Plz help :/ im too noob: black 2

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    LOL yea well i played pokemon a while back and recently got back into it during a blackout in hurricane sandy, seems alot has changed. But anyway im gettin back into the swing of things and just would like to complete my pokedex i noticed today that there are some i can only get by trading. id really like to complete for the shiny charm as i am big on breeding and shinys are fun :) but i believe the ones ill have a real hard time getting are victini shaymin and manaphy i think, i will trade them back unless someone has extra :) i do however would really like a mew to keep(negotiations are welcome), i dont have ar or know any of the cool tricks guys do nowadays but anything u guys can come up with to help me fill my pokedex would be awesome. currently my pokedex is 492 seen and 338 obtained (pretty weak i know lol) but ive been playin alot since the hurricane and am kinda bored looking and looking and trading up from ss to pearl/diamond to black to black 2 (trading from black to black 2 was the worst :/) id just really like to finish this dex up so i can start building up my team and breed/obtain some shinys myself to share with the community. pretty new to forums as well so sry for the long thread and thanks again in advance for any help i get ill certainly pay it forward in the future.

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    I can do trade-backs for Victini, Shaymin & Manaphy if you're having trouble with them. PM me if you're interested & I'll see if I have any others that you're in need of. :)

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    I have white 2 and if you need help with a starter then I can help.

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