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    I'll have more things to say when I have time to formulate my responses, but like every other moderator here, I do read these responses carefully and I really appreciate everything that's been said.

    Two quick notes: Global moderators are global moderators, but the instances where there is a mod that is equally active in every section of the forums is actually quite rare.  Most of us, even admins, have specific places they will respond to and know better than everyone else on the staff.  Silphy, how many sections of the forums do you visit on a regular basis?  If you're not posting in, say, the RP forums, it would be really difficult for you to judge moderator activity there, since you're not seeing much of it, if at all.  (For example, I can say that regarding myself and the Club forums, since I am a member of zero clubs and usually don't go in there unless there's a report to handle).  Paradoxically, though, assuming moderators are able to handle situations competently, wouldn't it be better and more efficient to have a more versatile staff than one solely made up of specialized ones who can only really moderate in 1-3 places?  Obviously this situation I'm giving is idealized, but I find it interesting that people are noting lack of moderator specialization and moderators not posting outside of specific areas as places to improve on.


    First of all, I haven't seen some mods do much else other than [behind the scenes things], which takes them away from the community. If staff members are not tied in with the community it's hard to understand users' concerns as well as possible.

    I'll readily admit that I lurk quite a bit and don't post nearly as much as my activity would suggest.  On the other hand, what kinds of moderator participation in the community are you suggesting here?  Please elaborate.


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    What's a "Gary-Sue?"  A male version of a Mary-Sue?

    I generally don't read fanfiction either because 1) it's often not well-written and 2) they mess with what I think about the subject at hand and often don't stay true to their source(s).  But I do agree with Linda on the Mary-Sue character type because there's no fun in a story about someone who doesn't need to change.  If they actually go through a character change, though, that would imply it's not a Mary-Sue, would it?  I mean, if they're defined as an idealized character and all, they can't deviate from that without breaking the definition.

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    Staff Feedback Thread

    Please use this thread to let us, the Staff, know how we're doing running the Marriland Forums. If you think a staff member could improve with something, please don't be afraid to be honest. We are accepting all constructive feedback. Please note that this is not the place to rant, flame or hate nor is it the place to ask for help or report a post. We ask you to also keep any personal grudges and bias out of this thread.

    If you do not want to post your feedback publicly, you can Private Message (PM) the staff member you wish to give feedback to, or PM myself or another admin and we can pass the feedback on anonymously.

    On a final note, this is not the place to start a debate or argument about the Marriland Forums. This is solely a place to voice your opinion about the staff by giving feedback. If your post is deleted, the reason will be politely explained in the deletion note.

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    April 8th, 2014: Shhmew is now back on the moderating team.

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    I'm currently going through a collection of George Bernard Shaw plays.  Finished Arms and the Man (which turned out to be more comedic than I thought given the subject matter); debating which of Candida, Mrs. Warren's Profession, or Man and Superman to read next.

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  • posted a message on What is Your Favorite Form of Entertainment?

    I'll list what I do from most often to least often; all entries on this list are stuff I do somewhat regularly (so, no TV shows or movies)

    -video games
    -watching sports

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  • posted a message on [TV/Movies] What's a horrible movie you've seen?

    Here's a break from all the popular/recent stuff!  I'm pretty sure I'm older than anyone else who has posted here, so my list will draw primarily from the 1990's to early 2000's.

    I wish a certain forum hadn't shut down so I could give a deeper analysis on it, but the least favorite movie I have ever watched was for a class, called Antigone: Rites of Passion.  After reading the Sophocles play it's based on, I guess I didn't know what to expect from it, but all the experimental stuff (all spoken dialogue is voice over, there's more sensual imagery than I could have imagined, even for a film based off of Ancient Greek literature, the movement and camera end up being disorienting and confusing) just didn't work for me.  So yeah, despite me watching this in 8th grade (like nearly a decade ago), I still have yet to see a film that has horrified me this much.

    Other films I highly dislike and would not recommend unless you want to waste time/watch and mock:

    -1998 Godzilla.  Manages to be both boring and silly at the same time, and not in a good way.
    -Felix the Cat. Shoddy (and sometimes trippy) animation.  Plot was really confusing and a lot of it didn't make sense to me.
    -The Cave.  This one was also very dull.
    -Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God.  Well, what would one expect from the title and the made-for-TV status?
    -Independence Day.  Nevermind the fact that the first time I watched this was on a bus ride during which I nearly threw up, I dislike this film because there was nothing sensible or interesting about it.  I don't like any of the characters and the plot, like those of everything on this list of mine, is nonsensical.
    -2012.  See above (except without the vomiting).  Also, as I am writing this up, I realize this is the third Roland Emmerich film on this list.  Wow.  Screw this guy, he's terrible!  He directs the kind of sci-fi that you don't want to watch ever!
    -The Langoliers. Out of adaptations of Stephen King books, this is definitely the worst I've seen; I found it confusing and creepy in the bad way.
    -The Day After Tomorrow.  I think its appearance on this list is enough to explain it by now.
    -Both live action Scooby Doo films.  They failed to capture the essence of the cartoons, and the villain in the first movie was like WHAT, despite the fact I don't even like that character.

    There are definitely more, but these are the first to come to mind.

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    I think we're starting to get off-topic here.  Plus I'm not sure what else there is to discuss?


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    welp all i have is scrafty and people not playing the game right


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