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  • posted a message on The Distortion World [OPEN] ~ The Truth (Congratulations DanishPie!)
    Thanks guys <3 I'm not even aware of the fatality count at this point *goes to look*
    Dang, that brought us down to 23 members. I don't believe Danish rejoined, so I still took him off. But regardless, we can still be an awesome club, even if we're not full C:

    As for an event, Lucas and I haven't come up with an idea quite yet, any suggestions for one?
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    Wow...they actually like it. That's pretty sweet! "Why not?" Kat replied, fetching Riptide's pokeball from a pocket in her backpack and turned to face Abe. "Hmm, should we get out of the way of the entrance? So we don't disturb other people walking by?" Hmm, we haven't really battled with our pokemon yet, so this could turn out being unpredictable.. "So are we going to the Pokemon Center to battle or are we going out of Viridan for a little for this?"
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    "Couldn't he just use a rock type and wreck Draco though?" Kat wondered aloud, staring off into the distant a little bit. "I don't know, I guess that's just me though." That could seriously hurt Draco though, one move isn't going to ruin a team who can completely wreck the one pokemon with all of their moves. Nothing he would have would do well except the Metal Claw, and if they somehow turned that against him... They could get seriously injured. I'm sure they know what they're doing, but it seems a little reckless to go in there like that.

    Kat forced herself away from her thoughts in time to hear Abe's question. "Well that's getting really deep really fast," she laughed, adjusting the bag on her back. Wow, what a...contrived question. "I guess I'm mainly doing this for two reasons," she started. Man this is awkward telling people I don't really know about what drives me in life. Man. I've never told anyone this stuff but my parents. "One being I saw a bunch of people doing it, and it's not like its a peer pressure thing, but the bond that they form with their pokemon.. seems pretty awe inspiring. Not to mention I love pokemon in the first place. The other..." Here we go, I'm going to be a freak now. "I've always thought of changing the world.. and I figured that this would be a sure good way to start." As she kept walking, she felt her face burn a slight pink. Congrats. Complete psychopath 100%. Your reward? NO FRIENDS! Thanks for playing "Let's see who's the most retarded"! " about you guys?" Kat asked the other two, without really looking in their direction. She didn't really want to see the expressions they probably had right about now.
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    Grinning at the mention of "egg moves", Kat pulled out her pokedex and waited for it to load, seeing the tell tale signs of it booting to full power. After putting in her trainer card, she held it up to Riptide, chuckling to herself seeing its mystified reaction to the foreign device. Soon, it had processed the information and displayed it on the small screen.

    Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokemon. It shoots water at its prey while in the water. Withdraws into its shell when in danger. When it retracts its long neck into its shell, it squirts out water with vigorous force.

    Ability: Torrent

    • Tackle
    • Tail Whip
    • Brine

    "You being the only one taking the Gym challenge?" Kat chuckled as she pressed the foreign button on the pokeball, recalling Riptide to his safe home. "If I wasn't taking it I don't know what I'd be doing. Glad to hear I've got some competition at least." Wait...the guy's name...was it Abe? He chose Charmander. Draco. Kat internally corrected herself. But this meant that Water's super effective against Fire... Maybe this was going to be easier than she thought. Then again, it'd even out if the other girl, Sophia, was doing the Gym Challenge.

    "This might be easier if we mainly train. The stronger pokemon are on later routes, I'm pretty sure. And getting one pokemon to a strong point might be nice. Charmander isn't going to beat Brock.. "Oh wait, you might need one, considering you have Charmander and all. I don't plan on catching any pokemon here though. Any ideas on the pokemon you want?" Kat asked, trying to secure her Pokedex onto her backpack where it could be easily accessible without having it haphazardly placed.
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    ~What color is your hair currently? Currently it's like an however you'd describe natural red I guess XD
    ~Do you have straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair etc. Wavy. VERY wavy. Frizzy too :c
    ~Do you have long hair, short hair, etc? It goes down about 1/4 of the length of my arm, so medium/longish.
    ~Do you like to dye your hair or keep it natural? I think my parents would kill me if I dyed it XD But if I ever did, it'd probably be like a streak of blue or something, not the whole head.
    ~If you dye your hair, how often have you dyed your hair? What colors? If you could dye your hair any color, what color would it be? Well if I had to do my whole head, I'd make it probably a light brown. Or a golden blonde. I love those two hair colors. Or of course as aforementioned, having streaks dyed (blue, yellow, dark red maybe) would be pretty sweet~
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    Lol at least it's the last time I'll ever be taking it. I took summer school last summer to get extra credit for it, so all I need is this one class then 3 years straight no gym C:

    Why they make us run for 10 minutes and they do nothing is something I've never gotten... :/
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  • posted a message on The Space-Time Rift v4 ~ Ask the Castform
    Lol yeah the modding RP wave was a while ago. Sakrura was modded after that :P
    Anyway, I have gym today. yayy. Not XD
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  • posted a message on The Space-Time Rift v4 ~ Ask the Castform

    That is me so much though it's kinda sad 8D
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    All of us hold mass potential... Kat beamed in pride at the words stated. He was talking about her... She couldn't help but let a grin leak onto her face. This was...amazing, she concluded. That's the only way to express the situation.

    She sat back and saw the three pokemon she had been studying on for a while. The tell tale signs of a pokeball being activated only brought nostalgic thoughts of her dad battling. But out came the one starter she knew she didn't want, unable to help an audible sigh of relief. Thank god, I don't have to get stuck with Bulbasaur. Somewhat shocked at the instantaneous decision, well, near instantaneous, hearing her name next didn't do anything to help her nerves. She nodded her thanks at Oak, and crouched down to the pokemons' level, trying to observe and analyze her options.

    Hmm, so we have Charmander. Fire type, which is kind of rare in Kanto. This might be my only chance. And plus, it does evolve to Charizard, which looks AMAZING! But... Brock's the first gym leader. That'd make the first gym extremely hard. So Charmander might work. Plus, he could learn fly later and that'd be helpful.

    But then there's Squirtle. Water types are a little more common, but I'll be able to wreck the first gym. And he'll learn Surf eventually. That'll be nice to get places. And he's so tough looking!

    ....But Charmander looks adorable as well. UGH, they seriously expect me to make a decision this quickly!

    "...Kat?" The red head looked up to see that the Professor was looking at her expectantly.

    "Oh, sorry." Just great. Making a quick decision, she stood up to full height once again and faced the professor. "I really like both and it's extremely hard for me to choose... But I'm going with Squirtle." Kat concluded, smiling with her decision. This was what was meant to happen, and she felt fairly confident in her choice. The turtle pokemon made a little excited noise in response, and thought about a nickname. Nothing really seemed to fit. Maybe it'd be best without a nickname...

    No, that's like naming a baby "human". That's ridiculous, you have to come up with something..

    "Hey Squirtle, mind if I call you Riptide?" she asked, awaiting the pokemon's response. When it seemed to react positively, she grinned. "Riptide it is then."

    The Professor smiled at the nickname choice, and recalled the pokemon to its pokeball, handing it to Kat. Brimming with energy, Kat returned to where the others were.
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    An extremely giddy girl stared at her complextion across the room. This was it. Finally a change to this seemingly boring life style. She had finished packing her needs only hours ago, in which the time that past felt like it was hours. Each second passing was a minute of agony, being teased with the prospect of being her own self. The very next day! The thoughts about life, the thoughts of pending nightmares of how she could amount to nothing. All gone! The extremely unruly red hair hanging in her face was doing no favors to her at the curent moment, as she was sweeping it out of her face to check the time. As the light bounced off of her face from the digital clock, an audible sigh was heard. It had been 5 minutes in which she last looked, which felt like an eternity ago. Only about... 1000 more eternities to go? Yeah that sounds about right. Resigning to go to bed, thoughts tumbled through the teenager's mind on what was going to happen tomorrow. How were her parents going to deal with her leaving? How would her brother, who seems like he'd be half insane without a sibling? ...What starter was she going to choose? That was the worst one, she had been sitting there for time on end trying to decide in her brain which was the best. Fire is extremely powerful, but she knew she wanted to be a trainer, and one of the first gyms would be Rock. That'd be idiotic to choose something when you don't have something to compensate. But there's so few fire starters, it might be my only chance! I could probably catch any grass pokemon anywhere so Bulbasaur's probably out. But between Charmander and Squirtle...Gahh...You know what, screw it, I won't be able to make a good decision without sleep.

    One last look at the parchment in her hands told her that this was a big day that was coming up.
    Kat stood at the edge of Pallet, looking at the the city below. It was taking all of her self control to not blister down and get her first pokemon (in which she still hadn't decided on) in fear that the opportunity might fizzle into nothing. She was thinking about the potential, of the possibilities that she might be the pokemon champion. That would be amazing! The girl was so lost in thought, she didn't notice her dad put a hand on her shoulder until he began to speak.

    "You'll be great. I promise," he stated, looking with the same intensity at his daughter's future. "I wasn't in this exact position, but I know the feeling to get your first pokemon. You're going on a very hard path, I won't lie. But if I think anyone could conquer it, it would be you. Good luck, and you can always come back home if you want to-"

    The speech was cut off by a hug, Kat brushing her hair back with her fingers to look at her dad. She won't see him in..who knows how long? Maybe never. A small part of her brain wanted to turn back, but that was almost instantly overridden by the intense longing to mean something. "I-I love you Dad," she told him, her voice giving away the finality of the situation. "Good luck with work and life in general and..." she stopped to chuckle at the absurdity of her own words. "Good luck with Blake."

    The man holding onto her smiled in reply, years of hardship washed away, if only for a few brief seconds, in a deep, heartfelt laugh. "We all know him, who knows where he'll take us." His complexion turned more serious. "You're going to be late if you don't start moving, and I know you've wanted this for a while..."

    "Yeah..." Taking one last second to adjust the blue cameo backpack on her back and the blue hairband holding her hair back, she gave her dad a hesitant wave, before walking down to the lab. Well, a walk at first. It turned into a jog, which turned into a sprint as she got closer. This was it! She paused in front of the door to catch her breath, and to think one last time. Dad would say this is the point of no return. she thought, with a hesitant smile. Mindlessly tinkering with the rock center piece of her necklace she got from Kalos, she took in everyone detail of the door, knowing this was going to be a memory of a lifetime.

    She pushed the door open, and gingerly walked in, analyzing what was going on. They all seemed busy, and she didn't want to bother them, so she resorted to reading signs to hopefully push her in the right direction to where she should go...

    "...Can I help you?" A voice asked out of no where, an assistant of sorts coming in front of her to greet her. She couldn't help but yelp slightly out of not expecting the sudden question. "Uh-yeah, I'm here for my first pokemon." Kat rummaged through her bag, and materialized a letter, which seemed to satisfy the assistant's scrutinizing gaze. "Ah, so you're Kater-" "I prefer to be called Kat," she quickly interrupted.

    "Ah, so Kat? Well welcome! I'll lead you to the waiting room, another girl already arrived." The assistant smiled a little bit seeing Kat's figure come alive with renewed excitement. "Well, what are you waiting for?" The assistant started down the hall way, and the red headed bundle of nerves and excitement couldn't help but follow. This is it! it! The same thought ran through her brain as she kept as calm of an expression as possible, trying to calm down her own mind. He opened a door, to reveal a waiting room, in which a girl sat already who seemed to be analyzing her surroundings.

    "Well, go on," the assistant encouraged, as Kat took a few careful planned steps into the room. She found the sofa in which the other girl sat on, which she didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable so she kept standing.

    "Hey.." Kat started, giving a shaky smile as she looked the girl over. She seemed nice enough, not too threatening. "I'm Kat. You're here for your starter too I'm guessing?"
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