Japanese Pokemon Movie #16 Trailer: Godspeed Genesect!

Shown above is the Japanese trailer for the upcoming Pokemon movie, Godspeed Genesect (神速のゲノセクト; 神速 [しんそく] is the name of ExtremeSpeed in Japanese, although its exact Japanese definition is "godspeed"). In the trailer, you can see a peculiar Genesect flying around and wreaking havoc in the middle of a city. It is not just any ordinary Genesect, though: it is a Shiny Genesect, which is evident due to its red color. You can also see a regular Genesect briefly in the first few seconds of the trailer, suggesting that the Shiny Genesect is not the only one featured in the movie.

Not all that much is revealed in the trailer, unfortunately, although a release date — July 13th, 2013 — was announced for Japan, along with the title of the special short movie that often accompanies the Japanese Pokemon movies: Pikachu & Eevee Friends (ピカチュウとイーブイフレンス).

Additionally, according to a scan of CoroCoro, there will be a Japanese event giving out Genesect to any fifth generation Pokemon game from January 11th, 2013 to February 10th, 2013, although it is not shiny and is not available over Wi-Fi, meaning you'll have to visit one of the Pokemon Centers in Japan in order to receive it.



  • #1 ShinyCharizard3

    A Genesect movie! Cannot wait for the English premiere.

  • #2 PsychicYardstick

    A SHINY Genesect. That's legit.

  • #3 Kenshin

    Fingers crossed that "Eevee" friends showcases a new Eeveelutions and begins 6th Gen coverage.

  • #4 coolsarahkry

    Marriland you forgot to say that it's not available on wi-fi. What I mean is, you meant to say it but you forgot the 'not'.

  • #5 Marriland

    Thanks for pointing that out!

  • #6 Royale

    EEVEE AND FRIENDS?!?!?!?!!!

  • #7 VLme123

    I wish I understood it

    Cant wait for the English one :DD

  • #8 pokeform

    I think the shiny Genesect will be the hero and the normal Genesect will be the villain and will belong to Team Plasma.:what:

  • #9 GhostlyPhantom

    Keldeo was alright, BUT GENESECT ROCKS!!!

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