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  • posted a message on Which starter pokemon do you prefer?
    Kanto: Bulbasaur (I dig the design for Bulbasaur, but it's tough to say it's my favorite when I love the other two as well!)

    Johto: Totodile (Again, design. When Gold and Silver first came out, I loved Totodile's design. I was young, but I thought that it was fantastic!)

    Hoenn: Treecko (Guess why? Design. Honestly, my favorite starter of all time is Treecko.)

    Sinnoh: Chimchar (Not entirely for design, but the idea of having 'fire monkey' was amusing.)

    Unova: Snivy (Design, I would say. I didn't really favor the starter designs of Black and White as they were at the bottom of my favorite Pokemon games...)

    Kalos: Froakie (If Treecko wasn't my favorite starter, Totodile and Froakie would be battling for first. Froakie has such a unique design and resembles Treecko in a way!)
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  • posted a message on Looking for shiny Excadrill
    I'm looking for a male SandRush shiny Drilbur or Excadrill with at least 3-4 IVs. I want him partially for competition and mainly for personal use.

    I have...

    Competitive Shiny Klefki - Magician/Adamant nature with 25/31/27/31/7/12 IVs with max EVs in Atk/Def
    Competitive Shiny Drapion - Body Armor/Naughty nature with 15/31/X/15/3/23 IVs with max EVs in Atk/Def

    I will trade one of those for a Drilbur or Excadrill unless its a good nature and good IVs in which I will do both.
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  • posted a message on [Have] Shiny aegislash, honedge, lucario, carbink, scizor, charizard, tyrunt and more inside!!! LF shinies
    Shiny competitive Drapion with naughty nature for Scizor?
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    I have...

    Shiny female Klefki - Magician (HA) with Adamant Nature - Perfect Atk and Sp Atk IVs and EV trained - Competitive Ready

    Shiny female Drapion - Body Armor with Naughty Nature - 31 Atk IV but low Sp. def and Speed - EV trained with Pokerus infection - competitive ready

    Interested in a few of the rare+ shinies.
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  • posted a message on Breeding: The Masuda Method
    1,588 eggs - Shiny Noibat
    18 eggs - Shiny Noibat
    190 eggs - Shiny Honedge
    804 eggs - Shiny Hawlucha
    1,223 eggs - Shiny Scyther
    1,088 eggs - Shiny Rotom
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  • posted a message on Am I just unlucky? 1,645 eggs through with no success
    In my experience of shiny hunting throughout all the Pokemon games, I believe that the current rarity of shinies is still relatively the same in X and Y as it was in Platinum, but X and Y has more hype than any other Pokemon game leading to more people hunting for shinies and more shinies being produced.

    That being said, the Masuda Method is a 1 in 1365.5 chance to hatch a shiny. That doesn't mean that you will get 1 in every 1366, it means that there is a slim chance. Hatching more eggs doesn't make it easier to hatch a shiny, but it gives you more opportunities to hit that special number in that range to hatch a shiny.

    I have hatched two entire competitive teams using the method and my longest was 3,700 eggs and my shortest was 18. It is all based on luck. Just don't give up and you will eventually get the shiny, it just takes time and dedication as do most other shinies that you hunt for.
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  • posted a message on A mod from a different time
    I would consider more of an introduction. You are all new to me and I am new to you. After a long hiatus, this is deserving of it's own thread, don't you think?

    And thank you for the welcome. :)
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  • posted a message on Disappointed in my shiny Aegislash.
    I have a shiny Aegislash like that. As long as you can balance it's speed (keeping it low so it's high special defense doesn't get lost due to stance change), you should still be good with Sacred Sword and King's Shield. To the poster above, Aegislash has a fantastic move pool if you have it remember moves it learned as a Honedge/Doublade.
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  • posted a message on A mod from a different time
    Why, thank you! It's always nice to meet the new moderators.:)
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  • posted a message on A mod from a different time
    Yup! It has become my nickname on most of my online activities! :p

    Glad to meet you! :D
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