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    Remember Scrafty's art gallery in the April Fools' forum?  Those were really quickly made artworks (each one took about a minute), and my avatar is one of the few that wasn't posted there.  But now you know where it came from!

    Also, I've never had anything special in my signature ever, and that clearly speaks for itself.

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    Quote from Wiggler »
    I kind of just felt it was a Tl;Dr post lol

    To stay on topic: How the **** has no one listed Cars yet? Definitely 2 on my list.

    You think that's tl;dr?  Seriously, I don't like it when people call my posts like that.  It's not all filler, and I hope it's not unreadable or incomprehensible.

    As far as Fantasia 2000 goes, I don't dislike it, but there are parts that just don't work as well as the others.  First off, I'm not sure I like the idea of repeating The Sorcerer's Apprentice ad verbatim; there wasn't really anything new about it.  In addition, if the purpose is to put together animated scenes to classical music, it works, but there are parts that are clearly inferior to those in the original.  Beethoven's 5th Symphony and the Pomp and Circumstance Marches are put together in a really weird way that doesn't hold to the original pieces much.  I think they passed up a big opportunity to use more of Carnival of the Animals than just the finale.  Some of the segments could have been longer or fleshed out more, too - one of the things I liked about the original Fantasia is that most pieces went for their full length, while it seems like every piece except two were cut short here somehow.  Still, I did like the scenes accompanying Pines of Rome, the Firebird (I think Stravinsky ballets work quite well for this type of film; perhaps Petrushka might work for a third iteration?), Shostakovich's piano concerto, and especially Rhapsody in Blue.  Once again, I find it especially fun when there's no story or overreaching narrative to the animated scenes - it's all about experiencing a world drawn from the music.  Even though two of the four listed above have an actual story to them, I think those four are the best representations in 2000 of what a film like Fantasia is all about.

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    Quote from Wiggler »
    Way to overcomplicate Bluejay xD

    I don't remember much of them lol, but I do remember absolutely loving Up, Ratatouille(or hpwever it's spelled), and especially Wreck It Ralph. such bull**** that Brave won animated movie of the year over WIR lol.

    What do you mean, overcomplicating?  I was going through why Fantasia is my favorite movie, section by section!  You could read it as a review of the film.

    Now that you mention it, I did enjoy Wreck-it-Ralph.

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    Here's what may seem like an oddball choice for favorite Disney movie, since people rarely ever mention it and it's not in the same style/subject matter or has much of a story or characters to really get to know well/like.  It's also my favorite movie ever, and one I probably watched the most as a kid, even with lucrative options such as Lion King, The Sword in the Stone, Dumbo, and 101 Dalmatians (these would likely round out my top 5, although I'm not sure of the order) at my disposal.

    It's Fantasia.  The original, not the 2000 one, which I liked significantly less.

    Those of you who know me well enough to know my musical tastes may instantly know of a reason why I love Fantasia, but there are other reasons I love it so much, more than just because it gives me an excuse to listen to classical music.  Firstly, the musical selections are great for what kinds of scenes/story they are used for - the Sorcerer's Apprentice, for example, the most storylike of all of the pieces (it's a tone poem, so it has to have some sort of narrative to it), is very accurately represented well and sticks surprisingly close to the Goethe poem the music is based off of.  The Rite of Spring and Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony sections are much less so faithful to what the music represented, but both manage to create worlds that I could keep watching for forever.  The Dance of the Hours and Schubert's Ave Maria, to me, actually speak more through the music than the scene they depict, but the former was something I found quite hilarious when I was younger.  Who doesn't want to see animals dance in comical manner?  Next, the Night on Bald Mountain scene.  Yes, this kinda scared me the first few times I watched it, but eventually I came to realize that 1) The music is supposed to reflect this sort of scene and 2) This sort of fantasy scene is really what this film is all about. 

    Lastly, my two favorite sections, which just happen to be the first two of the movie: The orchestrated Toccata and Fugue in D minor and the Nutcracker sequences.  The Nutcracker is my favorite ballet and this part really brought things to life in a way that rivals the ballet itself.  The Toccata and Fugue does two things I have yet to see in a movie since: one, it provides a way of picturing how someone might listen to an orchestra, in that their attention/focus shifts among whichever instruments/sections have the melody, and secondly, the kinds of mental images that one might have when listening to music such as this, without any kind of narrative/story/theme to it.  It's like word painting without a subject to follow.  It's also quite genius to include parts of instruments that also fall into the mental images (the obvious ones here being the tips of the bows and the strings of the stringed instruments).

    The animation overall is great.  Especially for a film produced in 1940!  And the little scene where a single line in the middle of the shot changes shape based on what instrument in playing was another part I found quite funny as a kid.

    So, in short, I think everything in this film works perfectly and adheres so well to its purpose.  Me liking classical music more than any other type doesn't hurt, and if there was an influence as to me ending up preferring that kind of music as I grew up, this movie might be one of the biggest, second only to me actually playing the violin, starting when I was six.  All of the pieces in this film would be somewhere in the top 100 or so of my favorite classical works.

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    Quote from georgiolbs »
    Quote from georgiolbs »

    Tell me what you want ;)

    I can breed you a 5IV modest magician fenniken with heat wave, wish, magic coat, and hypnosis.  Do you have any 5IVs, females in special balls, or trophy shinies?

    what are you looking to see what i can do

    Hey, this is an example of double posting, which is against the rules.  There are ways to avoid this when responding to more than one person, such as using Edit or Multi-Quote.  Thanks!

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    Quote from Cestler »

    Less than 30 pages? Huh.

    Yeah, I was a stupid Kidnapper, but at least I was active.

    Having only four Mafia was kinda unfair though.

    I think the number of town/mafia were fine; the problem was that the rest of us were just getting killed off earlier than in the average mafia game.

    I don't have a whole lot to say about this game.  We (mafia) just had flat out bad luck in the first few nights, me being the Executioner target didn't help, and town ended up winning as they pretty much should have, given the circumstances.  The inactivity was bad and those of you who got modkilled/barely posted should be highly ashamed, though.

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    I'll have more things to say when I have time to formulate my responses, but like every other moderator here, I do read these responses carefully and I really appreciate everything that's been said.

    Two quick notes: Global moderators are global moderators, but the instances where there is a mod that is equally active in every section of the forums is actually quite rare.  Most of us, even admins, have specific places they will respond to and know better than everyone else on the staff.  Silphy, how many sections of the forums do you visit on a regular basis?  If you're not posting in, say, the RP forums, it would be really difficult for you to judge moderator activity there, since you're not seeing much of it, if at all.  (For example, I can say that regarding myself and the Club forums, since I am a member of zero clubs and usually don't go in there unless there's a report to handle).  Paradoxically, though, assuming moderators are able to handle situations competently, wouldn't it be better and more efficient to have a more versatile staff than one solely made up of specialized ones who can only really moderate in 1-3 places?  Obviously this situation I'm giving is idealized, but I find it interesting that people are noting lack of moderator specialization and moderators not posting outside of specific areas as places to improve on.


    First of all, I haven't seen some mods do much else other than [behind the scenes things], which takes them away from the community. If staff members are not tied in with the community it's hard to understand users' concerns as well as possible.

    I'll readily admit that I lurk quite a bit and don't post nearly as much as my activity would suggest.  On the other hand, what kinds of moderator participation in the community are you suggesting here?  Please elaborate.


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    What's a "Gary-Sue?"  A male version of a Mary-Sue?

    I generally don't read fanfiction either because 1) it's often not well-written and 2) they mess with what I think about the subject at hand and often don't stay true to their source(s).  But I do agree with Linda on the Mary-Sue character type because there's no fun in a story about someone who doesn't need to change.  If they actually go through a character change, though, that would imply it's not a Mary-Sue, would it?  I mean, if they're defined as an idealized character and all, they can't deviate from that without breaking the definition.

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    Staff Feedback Thread

    Please use this thread to let us, the Staff, know how we're doing running the Marriland Forums. If you think a staff member could improve with something, please don't be afraid to be honest. We are accepting all constructive feedback. Please note that this is not the place to rant, flame or hate nor is it the place to ask for help or report a post. We ask you to also keep any personal grudges and bias out of this thread.

    If you do not want to post your feedback publicly, you can Private Message (PM) the staff member you wish to give feedback to, or PM myself or another admin and we can pass the feedback on anonymously.

    On a final note, this is not the place to start a debate or argument about the Marriland Forums. This is solely a place to voice your opinion about the staff by giving feedback. If your post is deleted, the reason will be politely explained in the deletion note.

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    April 8th, 2014: Shhmew is now back on the moderating team.

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