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    I want to come into contact with _Q2.
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    Potential Megas:
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    Is the merge permanent?
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    Quote from Thundawave
    Vocaloids are synthesized voices that sing a bunch of songs, and they're epic!

    GUMI. Just saying. Heartbreak headlines. So much yes.

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    The second's sprite looks too bright to me, and the wings look a little plastered on to me. So I'll go with number 1. I think the color scheme's just right, and there isn't really any awkward parts.
    Both are great thought! :D
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    I've actually never seen Wreck it Ralph though so I'm no one to talk lol
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    Ooh, speaking of Frozen theories, there's a theory with the guy at the "Summer out sale" that's he's actually gay cause when it shows his family, it's one older man and a bunch of younger kids ^_^
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    Quote from _Q2
    Though, I like anon on SC2 due to the fact that I'm never active there anyway. Not worrying about switching accounts is like heaven after you get used to it. :P
    Well it's not even that active anyways, unless you're actually into the Starcraft mod itself XD So yeah, I'd have to agree that the anon is pretty freaking awesome considering that there's no meta and all of that.
    Not that there would be much meta pertaining to Clebby and I besides the fact that we're new to SC2 XD

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    (OOC: Hey Sam could you fix the link to your picture? Also, I'd like a little bit more of elaboration on the bio. For now, that means you're still PENDING

    @Star You're ACCEPTED)

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    What was Kieran thinking? Drip. Anything but target someone when we're that outnumbered. Drip. You would think they would teach common sense in school. Drip. The three drops of water cascaded from the ceiling ahead and met their final destination on the metallic floor, spreading out like a wildflower in the impact, but quickly being taken by gravity again and flattened on the ground, oppressed of its original free fall in the sky. Just like us. We moved, we were affected by a force greater than our own, and hey, we're stuck flat at the bottom again. Not that this was much different than what Klieo was used to, she was used to locking herself up in her room all the time, but the floor was quite frankly a bit uncomfortable and knowing this is an enemy base Klieo knew not to trust a single thing around here. Feeling the weight of her three pokeballs in her jacket, she continued to look at the walls in deep thought. It'd be smart to escape at night. How could I tell what time of day it is? Drip. By the time I dug a hole to find out I mine as well escape from it... Wait, where's that coming from? In a sudden fit of inspiration, Klieo stood to try to get a better angle from where the droplets were coming from. All she could see was a bit of light, though it was obvious they were underground. The light of day and light in room could easily be mixed. Deciding to void out that as evidence, she took a chunk off the ground and made a single tally mark. Day one of being trapped. It'd be a good idea to mark it in case escaping doesn't work out like she has it planned out.

    Hearing Kathy's voice broke her out of her internal monologue, as she turned to face her younger sister. "Of course there's a way out of here, these Snag'em people are idiots," Klieo replied flatly, eyes slowly slipping out of focus, as she starts finding the place around them much too boring. "At latest, nightfall seems like a good time to escape. Then, we run out, and probably I'd assume return to our lives. We still do have school, I hope you haven't forgotten."



    Ethan couldn't help but let out an annoyed sigh at the group he was currently teaching on how to use a snag machine. The errors, these stupid, childish mistakes they'd make ranged anywhere from not locking in the Snag ball properly to slamming the machine against their own arm and breaking the freaking thing. Which costs a fortune by the way. But this. This takes the cake. "Now tell me this, Cole. Under what circumstance do you think.. that using a Snag ball on something other than a pokemon would work? How idiotic can you get? Go take your 5 year old brain somewhere else, maybe learn some basic pokemon knowledge before you try proving to me you're ready." The grunt only nodded and ran off in fear, almost leaving a dust trail in his wake. This caused the Snag'em admin to chuckle. "Wow... people these days. Am I the only one who can think?" One last laugh was evoked out of him due to the contrived situation before he left the training arena and went inside headquarters. How are those kids I caught doing anyway? Probably questioning their existence right now. Ha, serves them right. An absentminded chuckle followed the thought as he went towards the holding area for the captives.

    (Ooc: No one knows what the hashtag means ;_; Anyway, both are ACCEPTED.)
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