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  • posted a message on CoroCoro Leaks: X & Y introduces Mega Pokémon, New Pokémon & more!

    I think that everybody should give these new features and pokemon before hating on them. Honestly, I love the new ideas that are being incorporated and can't wait to try 'em out.

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  • posted a message on Where do I train in White?!

    Whoops I posted in the wrong place. Sorry.

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  • posted a message on Chansey

    I love this pokemon, especially with its high HP stat.

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  • posted a message on Arceus

    I do.

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  • posted a message on Arceus

    I have one that's Level 100 and shiny that I'd be willing to trade.

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  • posted a message on Ninetales

    I need a good move set for mine any suggestions?

    Ninetails ♂

    Ability: Drought

    Moves: Fire blast

              Solar beam



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  • posted a message on Where do I train in White?!

    Try White Treehollow in White Forest.

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  • posted a message on A war that will be remembered [{(ACCEPTING)}]

    Quote from TESTSUBJECTC27000 »

    How many RPs have i made?!


    Oh, right, story.


    The Spaicral Gjem. This is its name. This ultra rare item has been sighted, deep in a unamed cave. However, the reason this is so wanted is beacuse it is said to be the first thing created. Some want it for money, some for reasearch, some for power, some for a collection. So a war has broken out. A war between the groups has broken out to claim the cave, and the item. But only one group shall come out on top...


    So yeah, the most cliche roleplaying thing i could think of, but with Pokemon! YEAH! WOO! THIS IS GONNA STOP IN THE FIRST FEW PAGES! YAY!


    NO GODMODDING! (Do not be overpowered, go with other peoples posts!)

    NO LEGENDARYS! (A legendary counts as a ultra powerful and rare pokemon that there is only one of. This means that any pokemon that there can be multiple of (THIS INCLUDES PHIONE, AS THEY HAVE BEEN SEEN NATURALLY IN THE ANIME!) can be used)

    NO TRIPLEPOSTING! (Double posting i consider fine in Roleplaying, beacuse it shortens posts, but please wait for another person to post after that! We dont need spammers!)

    ALL MARRILAND RULES APPLY! (I have nothing to put here... Uh... JELLYFISH SUCK!)



    Age: (13+)

    Gender: (Male/Female)

    Group: (Scientific, Psychic, Olden, Army, Bounty-Hunters)




    Other: (Leave blank if none)


    Pokemon: (Ex: Pikachu) (Try to stick to the group your in, ex: Scientific-Magnezone, Psychic-Alakazam, Olden-Druddgion, Army-Machamp, Bountyhunter-Gengar)

    Species: (Ex: Mouse)

    Nickname: (Ex: Pie)

    Gender: (Male/Female/Genderless)

    Moves: (Stick to the games!)

    Other: (Small bio, personality, appearance variations, ECT.)

    (Copy and paste if needed!)

    Name: Jack


    group: Scientific

    Appearance: A tall boy who has long and uncontrollable hair. His lab coat is always pristine and he has a strong case of OCD.

    Bio: Hello there i love to battle with a wide variety of pokemon but my favorite are Steel types.

    Pokemon 1: Steelix

    Species: Metal Snake




    Pokemon 2:Metagross

    Species Iron Leg


    Moves: Giga-impact/Hyperbeam/Meteor-Mash/--

    Pokemon 3:Charizard






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  • posted a message on What Electric rodent do you want to see in the 6th gen?

    I love Hamsters so i agree with ninjapikachu101.

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  • posted a message on GiantRaikou

    Hi friend I run into plenty of shiny pokemon so I'm glad to trade 'em. I use a Shiny Mew and Mewtwo for good luck and they work I guess LOL.

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