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  • posted a message on Overflooded with Eevee's and Eeveelutions

    Hello, I can trade one of my Paras that I breed for a female Eevee (or Eevolution) if you have one.

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  • posted a message on Seeking Active Pokerus!

    Hello friends! I know someone on here has a Pokemon with active Pokerus, and I would love to trade. I haven't got much to offer, but I do breed Paras (which can learn false swipe and spore awesome for catching Pokemon). They come with an Adamant nature as well, higher attack, and I can even try for an attack characteristic as well if you like. Please PM me if you have Pokerus or if you're interested in my Paras.

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  • posted a message on Looking for pokerus

    Can you trade me a Pokemon with Pokerus as well? Any Pokemon will do. I can trade you a shuckle with a calm nature (atk rises slow/sp def rises quickly) and somewhat vain characteristic (sp def rises faster).

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