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    Absolutely accepted, Alice!

    And, yes, HP and MP healing potions are in the RP.  So you can make your own. Makes it easier than having to buy them, that's for sure lol

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    HxH 126 did NOT disappoint.

    I agree 100%, Brett. That was an amazing battle.  Considering they collided 1000 times in less than a minute, AND they both were completely perfect each and every time was amazing.  Zero Hand is so cool looking, and let's not forget Poor Man's Rose. (That rose is NOT miniature lol).  But Netero's face, and his evil aura literally sent a chill down my spine.  I'm glad the whole episode was the fight.  I love HxH for it's character dvelopment, but that fight was expertly done.

     BUT that's just another example of the next episode preview kinda ruining a really epic moment.  Much like nearly every episode of Clannad After Story being ruined by the happy credits song.  Why couldn't Dongo Daikosaku be the ending to After Story?

    And Pro, I'm glad you liked Toradora, but if you did like it that much, you really should watch Clannad.  As much as I like Toradora, I have to say Clannad's story is far superior. ****, it's superior to pretty much any anime, TV show, or movie I've ever seen

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    Just went to see the Lego Movie with a few friends. Gotta say, it was pretty **** good. The use of legos for everything made for a really unique movie.   And it was pretty hard to distinguish the stop-motion from the CGI.

    And it was pretty **** funny, too.  Liam Neeson did really well as "Bad Cop", Will Farell did well as Lord/President Business.  Overall, it was a really good movie with a phoned in "I learned something today" ending. But I'd definately recommend it.  But Morgan Freeman made the movie.  His performance was spot on.

    Best line of the movie (though with spoilers)

    Morgan Freeman as a ghost(on a very obvious string): Ethan, you didn't let me finish earlier....because I died.


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    I'm going to get rid of the stats idea...  I was on the fence about the stats while I made this RP, and thinking it over, I really don't like it that much.  I think I'll go with a "Strongest aspect" and "lacking aspect" thing.

    FOr example: If you have a magic weapon, magic is your strong point, while physical stats are your weak point.

    If you have a war hammer, physical is strong, magic is weak.

    For sword, all stats would be average.  You'd more or less be a red mage.

    OR however you want to do it. So...yeah, bye bye stats.

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    My character

    Name: Maxwell Cross (shocker! lol)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Appearance: Maxwell always wears one of 3 leather jackets, with various colored undershirts underneath. Depending on how he feels, or on whatever is clean, he wears either a black, red, or brown leather jacket.  He also wears jeans and hi top sneakers that are always the same color as his jacket.

    History: Right after Maxwell was born, his parents abandoned him at their home town's dojo,  and immediately moved away.  No one is entirely sure why they abandoned him, but the Sensei, Alander, took Maxwell in as his own, and raised him as his own.  He had never told Maxwell the truth about his parents, only that they mysteriously vanished one day when he was young.  Maxwell has wanted to search for his parents, but Alander eventually convinced him to give up that dream, as they were, most likely dead.  As painful as it was for Alander to lie to Maxwell, he knew it was for the best.

    Personality: Maxwell is a very serious young man.  He is always respectful, even to those who wish him harm.  He is always optomistic about any situation, sometimes painfully so.  On the dictates of his honor, Maxwell will never abandoned anyone he considers to be his friend, even if it puts his own life in jeapordy

    Weapon: Bladed brass knuckles

    Strong Point:  Speed
    Weak Point MAgic attack


    This town is so peaceful!

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    Well, ****...that some dedication.  I've probably watched multiple episodes of HXH a day...I found out about it maybe a month or 2 ago, and I'm already caught up...I was caught up at about 120, so...I probably watch 5 or 6 a day at a time.  The only other action anime I was that into was KHR.  Which I really need to re-watch soon.  That was so wonderful.


    Lelouch may have been bad ***, but there's one thing Light has EVERYONE beat in.  NO ONE can make eating a potato chip seem as bad *** as Light does.  Such emotion, such energy...He must REALLY love potato chips. Ignoring, of course, the real reason why he ate the potato chip. lol

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    Reserved for Accepted Characters. (I'm going to make mine likely tomorrow)

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    <style type="text/css"></style>

    In a far away land, the peaceful normality of everyday life was suddenly halted when a mysterious curse was laid on the land. Everyone appeared fine at first: no one died, no one lost or gain appendages, no one was turned into a flesh eating zombie, etc, etc. However, talking to people around town, a certain few young “heros” noticed something was amiss. This is the story of the Curse of the One-Liner.

    It started as a normal day for our heros in their respective towns. They woke up, got changed, ate breakfast, and went out to train. However, they noticed that everyone in town seemed to ether stand entirely still, or walk in pre-determined paths. Whats more, no one seemed to understand the concpet of “conversation anymore”. Everyone spoke only one line, no matter how many times they were talked to.

    However, it was obvious that our heros were spared of this curse, for whatever reason. Now, these heros must take up their arms, find the one responsible for the curse, and lift it from this land! What nefarious reasons are behind this curse?! IS the wzard so cliché that they want to take over the world? Or is there a more complicated and original reason? (No, there isn't...He's kinda boring like that). Take up your arms and find out!



    This is a bit of a parody RP, obviously poking fun at the fact that any NCP is usually useless, as they mostly just stand there and tell you “This is such a peaceful town!”.

    Now onto the rules!

    --All Marriland rules apply.

    --No Godmodding or Powerplaying.

    --You can only have one weapon, and it can't be overpowered (explained later)

    --I'm expecting at least decent quality in this. The 5 line/ 7 sentence rule absolutely applies here.





    You can have pretty much any type of weapon. You can have a tome, a warhammer, a sword, a magic staff, a scythe. Pretty much anything your heart desires.


    HOWEVER, your weapon must have a strong point and a weak point, or be balanced.  Magical weapons are strong in magic. physical weapons (like warhammers) are strong in physical attack. Swords are average all around.  Or you can make your weapon another way. It's all up to you. That's just an example.

    Now to character application.





    Appearance (pic or description is fine.)

    History: (At least 2 lines.)

    Personality: (At least 2 to three lines.)


    Strong Point:
    Weak Point



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    I was gonna say Tanzania, but I'm all for Zimbabwe.  I have a feeling Carla's the only person with any ties to a Africa. Unless Dr Rabbit decides to join. lol

    And I'm typing this from my new computer. Hooray!  Got back on steam getting TF2, going to get minecraft soon, so I'll be all set up. Yaaay!

    And I'm not in any other Casuals club, so Blazers is my Olympics home.

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    Probably the last 6 episodes of.Ckannad without a break. One.of.the most emotionally draining experiences I've ever heard.  I don't we recommend it. 

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