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    [Scrafty Edit] When you multi quote, you can quote the person and say something and then hit the quote button again, etc. If the quote is the next page then you copy you previous quote and paste it when you have hit the Quote button. Please don't multi post again, thanks!

    You have to level up Sliggoo when it is raining. It has to be raining on the route/city naturally, not because of rain dance. 
    You find mareep in hordes on Route 12

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    Where can i catch clauncher/Skrelp? (im assuming theyll be in the same location on either game) ive had the game for 2 days already and ive completed the fourth gym but still cant find them :(

    I found my clauncher on Route 8 by fishing with a Good Rod. I assume that Skrelp is in the same location.

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    anyone know how I can buy from the fashion shop in luminose?  They keep telling me I'm not fashionable enough to buy from there, although I did get a new outfit from the 1st shop, as well as changing my hair in luminose


    I had that problem too, but the next time i checked (after becoming the champion) they said i looked fashionable enough, so im assuming that you need to beat the elite four first. That shop is really expensive though, it cost me 120,000 poke for a hat :L

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    Meowstic (Female)



    Is that a good planned team for Y version? Advice please. Sorry if this is off topic.

    It looks sound enough, but you don't have anything to cover one gym and a member of the elite four. If you use plenty of TM's you should be fine, but it shouldn't matter with the amount of experience you get throughout the game :L

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    They should add a mega evolution for Charizard and Gyarados, to scrap the flying and actually give them a shot at being actual dragons. Also, i reckon Sableye and Spiritomb should receive evolvutions, even temporary mega evolutions would suit them , they are great Pokemon but need something to make them more appealing :L Plus, Mawile was Sableyes counter-part in RS, so it makes sense to give it a Mega Evo too :/

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    Hmmm, i think the happiny, chansey and blissey would make good fairy types, but i also think most healing type moves should be changed into fairy type, e.g. heal pulse, refresh etc, just because it makes more sense than them being a normal type move.

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    Wow, congratulations Marriland! I joined the not long after the new website was formed, but i've been following your Walkthroughs on the old website since Diamond and Pearl. I just want to point out that i think what you do is GREAT. The Walkthroughs, the Video-Walkthroughs and the Website make this my favorite place for an help Pokemon-wise. Your video's i find especially helpful, i just find them so easy to follow, you don't mumble like most Let's Players, and you do this all for our benefit. Just, thanks for the help, and Congratulations. Hope you keep up the good work!

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    I suppose it varies greatly depending on which angle your looking at it.

    The idea of data  fits best in the anime, when pokemon are traded the trainer keeps the old pokeball with the new pokemon in it. Plus sending them via computer to the professor etc makes it most plausible.

    In the games, the environment scenario works, as the pokeball is traded with the pokemon, but the pokemon are stored in the PC, like data.

    I like an idea i saw elsewhere, where pokemon are converted into light energy, which is captured inside the Pokeball, which is lined with mirrors, effectively storeing th light until it is opened, where it is converted back, but that's just me :L

    i think this is it

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    For those interested the Deoxys i got is :

    Lvl100, calm nature, caught in a dusk ball, OT-'Plasma', is holding a life orb and has the ribbon - Gift Ribbon01 - 'Classic Ribbon' which 'proclaims love for Pokemon'.

    It was caught in 'Lovely place' after having a fateful encounter at Lv. 100.

    It has the ability Pressure, and knows the moves Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Recover, and Psycho Boost, and is currently in its Normal Forme.

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    Well it's the 7th May in the UK right now, and i've just got a Deoxys for both my B2 and W2. It looks like it's been released a day early :L

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    Ive heard a lot about this sorta friendship bonus that they might be including. Perhaps its evolution is intertwined with that function? The shape surrounding Sylveon looks kinda like an egg, so perhaps its a breeding exclusive evolution, like Phione?

    i personally think that it might be a mix, sorta like a happiness evolution exclusive to a hatched eevee. 


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    Thats what i thought, but it's worth waiting to see :D

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    Anyone else seen this? Apparently Sylveon is a normal type *sigh*

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