Pokemon, not exactly spending time to my friend. She didn't like it that much. The next day(which was Sunday,) she had an actual send off sort of thing, the actual final goodbye. Again, I was consumed by Pokemon. It didn't hit me that she was leaving until the next day, at school. She was one of my best friends, and she just left. I broke down in the middle of class and went home. I began to play Pokemon again. It relieved my mind completely. I thought of the situation as I played, and it made me feel better about the whole thing. Pokemon helped me cope for this. 

    Since I sprouted from my shyness in middle school to high school(my freshman year was when i got Heartgold,) my friends joked around with me about Pokemon, asking me questions and such. I was proud of my knowledge of Pokemon. I know every Pokemon now, with little hesitation. I made a Pokemon version of Shakespeare's Mid Summer Nights Dream for my English class, and I constantly incorporate Pokemon with everything I do. Pokemon consumes almost all of my days, from sixth(or fifth) grade all the way till now, my senior year in high school. And I plan to continue with my obsession into college, and beyond. Pokemon is one of the greatest things that has entered my life, and I am thankful for every moment I've had with each and everyone of my Pokemon friends. From Squirtle to Snivy, I will always be loyal to these creatures, and they will always be one of the largest(if not THE largest) impact of my life. 

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    I'll keep mine short and sweet. Pokemon taught me about determination and commitment. We all had that urge to capture all 151 Pokemon when red/blue came out, but the most challenging one was Mewtwo. Mewtwo taught me that when you accidentally use a Master-ball on a Zapdos, Mewtwo will make your life a nightmare. You'll spend so much time throwing not only Ultra-balls, but Great-balls and Poke-balls as well just to capture that annoying Pokemon. Once you finally capture it, you feel accomplished and proud that you spent so much time capturing it. And this is how my daily life feels like as a programmer, stupid code never works right...

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    When I was a young boy at the age of about 4 years old I was given my first pokemon game, pokemon blue version to be exact. My parents would not let me play the game because I would always ask them to read the dialogue to me, because I did not know how to read. They took the game from me and said they would not give it back until I learned how to read the text on my own. In kindergarten I tried my hardest to learn how to read so I could enjoy pokemon just like everyone else. On that Christmas I received pokemon blue version as a Christmas present along with my own game boy and along with being four years of age i naturally selected squirtle, because he was on the game cover. Me and my best friend squirtle grew together and we were the best of friends. Yet the day when I lost my game cartridge I was devastated  my most favorite pokemon that I had had since it was a 1st evolution pokemon had gone missing, forever. Sadly the next Christmas my parents weren't able to find another pokemon blue version, but at least my grandmother was able to get me both fire red and leaf green version. I played leaf green so much it was my favorite game. now me being so proud of my strong pokemon never understood why you would need both offensive and defensive moves. So naturally when my pokemon wanted to learn a new move I would always make my pokemon forget a move that increased or decreased a stat. My pokemon would always lose because of one pokemon who would increase its defense or lower my pokemon's speed so mine couldn't attack first. So eventually I learned that my pokemon need more strategy to their moves so I used that in all sorts of situations in life and it helped me grow in school mostly in the writing type of way. The favorite thing that happened to me in pokemon was when I was young and seeing my own pokemon grow up in front of my eyes I felt a real connection which is weird considering its just a game, but I know that me and my pokemon had real connection no matter what game its in. Yet the most important thing that happened to me in the pokemon world even above having a connection with my pokemon was receiving my brothers bronzed pikachu pokemon card it was amazing!

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