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  • posted a message on nuzlocke nicknames themes.

    I named all my Pokémon on my SoulSilver version after clothings. Example: Jeans the Cyndaquil, Underwear the Magikarp, Sweater the Mareep, ect.

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  • posted a message on Surprise for Marriland; singers needed

    Heey Marrilanders, Marrils, uhhm... MARRILAND FANS! Today I tought. 'Marriland does so much for us, hours of training, daily video's, and I have the feeling that we do too less back. So, I begon to make a Parody of 'Give me love' called 'Poor Carrot' (Wedlocke, anyone?) but, now I have a problem. I need a singer, because I can't sing. Don't ask, don't try, I wont sing. I made the text, and I can make the video, if someone just can sing. If you can do it, or you know someone that can do it, please tell me, it will be an epic surprise! I can give the text if anyone wants.



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  • posted a message on New features in Pokémon X-Y

    It would be epic if they did a nuzlocke mode; altough I expect they're not gonna do that. Maybe the could make Pokémon evolve when leveld up with a certain other Pokémon in your party. And maybe make it more like the animé battles, not just -move- -move- selcet new move -move- -move- ect. but like one in the animé, where you could block a attack with a even more powerfull attack, 2 moves at the same time causing a huge explosion ect.

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