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About Myself I play Pokémon for fun, but I have other interests. For example, I have been bowling since 2005 (competitively since 2006), I sing a lot, enjoy WWE, and piano. I have watched WWE since 2006, and I really wanted to be a singer since around 2009-2010, so the reason I sing as much as I do is because of that. I got interested in piano around August of 2013, and have enjoyed it since. I also play Mafia a lot on Marriland, and that is viewable if you go to the Mafia section of Games and other Randomness. By reading that, yiu can tell how easily frustrated I can be, and how much I care about the game. If I start spewing insults, it is because I really want that person to be better at it/be more mature when playing it. I also write fanfictions, mainly about Pokémon. Despite the mixed criticism I get from those works, I think of my writing skills as pretty good. Obviously that is just my opinion and I am willing to hear what others say. I have taken a break from ths and moved on to role playing, but I do that on another forum. I really like doing that because I am able to implement my emotions and my thoughts into each of my characters while maintaining the storyline. And it has helped mw to meet a few awesome people. Any questions? Just send me a PM and I am sure I can answer it, I just can't guarantee a quick response. :) Gender ♂ (Male)


Fav. Pokémon Garchomp Pokémon Interests
  • Casual Player
  • Competitive Battler
  • Breeder
  • Collector