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    I'm liking the idea of a light type and do not believe that it will overall affect the current typing too much:

    In reference to the people mentioning that light would only beat dark and vice versa, dragon only beats dragon, but is also weak to ice? 
    Pokemon that carry the dragon type are usually, if not always, very strong in offense terms, and then their dual typing defines them and provides counters.

    What if light could be a more defensive "ultimate" type? We already have a few defensive types (Poison or Steel for example)

    It could be strong and weak to dark types, and potentially also strong against ghosts. Similar to dragon but in reverse as dragon has 2 weaknesses; light would have 2 strengths.

    This nature of the typing (2 strengths 1 weakness) would probably mean however that light would always be a secondary typing - Sylveon maybe light/normal?

    But then the pokemon carrying the light type would be in general more defensive and not big attackers to counter this typing and then the dual typing would provide further strengths and weaknesses.

    This could then be applied to the new legendaries perhaps? Xerneas and Yveltal could be light-dragon and dark-dragon meaning that they are the perfect counter for each other.

    Xerneas would be weak to dragon, ice and dark. It would then take lesser damage from fire, grass, water, electric and ghost.

    And Yveltal would be basically identical to Hydreigon except with the addition of being weak and strong to light.


    So therefore I believe it is definitely plausible, and it will really shake things up a bit.

    But yes, it will vary a few things in competitive play but there will be new moves to accompany the typing so it'll just be new and different!


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  • posted a message on So, new Eeveelutions?

    Quote from Shhmew »

    The name "Sylvia" means "of the forest." Pretty sure that's what the "Sylv" comes from, considering its name in other languages.

    I agree with this, however I think it means "spirit of the forest" so perhaps even a ghost?

    The blue eyes and washed out colour pallet could represent a ghost type.


    Also the colour pallete is the same as the item "prism scale"

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  • posted a message on Worst moment in a Pokemon game

    Back in pokemon blue, using the "box dupe trick" to duplicate my dragonite.

    You used to have to switch boxes on your PC which would require you to save and then switch off at the right moment, I did it at the wrong moment and permanently deleted my dragonite. I actually cried lol

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  • posted a message on Your most epic pokemon you have ever had.

    from back in the day on my original silver version for GBC. None of this Soul silver rubbish, this was the original. 


    I had a beloved Houndoom, i'm not really sure what it was with this Houndoom, but I adored it, and it is still today the only pokemon I have levelled to 100. 

    It's back to when I was a kid so I knew nothing about individual values, back when they only ranged from 0-15 in generation 2. But its special attack must have been max as flamethrower would destroy EVERYTHING.

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  • posted a message on So, new Eeveelutions?

    The way I look at it, if it were to be a normal type, it would just look like a bigger eevee, why would it change form?



    Flareon - flare, fire

    Jolteon - Jolt, electric

    Vaporeon - Vapour, water

    Espeon - Esper, to do with telepathy and psychics

    Umbreon - Umbra, to do with shadows

    Leafeon - Leaf, Grass

    Glaceon - Glacier, Ice

    Sylveon - Silver? Steel?

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  • posted a message on Poison Heal Gliscor's/Immunity Gligar's

    I have a bunch of leftover immunity gligars from breeding, these will involve into poison heal gliscors.

    Just wondering if there is any interest in them before I release them all bar 1 male and 1 female.

    Various IV's and natures but most of them not checked, only the decent ones checked.


    If you want one, offer something. The not so good ones i'll happily give away.


    If they're not particularly in demand or whatnot then this thread can be closed

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  • posted a message on Pokemon Theories

    Quote from Bubbacca »

     It could evolve into other stuff too.

    Mine evolved into a level 141 Golduck once haha

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  • posted a message on Pokemon Theories

    Quote from MurseJoy »

    I've seen pictures of missingno somewhere and it was a bird


    I read that missingo is the sprite of the old man who shows you how to catch pokemon in viridian city, which is why to activate the glitch you must speak to him first

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  • posted a message on Guide to finding out your Hidden Power! (No Calc.)
    He only tells the type of HP, not the power.
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  • posted a message on Wake Tactics !!
    I did him first time on my platinum run through, i've only just past him.
    I took out his Gyrados with my Staraptor and return
    Then sent out my Torterra on Floatzel which was instalntly raped by ice fang. The rest of the game was me whittling down the floatzel with MY floatzel and houndoom, until finishing off the floatzel and quag with Staraptor
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