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    I'm TrainerMitch.

    Im new to this site but I have loved pokemon for as long as I can remember.

    I started playing the games on my Gameboy Advance, sapphire version. Ever since I have been a dedicated trainer.

    This site has already hepled me with a few things and I love it.

    As yet I still need some white/ white 2 exclusives to complete my Unova Dex but I'm almost there! :) (Halp me please)

    also If anyone knows what is the deal with catching N's pokemon that he has released? I have three so far I and I dont really know if you can do anything cool with them like turn up to the feris wheel and get a reation because they are in your party or something...

    Anyway, Im from australia, living on a tiny island halfay to new zealand. Really bad internet/ not much experience battling online or trading so I may need a bit of assistance form time to time.

    Also I love to just chat about nothing so if you feel like it just drop me a message and enjoy endless hours of brainless chit-chat!

    Thanks for reading



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    hi there , welcome , sounds like your a pretty cool trainer , if I may , may I know your gender ? , I mess them up sometimes , ya need help with dex , feel free to pm . N's pokemons are nothing special except the fact that they are caught with exact IVs that was set , and also about the opening entrants glow , thats about it , but ya then again I can help you with anything , just get me a pm 

    friend code :
    black :0132 5343 0068
    white:4299 0813 9806
    white 2:1679 1825 0955
    heartgold :2967 6884 5833,
    I am interested in only events
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    Hey :)

    I am a boy. it was a very appropriate question being about pokemon!

    It's a bit rainy and windy here at the moment so my internet is really bad, it took me this long to be able to reply!

    thanks for the info on N's pokemon. I couldn't find it myself :(

    Ill be sure PM you once my internet gets better! :)



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    Hey there! I always like to see Aussies around here because then I'll have the same/similar time zones!! I'm from Melbourne, so if you feel like trading, battling etc contact me about them and I can figure something out (on a weekend). My time is AEST.

    I'm a girl (hahah, everyone thinks I'm a boy for some reason) and I'm 15 turning 16 in june! yay! :)

    Hope to see you around and good luck with your internet!

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    Ah! A fellow 'strayan appears!

    I'm also AEST, on sydney time. I'm on my silly little island but I'm really from central NSW.

    I would absolutley love to trade and battle and etc. I'm pretty terrible when it comes to battling real people so you will certainly chock up some wins on your trainer card. and I can really do anything most mornings but not really afternoons. after 6:00pm is almost allways free though!

    I have very recently turned 20 and I feel super old. I wish I was still 15-16. I still act like it though. of course!

    I do need luck with my internets, thanks for wishing me some. I'm on satelite so when its good its still nowhere near as great as I was used to before I moved here.

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