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  • posted a message on In my Sister's Shadow *updated July 23rd! (Finally... x_x)*

    It's a pretty good and interesting story! Please update as fast as you can! Also, nice Climax. Leaving the story at this point makes it interesting. I am waiting for the next chapter!!

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  • posted a message on Looking for a eevee

    You have to go through the Castelia Sewers into the Castelia Park.

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  • posted a message on Any workaround to use WPA2 on DS lite

    The Password is a default Password. Try something like Admin, or Password, or User. It should work.

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  • posted a message on I can't get any of the words in order

    Does the Shift+Enter work for the iPad too? It doesn't seem to work on mine. It still starts a new paragraph for me.

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  • posted a message on Question of legitness -GTS POKEMON-

    Go to

    Create a Trainer ID. If it asks you for your Game Sync ID, do it LATER.

    Go to

    Log in using your Trainer ID you made previously. 

    Switch on your DS. 

    Keep in mind that this is ONLY for BW B2W2.

    Go to the part where it says "Continue", "New Game" etc.

    Go to Game Sync Settings.

    Connect to Wifi blah blah blah.......

    You will eventually get your Game Sync Number.

    Go to your Global Link account.

    Go to the part where it says something like "Settings" or "Game Card Data". DO NOT GO INTO "CUSTOMIZE"!

    Any way, add your Game Card after selecting the Generation. There you go. You can sync up to two Games in one ID, regardless of whether it is

    Black and White, Black and White2, White and Black2, White2 and Black2.

    Now, to sync your Pokémon, switch on your C-Gear in your Game on your DS. It will ask you in the beginning of the Game, so say yes. Or, you can switch it on Mannually, by touching the "Power" button on the Touch Screen of your DS. Go to the Center option. Select the option that comes after it. There is only one. Connect to Wifi. Put a Pokémon to Sleep. This may take a while, so be patient. 

    Once that is done, go to your PGL Account. Go to Dream World. Play.



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  • posted a message on Question of legitness -GTS POKEMON-

    It's in Japanese?émon_distributions_in_Generation_IV#Susumu_Mew

    Is it the same as the one above? Also, if you want a Jirachi, I would like a DW Pokémon caught in the Dream Ball. Or a Dream Radar Pokémon. List down the DW Pokémon that you have.

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  • posted a message on Question of legitness -GTS POKEMON-

    Okay. So here goes. The "Red Ball" is called a Cherish Ball, that has been used to "Capture" Event Pokémon. It cannot be used to capture a Pokémon in the Game. This Poké Ball has NEVER been given out, as far as I know.

    There has been a Lv5 Mew Event that can be obtained in the Games Pokémon HG and SS. Therefore, the Mew has been obtained from Johto. Could you please tell me it's Moves? It is ONLY supposed to know Pound. Of course, the previous trainer could have taught it a ANY TM ( Mew can learn EVERY TM there is ) or used a few Heartscales. If it is actually Lv5, it could not have learnt any Move that it learns EXCLUSIVELY by Leveling up.émon)#Learnset

    Also, it's OT is supposed to say "Fal2010" .émon_distributions_in_Generation_IV#Fall_2010_Mew

    If this is not the Mew that is yours, don't worry, it does not HAVE to be a hack. There are a few more Lv5 Mews. There is a Japanese "Susumu" Mew which is also Lv5, but is Japanese.

    If none of the above help, it is probably a HACK. I am sorry if it is. If you want, you can trade it to me. I can take a look at it. Don't worry, I will give it back to regardless of whether it is a HACK or not. 

    Also, I don't know why the Date is very weird. Let me take a look at it.



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  • posted a message on Best easy to recruit Pokemon to have with you?

    Yeah, but Earthquake has a disadvantage. It wipes out your entire team too. Heat Wve wipes out ONLY your enemies, which is Epic.

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  • posted a message on New game, first team advice.

    Nice! You know what? This reminds me of my W2 Game. I started off with an Oshawott. It was horrible. Just my luck. Fortunately, I got a Lv15 Genesect from an Event. That Genesect was the pride of my team at that time. Still is.

    Any way, on to you. Your Riolu, Oshawatt and Meloetta are not bad. As for the Fire Pokémon, think about a Charmander. Or a Torchic. If you want, I could give you both of them, at Lv5, Lv10, or Lv15. As for the Ground type, take a Rhyperior. It has the ability Lightningrod. Or a Trapinch. Evolve it into a Flygon. If you don't mind removing your Oshawatt, then take a DW Goldeen. I have a few that you could train. It has the ability Lightningrod which ups Special Attack when hit a electric type move. Obviously, a Seaking has a low Special Attack, but this makes it immune to Electric type, thus making it's only weakness Grass type moves. As for the last Pokémon, I would recommend a Cottonee with the ability Prankster. Teach it status affecting or Stat lowering moves. Helps a lot. Aslo, a DW Riolu has Prankster. A Pokémon with Prankster always plays it's move first, but on these conditions:-

    1) The Move HAS to be a move that DOES NOT inflict damage. Moves that affect the Status like Toxic, Confuse Ray, Swagger etc or moves that change the status of a Pokémon like Defense Curl, Swords Dance, Agility, Shell Smash etc always move first. 

    2) Yes, the status affecting and stat changing moves always go first. Almost always. Extreme Speed. It has a Priority of..... Well, I don't know. The point is, it ALWAYS moves first. Regardless of the ability or Move ( Quick Attack ) or speed stat. Of course, you need not worry, as Lucario learns Extreme Speed.

     Also, Extreme Speed is one of my Favorite Normal Type move. It has a Power of 80, Accuracy 100%, and always moves first, unless of course, another Pokémon uses Extreme Speed. The, it depends on which Pokémon is faster.

    Well, I hope this helped!

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  • posted a message on place to train?

    Well, if you are on that Level of intense training, you could also call Gym Leaders on particular days and have rematches with them.

    Also, red is the strongest trainer in the entire Game series so far. Also, if you have any of the Event Arceus, you could go to Sinjoh Ruins and meet Cynthia. Also, get one one of the Creation trio at Lv1.


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