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Poll: Should Marriland Accept My Challenge

Should He

Should Marriland Accept My Challenge - Single Choice

  • No He Should Wuss Out 0%
  • Yea He Sould Be A Bro And Try You 66.7%
  • Meh Idc 33.3%
  • Clear Off NO 0%
  • Aww Yea 0%

This poll has ended as of 2/25/2013 12:00:00 AM

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    So I Am Quite Young But Strong With Pokemon Im A Really Strong Oppenent Never Been Beat By CPU Ever I Only Get Beat Against Someone Who Knows Everything About Pokemon And Beats And Gets 6 LvL Hundreds In 30 Mins (I WATCHED HIM O.o) Anyway Marriland I CHALLENGE YOU Be A Wuss And Dont Fight Or Fight Ill Be Ready

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    Devin is too busy for battling. Plus he hasn't done a standard 6 vs.6 match in like 5+ years now?

    You can ask other people around here though. Go take a look around the Competitive Battling forum and you could potentially find some capable people there.


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    On 12/1/13, at 9:46 PM, Messy wrote:
    > "you can kill all the bluejays you want, but you must not kill a mockingbird"
    > close enough?

    On 12/1/13, at 9:46 PM, bluejay100 wrote:
    > **** that line lol
    > blue jays are awesome birds
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    Yeah, people have been trying for around 4-6 years to battle Marriland, but he just doesn't go competitive anymore. I would like to extend a welcome to the forums though. The community here is great and more laid-back, but you still need to follow the rules and such. Keep your eyes peeled, because Marriland might have a trick or two such as a contest to boost activity and sort of bring the forums together.

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