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  • posted a message on Zapdos

    Pretty good legendary Pokemon.  Not top tier or anything but I run one in my team and it rarely fails me.  Its special atttack is top notch and its speed/special defence is decent.   Its attack isn't too bad ether which is good since for some reason it doesn't get many special-based flying attacks.

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  • posted a message on Pikachu

    Easy mistake to make, but that is Red and not Ash.  Red is the original PC of the first generation games (whom Ash is based off) but they are not the same person.

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  • posted a message on Pikachu

    Dude, that was before abiltiies were even invented.  You can't blame them for  not seeing the future...


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  • posted a message on Charizard

    Heh, Charizard.  My second ever starter Pokemon.   Was pretty good back then.  Not so much now, but he still has a place.

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  • posted a message on Empoleon

    Its pretty good  true, but I wouldn't call it the best really.

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  • posted a message on So, hi, I guess?

    I don't really expecvt to be hanging here much, I use the main site for a lot of different stuff and may be found around the comments a bit but I sometimes dip into the forum and figued that I may as well say hi.  Name's Talos, been a Pokemon fan since version Yellow.  Probably won't be around tha much but eh, I'll drop in now and then.

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  • posted a message on Gardevoir

    Huh, I have to say that I am surprised that this Pokemon has no comments.  Consideing how creepy some of its fans can be....

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  • posted a message on Do you have a "mascot" pokemon?

    I actually have something like that, though not intentionally.  When I played through B/W2 I ended up using Snivy as my starter even though I had no liking for its line.  That's not to say I disliked it, it was just kinda ''meh, grass snake.''   However, during the playthrough I found that Serperior was really awesome even if it takes a certain style to play. I don't think I'd ever use one online but I am toying with the idea of EVing one for the battle subway.

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