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  • posted a message on pokemon pearl team
    sorry if this is backseat modding, but this forum is for in-game rmt's only, and i doubt anyone would make you a competitive team from scratch. You'd need to think about what sort of team you'd want to run; for example, one of my teams contains a bulky SD scizor with choice band, this scizor works well in the team its in because in conjunction with my hypnosis politoad, it can switch in and set up the sweep
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  • posted a message on Used Game Legitimacy Check
    Quote from SteelyDan »

    Also, @ scylla1291, that was another question I wondered, if one could create eggs. It is helpful to know that as well.

    Your welcome bro, i bought an action replay just to get the event pokemon that i missed because i don't live in the usa... They're perfectly legit, just got through a different way.
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  • posted a message on Electric team members?
    Hmmm, if i were making a completely electric type team, i'd go with this.

    Dragon Claw
    Hone Claws

    Wild Charge
    Brick Break
    Ice Punch (Learner by elekid)
    Giga Impact

    Flash Cannon
    Thunder Wave

    Calm Mind
    Shadow Ball

    Drill Peck
    Sky Drop

    Nasty Plot
    Dark Pulse
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  • posted a message on What is your basic team?
    On this playthrough, where i'm doing everything on the game, i'm at chargestone cave atm, eventually i'll have.

    Haxorus/Hydregion for aftergame
    Darumantian/Chandlure for aftergame
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  • posted a message on Shiny Firsts of the 3rd Generation
    Just got a shiny zangoose and latios in ruby! D: Awesome!!
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  • posted a message on Used Game Legitimacy Check
    They may be legit as you can use action replay to get perfectly legit Manaphy eggs from the dude in the pokemart, all you're doing is receiving a legit event pokemon after the event has finished
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  • posted a message on 16 Badges. Now what?
    Quote from FullyJosh »

    Quote from Luna Tro »

    Quote from FullyJosh »

    Quote from Luna Tro »

    You can unlock more if you beat Champion Red, such as catching Groudon and/or Kyogre. After you get both and show them to Professor Oak, you get the Jade Orb for Rayquaza.

    Really :o That's awesome! I have all those Pokes already migrated from my Emerald but it doesn't hurt to get them again.

    Thanks :D

    Oh, right, I almost forgot!
    You need them from both games.
    3rd Gen pokemon won't work exactly, sorry.

    Wait what you lost me :oops:

    To get rayquaza in HG/SS, you need to have caught Groudon and Kyogre in HG and SS... The ones from 3rd gen won't work. so you'll have to either get Heart Gold and get Kyogre, or trade for a Kyogre caught in HG over GTS
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  • posted a message on Emerald Team Help!
    Quote from zanuryx »

    I think I'm going to go for Shiftry (I already caught a Seedot, so I'll catch it up). The thing about Heracross is that it's kinda late in the game to add a team member. I thinking anything about the time of the 5th badge or before. Do you have another suggestion?

    I've always wanted to use a seviper on my team, but never got around to it, it learns some pretty useful moves like glare and poison tail. Plus you catch it just before meteor falls after the third gym.
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  • posted a message on Emerald Team Help!
    hmmm, for your grass type, i'd reccomend going back to route 102 and picking up a seedot... When evolved into shiftry these things can be beastly. And for you miscellaneous type, i'd reccomend a heracross, you can pick one up in the safari zone before lilycove city. H-Cross covers the psychic disadvantage with blaziken with bug moves (megahorn, but you dont get it till quite a high level) and the ice weakness that shiftry, or any grass type will have, with fighting moves. I do reccomend putting bulk up on H-Cross to make it well, bulky in longer fights
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    I've seen it as well, the hiker was walking up the side of the mountain
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