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    I cannot be sure if this is a bug or not but I am unable to see my signature at all.

    I tried re-updating it but no luck there and also tried just putting simple text and still nothing.

    So I could use some sort of guidance here.

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    (Ponyta, Braixen, Larvesta)

    Thank you Rydia for the sig.
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    Yeah, make sure your signature is less than 512 Characters. Not Words, characters. Also, on selecting SAVE CHANGES, it should say that YOUR CHANGES HAVE BEEN SUCCESFULLY SAVED! If not, your signature will not appear.

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    THis is a bug right now that marks your sig as spam. Ask  mod and they'll happily fix it for you.

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    Yeah, I've had some issues here and there with the sig. I just limit the stuff I put in now, that's all.

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    Sorry I didn't catch this until now...! I've gone ahead and marked your signature as Not Spam. The automatic spam filter has gotten a little overzealous lately, which we are looking into a fix for. If ever you run into a situation where signatures are not showing up, just ask a moderator or admin that is on (or post in the Bug Reports forum) so it will be taken care of.

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    Marriland :D

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