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Our goal is to have be the grooviest Pokemon website out there. We want it to be a site that not just we're proud of, but you are as well!

  • If you have any constructive feedback or input, such as things we could do to improve the site overall or things that would make it better (or things that you don't like), please go ahead and leave a comment on this page! We're trying to figure out what works, what doesn't, and what could use some improvement.

  • If you have a complaint, we would also like to hear it. It will help give us some idea of what you, the viewer of the site, would like to see changed or what you have an issue with. If you do want to complain, you can, but please don't just go "it stinks," because we want to know why. We want to listen to constructive criticism. That means telling us what we can do better or what you don't like in a productive, helpful way. We want to be your friends, not out to irritate you. :P

  • If you notice a bug or an error somewhere on the site, this is also a great place to post about it! Just please, if you do, please, please please please provide a link to the problematic page! It isn't too hard to do, but it will help us substantially figure out the problem.

Additionally, remember you can visit the old site by going to, so if there was something that you really liked from there that you absolutely feel should be on the new site, you can use that as a reference. Thanks in advance!


  • #1 MASTER260

    W00t, I love it!  Also, the last time I logged in regularly was 2008, (although I did log in ONCE in 2011,) but I just had to log in again this time to say what a FANTASTIC job you've done, Marriland!  Keep up the good work, & I hope your partnership with Cursed lasts forever! :D

  • #2 HeroCW

    It'll take a bet to get use to, that's for sure... I suppose I should note that I /just/ made this account, mostly so I could post this.

    One thing I would like you to look at is bringing back "View entire ___ Badge" pages. I've always preferred the longer pages in your walk-throughs, and I've found the smaller sections were harder to work with. I dislike excessive back clicking to re-read a section, it's not /bad/ per-say, just annoying I guess. A nit-pick on my part, and a feature I would like to see back.

  • #3 HeroCW

    Oh! And I found an error (more of a typo really...) in your Vanillite wonder-yellow-box of info (I guess I'm going to need a new name for it now...) Its written out as "At level 26, it learns Mirror Shot, which is a 65 power Physical-based Steel-type attack", my Vanillite just got to that level and learned Mirror Shot and its a Special Atk.

    Page Link:

    I hope I did this right...

  • #4 Marriland

    Thanks, I'll get that fixed! With this new system, it is super easy for me to fix stuff like that, so thanks! :D

  • #5 Marriland

    Duly noted! There were some technical issues preventing it that we hadn't figured out, so we decided to go with the main navigation, but we'll see what we can do. The downside to those is that they do tend to get very, very long, which was a problem even on the old site.

  • #6 KantoMillionaire

    I think Staryu and Starmie may have escaped from your Pokedex!

  • #9 Marriland

    Oh yikes, it appears they have! I'll get on this. Thanks!

  • #7 bombe32

    One quick thing about the Pokédex is the tutor moves sections from Gen IV: you have a little icon showing which game the Pokémon can learn the move in, but there's no space between the word and the icon. It's kind of like when people make a smiley without putting a space in-between:)

    It looks good though and it's much easier to navigate through the site already IMO.

  • #10 Marriland

    Oh, hmm, very good eye on that! Yeah, we'll see about adding some spacing there, because you are totally right:P

    And thank you for your input! :D

  • #8 TimelessDragon

    I went to use the team builder to build a relatively balanced water monotype team for the medal challenge, and discovered an error in the pokedexes of this site.  They skip straight from national pokedex number 100 to national pokedex number 128, as if numbers 101 to 127 never even existed.  This holds true if you try to use the kanto pokedex.  I have not attempted the new unova pokedex yet.

  • #12 Marriland

    Yikes! Yeah, we're gonna work on getting this fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience! It should be resolved soon.

  • #29 sanktanglia

    this is now fixed

  • #11 Gary_Oak

    The new forums aren't correctly displaying post count I don't think. On the old forums yesterday I had about 1200 posts and now I almost have 2300 posts? It says I have over 300 "comments" I don't know what those are... I'm pretty sure this is a bug.

  • #13 Marriland

    Yeah, it's just a bug right now, we'll see about getting it fixed. Apparently a few posts were duplicated/counted twice.

  • #15 sanktanglia

    this is now fixed

  • #14 AJANDRIA

    Marriland, You really took a major step and Congrats on Cursed.  Yay!

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  • #16 Minrocks

    Well this post box hates my iPad it will randomly do things with auto corrected words and seeing as I have to paste something just to type regularly in the box is a problem



    Otherwise I like this a lot 


  • #17 RecklessOcelot

    New site looks great, but on the walk through page the side bar is off the screen.  This makes it much more difficult to navigate your walkthroughs.  Otherwise great change.

  • #18 Kaelyn06

    I would like to pose a question, please Marriland. Before your switch to Curse, a pokemon TRPG was currently using your fabulous (and easy to use) damage calculator. I would like to inquire if we may use that same calculator again.

  • #19 sanktanglia

    you can still access the damage calculator at

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