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    Hi I"m new here and I wanted you guys to rate my team

    1. Porygon-z

    Ability: Download

    Held Item: life orb


    Phychic, thunderbolt, recover, and hyper beam

    Descriptions:Porygon-Z is objective is to take out as many opponents as it can at the beginning of the battle, I give him the life orb to give him more power and recover so he could heal in some tough situation


    Ability: Steadfast

    Held item: Focus sach or band


    Aura sphere, Phychic, Extreme speed, protect

    Description:he may be used as a fast hitting pokemon(has been useful in some battles)

    3. Kingdra

    Ability: Sniper

    Held item: wide lens


    Draco meteor, Hydro pump, Ice beam or Earthquake, dragon dance

    Description my offensive pokemon, his ability is great so he can do great damage and got great speed, i give him the wide lens so it could have better accuracy


    Ability:flame body

    Held item: don't know yet


    Fiery dance, Bug buzz, quiver dance, wild charge

    Description:Volcarona is a cover pokemon, he get a good cover in some types like: grass, steel, bug, dark, physch, even water, ice, and flying. Even thought i need a item for him


    Ability: Poison heal

    Item; toxic orb


    earthquake, thunder fang, aerial ace , protect

    Description This one is a poison killer, is awesome because of its ability and his item can make the ability work. I actually need a better moveset for him.



    Held item: dont know


    Phychic, rest, fire punch, thunder bolt

     Description: I may change this pokemon for an espeon or latias, however his use is to take some guys down(same as Porygon-Z)

    Here is my team feel free to comment and put some advice. I also need help with ev training


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