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    Hello! My Name is Mason, I'm 14 years old. I'm currently playing White2 and I just got HeartGold. I like Pokemon and League of Legends.  Pleased to meet you all.

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    Hey there luimo (would you rather be called Mason?) , just want to welcome you to the Marriland forums! I know you'll have a wonderful time here, because everyone is really nice. How far are you in White 2? I was recently playing Black 2, and I just completed my Pokedex in it. Super excited for that because it was the first Pokedex that I've ever actually completed. XD. I really like the HeartGold story as well. I think that you'll really enjoy it. I won't spoil anything in case you don't want me to though. :)  I don't really know about League of Legends because I've never played it before. Maybe I should try it sometime. 

    Anyway, welcome to the forums, one last time. And I'm sure that there is something here that could interest you. I think that you'll make a lot of friends here too. It was nice meeting you, and I hope to see you around the forums. :)

    Oh, and if you have any questions, feel free to pm me. I'm on here all the time. ;)

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    Hey Thanks! Yeah people are really nice here. I made a couple friends already and traded with some of them. I always played on Emulator but decided to buy the games from now and on. It is more exciting and you get to socialize. I wanna get all the versions I can play on DS/3DS and complete my Pokedex's. It was great to meet you. GL HF!

    X - 1779 - 1056 - 0653

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