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    Hi I'm Daminaru!

    Dunno what to say really. Fancied joining a big pokemon site......

    I know a fair amount about competative battling although my wifi connection sucks! I don't mind sharing some of what i know.

    I have been on a few pokemon sites in the past and tend to find I'm helping people set up there pokemon and what not, probably wont be the case on such a HUGE site though :D

    Look forward to posting and reading about all them Pocket monsters and the people behind them!

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    Wazzuuuupppppppppp.. anyway im new here, as in like registering and stuff, but watching the videos are like a habit now to me :P  very helpful and useful.. fun to watch and makes me laugh sometimes but interesting. Besides that I am currently playing on my Pkmn B2 game, snivy as the starter , been a fan since i was little (dont know the age) but other than that im here to get some advice if needed and help others too, also meet new ppl on here and enjoy myself :P

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    Hey there to both of you! Welcome to marriland and it's surely the best Pokemon forum out there! The design is awesome and comfartable, unlike other forums with a dark background and white text! Hurts my eyes...

    Anyway, if you guys want anything in particular, like help or advice for anything, be sure to contact me or basically ANYONE here can help, since we're all nice people!

    Enjoy your stay!

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    Hey thanks :D warm welcome :P anyway I was wondering if cheats were allowed on this forum or not? just curious O_o

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    I guess you CAN use cheats, but before trading or battling, YOU MUST state whether you're using a cheating device or not to be courteous and to respect others. It is strongly advised NOT to cheat, however, since it can cause several problems in the future.

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    TSV: 2728 | Pm me for my Skype! | Creds to Sakura~

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    oh ok :P I started over in my game recently and this time I'm not using my A.R , anyway I was just curious but thx :)

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